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Feb 2015
The strings tightened their grip on her wrist.
She couldn’t fight them.
She needed help.
The knives were so close, yet so far away.
If only she could reach them.
If she fought hard enough
She could.
It’s happened before
They have escaped before.
They fought, and they won.
But there are those who didn’t win
Those who fought and lost.
They were replaced.
They were ignored
They were left behind.
That’s why she didn’t fight.
She was scared
What if she couldn’t fight them?
What if she lost?
The strings moved her hands
As the marionettist gently moved them.
Her hand rose above her head
The little girl below her covered her face
She had had enough
The strings broke her skin as she resisted.
The blood flowed down the strings
As she fought.
The marionettist was getting impatient.
I helped you. Now you help me. That’s only fair, right?
He said. For a second, she believed him.
No. It’s not.
She reached for the knives. She was winning.
But they were still out of reach.
Then the strings broke.
She had won.
She was free.
And she was done with the strings.
This is about letting yourself be controlled by other people. The marionette would represent those who control others and have them do their ***** work. The puppet didnt want to hurt people anymore so she fought and broke free.
But there were those who tried and failed, those who were left behind and abandoned.
Think about high school.
Marionette - Populars, the ones who manipulate others
Puppet - Shy ones, the ones who can be manipluated
Lost Puppets - The bullied, the ones who had fought for whats right and lost
Little Girl - Think of her as the friend that was there for the Puppet for the longest time, but then met the Marionette and the Puppet left the Girl. Maybe she tried to get the Puppet back, but the Marionette wouldnt let that happen. The Puppet wouldnt hurt the girl though, so she fought and finally won her freedom back.
Jackie White
Written by
Jackie White  18/F/Ohio
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