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I figgured there is nothing
more uggly
then loosing you but
I'm talking nonsense

there is realy there is

there is that sort of madness
that you did'nt lift a finger
to keep me in your heart

really there is always
somethin' more uggly
we just have to feel
we are **** beautyfull
there is always somethin' more uggly we just hawe to feel beautyfull :D
celeste Nov 2017
when i first laid eyes on you
you captivated me with you dark, round eyes
and your full, brilliant lips
only to speak even more brilliant things


you whispered to me
and i caressed your green skin
i saved many different versions of you
for they were all so perfect

i was there for you
and you for me
but one day
you left me
for my love was not enough
to match the attention
of millions of normies.

yet still i love you
although you left me
and maybe you weren’t my first love
probably not my last either
you are the most important.
Keith Manzano Jul 2016
"Be ladies but we stay girls,
Hold on to our hearts,
Because we haven't lost,
The feelings to dream.
Stay girls forever,
Like the days we walked forth.
We wanna stay girls.
We're gonna stay girls"
Phoenix Jan 2016
Rhyming in a scheme
You should totally try it
It is not as easy as it may seem
Like finding a shoe that fits

Rhyming cannot be implied
It cannot be faked
It must be applied
It is like a good steak

A rhyme a day
Or is it an apple?
Will keep the lame away
But do not grapple

For it is rhyme time
Time to rhyme
Rhyme scheme counts. ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
Jackie White Mar 2015
I know
im a goody goody.
i clean after myself,
and sometimes others.
i hold the door open for any and all
and i hate being late.
But you,
you my love are just the opposite.
you get into fights
you curse
you are someone i would avoid a year ago
but now i cant get enough of you.
my heart leaps when we touch.
our kiss is perfect.
you, my love,
you are something bad for me.
and i love it.
Invocation Sep 2014
Don't change it, please
just wait
After this song
our lives can continue
as before

but everything
will change
as the chorus woefully crescendos
your eyes stare into the sixth dimension
and I can't control my tears

and the emotion will lie bleeding on my floor for you to notice
as I blush
when the last note
***** shorts and hesitations

— The End —