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11h · 64
Ice Fire 2
Descovia 11h
I been on, and on, and on going at it.
Bring the metal, if you have it.
We can play it out.
I'm paranoid, indulge into the void.
I'm a black Savage, bad as Black Sabbath.
Set your ship, ****-deep,
Your last words, you better
assist with what we can salvage!
The other side of me, asked if you can manage!
I'll take us both out!
Go out. Goku and Raditz
Blasted into King Kait's World
Special Beam Canon.
None of this is common.
None of ths Canon.
I'm no Nick, we wildin' out
Flying high, disregard all by default
without a calculated LANDING.
KOBE!!! ****!  We miss you!
Repent for our sins. Cause we done ENOUGH DAMAGE!
I'm losing my patience and my cool
I'll be ****** if another fool
goes inside a school, with a gun
I'm no mailman. But I will bust out the package.
Go ham on the packet, take it out da plastic!
I'll road-rage-rampage, Laredo Heat
Blacked out Bandit. I am coming for answers!

No water, all Ice with fire.
Pray for help, if he's old enough
To game and gamble, then he can get scrabbled.... like eggs!
Then give him every sample to lead by example
I am not playing games, off with his head!
i am not soft with the dread.
Get ravaged and dismantled
act hard, then get HANDLED!!
Help me. Help me.  Help me....
White noise bringing the realization
from the brain's static
My mind's eye open, I'ma black man,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I
no **** with black magic!
Playing board games, got me bored with your tactics
Try me, you be in Monopoly, figuring why you're "Sorry"
The trouble is on it's way and Trouble is bringing damage
I got nothing else to lose,
My life more wasted than CJ on
highway drifting on xanax.

I will make the best out of my skills.
I am empowered by you all.
Thanks for believing and honoring me.
My decisions to help this world through
the power of words of wisdom and love
15h · 27
Descovia 15h
I have never been able to sleep.
Everything toys with me as
my mind wonder into the deep
The clock on the wall
Criticizing my need for momentary peace.
When will I ever be released?
Imagination very active and all is alive.
In my waking moments, I am groggy I strive
only for the feel and desire to survive.
Before, I close my eyes with the sister of death.
Possibilities of the unknown is where it all thrives
My thoughts depart from time to time.
Countdown of spiraling minutes
I'm losing my will to eat and the need to rest.
Shifting away from friends & from all that is left

1d · 174
Day Dreaming
From across the room
I see your gaze
turn towards mine
even your eyes smile.

Thoughts of you
loom in my mind
my eyes value every
single treasure your heart defines
Making you happy
will never go out of style.
Moments with you are certainly worthwhile
Your love gives me strength and smiles
Cassandra & Descovia collaboration
1d · 94
Lonely Nights
Maybe it's best if I did disappear
My involvement in life
Improperly positioned in existence
Questioning all within
never will it be clear
I miss you my dear.
Wishing you were here.
Reminding me of all in sight.
Kissing your lovely lips.
Making everything better.
Telling me "Everything going to be all right"
I been feeling off, and in need of recovery.
Praying and hoping, you love me and it's true.
Immensely, my heart beats and yearns for loving you
Looking up at the sky
Emotions take on a toll

Weighing heavy on my fragile soul
Heart accelerating faster than speed of sound
You are nowhere to be found.
Nobody else, I rather be with is around.
I begin to cry...
Because being without my love...
It's like depending on happiness from drugs
Is comparable to separating two beautiful doves.
All things remind me of you in the world
In every shape and form everything does
You are the world to me
You embracing me in your arms
Is the only thing that matters, truthfully
I desire you to remain forever with me
The way it should always be
xoxoxoxoxoxo Love,
If looks could ****.
Nothing against the animals
You would get slaughtered like sheep.

The car and mirror are the two main things
That can display your pain.
You may feel like it's all not ENOUGH.
Geniuses make common errors
It's a miscalculation not a **** up.
It does not have to leave you dumbstruck.
You acting as if you are low on luck.
When it's all vivid and clear.
You need an answer?
It's staring back at you in the mirror

Do not fault yourself for mistakes
It's included in the tests of life
Destiny constructs for you to complete.
3d · 95
Summer HEAT
The sun got me feeling defeat
I cannot get any relief
There's freaking no love in these streets
Mind over matter, it matters to see
every single one of you eat.
Be comfortable to make your bread and cheese
To death with my inner peace
Before I spell another lie, let it be
I'm going through gears to stay solid, to not crumble!
My name is not to walk on, it's not stairs or concrete.
You can run that on REPEAT.
I may lose focus of topic but I stay on beat!
Sad how some of you look at other or myself
as a piece of meat!
I will give anything for my beliefs.
An arm. A leg. Shoulders. My head.
I promise my son he
got nothing more to lose
other than his baby teeth.
Let that sit and sink in your heart.
I hope all of this hits hard and deep.
I have no issue with Karma
I will be ****** all honor
Before you dread another soul to reap.
Resisting Everything Accepting Peace
It's all a matter of what you perceive
I rather give love for, the universe
returns everything you put into energy to receive
I got enough people living out here
thinking they should call it quits and leave.
You could remove Excalibur from the rock
and bring the evil down to it's knees.
You know what it felt like
Running out of clues
When the Blues seep
and we thought we lost Steve!?
Your family won't be only ones devastated
You better in the name of all GODS
YOU BETTER believe!

4d · 101
Thinking of You
As I lay here thinking of you
All my thoughts grey and blue
I wish I could see you, I wish I could.
Then maybe my life could be understood
But still I'm down thinking of you

Eye for an eye
Heart for a heart.
Tooth for a tooth
Wondering in consistent circles
I am running and ripping myself apart.
I only want to be part of thoughts
That gave me peace to
live for my truths.
It's all in living color.
Yet, I feel grey and only see blue.
I have a reason to hold my head up
Although I am down in my
feelings, thinking of how much
I am missing you.

Cassandra & Descovia
Never stop pushing for your own happiness.
At the end of every day along with your goals
Nobody else, will root for you without issue
unless it's your own child, sibling or that person is legit.
Honor your aspirations and keep living.
The world needs your story.
Hear the silence
Look into my eyes
and hear what I'm not saying
For my eyes speak louder
than my voice ever could

Your eyes speak louder
Than my powerless voice ever could
Emotions and memories resonate
in eyes that I treasure more than riches
Many lifetimes, where I connected ties.
I am surviving, I never felt
as if I've been living
Watched stars fall from heaven skies
You do not need words to
validate your love for me
Calm as the ocean tides
Peaceful as the color blue.
I can hear your love screaming to me
All I have to do, is simply look at you.
You bring many things to life
Together connections are aligned
It's composed by the strength of your presence.
It surrounds your essence
all of this, it makes me stronger than
diamond and gold both combined.
What more is there I can say?
The loudness of your loving heart
can be heard from miles away
I rather dance on landmines
Endure the darkest side of my mine
Massacre and desolation.
Cruelty, blood and rapine.
Before adventuring to any realm
where your soul does not reside
Your joys and anguish embedded in a strong heart
powerful enough to make the strongest cry
I will go through it all.
Determined before dubbed disdainful.
My spells will bind the wicked and
wrongfully make me gainful.
I rather it be this, before I bring harmful
intentions to my beloved earth angel.

Cassandra & Descovia collaboration.
If you succeed with or without me.
I will be forever grateful for the memories made.
You will reward the world with amazingly beautiful aspirations.
Keep striving and continue to survive.
You are worth everything your parents went through
Your struggles will not last as long as your legacy.
You have more than what it takes to be the best.
I always believed in you.

7d · 98
They claim dreamers cannot be realistic
Apparently, you're not realistic if you only believe in your dreams
When there's a balance to everything as it seems

You can have more muscle mass
Than Arnold Schwarzenegger.
It doesn't mean you have strength of an ox.

You can have all the common and book sense
in the world combined, if you trip over small matters
without thinking bigger than the situation.
You can still be a lummox.

Why judge a book by it's cover?
It's easier to grant permission
Than it is to provide forgiveness
There's a bit of me in you.
There's so much of you, I see in me.
The constellations in space,
reminds me of connections
The plant formations here on earth
have in common with elements and creations of nature.
You were meant to fly.

Why spellbound yourself to the ground?
I only want to spread good onto thy neighbor.
I leave all in the hands of the holy creator(s)
He, she, it. The universe is all.
Releasing from the grips of a grudge
Can set you free. From dragging you down.
This is why I am cautious
When I  utilize my ability to judge
Validate hate, for it feeds the friction
There is much to uncover, left undiscovered
When you resolve all through being a lover!
The world searching desperately, for answers from the Grays.
When we are able to see it all in numbers, shapes, in color!
I never see a failure when you're in my view or mind.
If I can see the beauty in you over the bad.
Regardless of the times and timing of all.
You can do this very thing too.
I believe in you!
7d · 213
I have no fears in life. Except for failure.
I have no fears towards death. Except not living fully.
Save The Children
Do NOT Let The Empire Fall.
We are raising the next Kings and Queens
of the upcoming generation under new world order.
I am ready to take down all walls.
I'll continue my way until the final call.
The end for me, is not by departure by death.
I will honorably fight for
all your values until my last breath!

I will not fail any child.
I was brought in this world to protect them all!
Jul 30 · 125
Sleep Paralysis
Descovia Jul 30
Choking on fears.
Fighting for oxygen.
Bringing my eyes
all in view once never seen.
My voice has no power
Questionable feelings, no power to scream.
The need to breathe
Nothing more than
product of a dream.
Scratches running down my arm
Numbing my body.
Silhhouette of the beast
Disturbing my peace
Trying to consume my soul
Unobtainable in solace
Reality repeats, all is lawless
I am motionless in
an unstable transition.
The world of the in between
The dead and the living.
Vulnerable in astral world
Connection to ancestors in deep sleep
The past or the future of possibilities.
My essence roams freely.
Disconnection from all of me.
I can't feel you there.
Where are you?!
Jul 29 · 224
The Pen & The Sword
Descovia Jul 29
The time will come
Where my words will
forever remain as unforbidden memories
Left by those that remember
me from our legacy in creation.
Wielding the pen is a concept
a complex human as myself
will never achieve the skill-set to master.
It's a calling for me to wield justice and harmony
My time to equip the sword, will be my destiny soon.
I'm not afraid of the battle ahead.
I have slayed demons stronger than my own
Fought against my alter ego and argued with my conscious for answers
Witnessed guardian angels endure tragic falls.

The pen is mightier than the sword
The sword completes the point and cuts down the objective differently
I am not afraid to die protecting the world I love
It's all a cost for new age peace & awakening on the other side
I will not continue a cycle of hatred!
_ I love every part of you and it's worth fighting for_
I appreciate all of you for pushing me.
Motivating me. Inspiring me. Completing me.
In every imaginable way to be the best of me.
A stronger father. Advanced writer. A healer amongst all souls.
Jul 28 · 237
Descovia Jul 28
The light in me is alive!
Nothing will stop me.
Earthquake-erupting-eardrum shattering explosions
Brightening and exciting
Transforming the hues of the skies.
Rage with heat
silent as fire
No element can conquer or counter me
My hatred is unmatched
My love is stronger compared
to any living external force

Spirit or in flesh.
Prepare for the worse and arm
yourself with your best!
My frustration in combination with faith of heart
beautifully spreads chaotic balance.
Summoned by the user who exceeds the power of fire users.
Terrifyingly destructive if misused, peacefully and devastatingly
enhances life in all I love.
I can be at peace, with all I have to face.
It will provide blessings to my joys.
Magic is a source to not play with as a toy.

Jul 27 · 119
Black Sheep Trials
Descovia Jul 27
I grew up in a family
Where there was more
questions than outcomes.
The pain numbing me
for a change to come
Learning from the gist of things.
I still feel from all my learning
I am not the brightest but far from dumb
I am not going to fail my son
Trials in traveling
I am facing everything
I am in need to become.

They pray and they plot
My soul will not rot
I am going to the top
Sit back and watch.
Get in the way. Get dropped.
Albums coming in stock.
Stories will hit the block.
Don't test me. I lost a lot.
None of it's fake it's no mirage.
Mirror me back, and blend in
without camouflage
I go hard as Smith
You will get Rocked.
I will steal my own life
before you take all I got
Nah I never stop.
Never feared any op
You over here looking lost.
Fools think I'm soft.
You just full of talk
You wanna go with me?
We gonna run through roadblocks.
You ain't ready to walk
Don't make yourself a mark.
I'm silent as the dark.
Quarrels with my absent counterpart.
Obliterate. I am shattering
your mind from a far.
I burn with the shine of a star.
I got the key for you
if you lacking the heart.
Reminder to my child
make the moves that are smart!
Real talk.
Every black sheep in the family
Became a goat for a reason.
Being different in a world
where we share many similarities with others
Finding subliminal messages in abstract concepts
that captivate our interest, there's unlimited reasons
as well as power resonating within you.
You are a GOAT. Every Black Sheep is.
What do Goats do?
They find away to the top of the mountain.
Needless to say, of the obstacles encountered on the way.
Jul 26 · 130
Descovia Jul 26
I'll never go back home.
I'll never go back home...
I'll never go back home.
I rather be all on my own.
History rewritten in stone.
Not to burden anyone
in a place
Where I never belong.
You will miss me being around
Remember my voice
This is the way peace sounds.
What goes up.
Must come down..down...down...down....

If it's persistent.
Then remain consistent
In the process of handling it.
Temporary problems
Never require a permanent solution.
It may bring silence
In the most dreaded nights.
Blinded by rage
Remember all in sight.
Think twice before you
remove yourself from your own life.
Everyone involved in this story
Composing their chapters.
Trying obtain resolve
Regain. Recover. Repeat.
Questioning everything except
The truth in all which is right.
Detrimental to determination
Destiny, comes in search for you.
As so it does for me. It does for all.
Realistically, there is no down fall.
If you never stay down, from the moment you fall.
It's not just fact. It's honesty by Default.
Jul 25 · 308
Chaos Control
Descovia Jul 25
Good people have bad days
Bad days pick on all people. No discrimination.
Being mean will not reward you
with nice things.
It's one hell of a drug.

You don't always have to use the rock
as a weapon just because it's in reach.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it. Don't let them trigger you.
Cool it. Before you pull it. Don't lose it.
You're the one in control.
Remember the way you felt
When you were in tune?  
Flow of music. Unstoppable mode.

I heard it all before,
going to the groove tangled in the grapevines
You have so much more to lose
If you go Columbine Colorblind!

Jul 22 · 128
Descovia Jul 22
We got another sell.
Another day we set sail.
My purpose interconnected to a multitude of cosmic energies.
Searching in the midst for higher realms to dwell.
Breaking free from self composed hell.
The world is my playground and all is well.
If I was meant to fall. I would fail.
My black *** is living lively and peacefully.
An infinite soul ties to many lifelines.
Free from harm and not meant to be caged in jail.

Descovia Jul 20
I am going through a lot
Who even needs water?
I rather drown in fire.
Can't save me don't even bother
Words my to mother,
I rather it be me. better than any other
Give a ****  you know less, why would you provide any offer.
I give love and hate better than what you must suffer....
Know you miss me. I am watching the movie play over & over
on the parts, that delayed and buffered.  
I had enough of the *******
I am losing all myself to every bit of this.
Most of ya'll fake
friend and pretend
with given signs from wind
to be in the Blues but you CLUELESS,
what I even put myself through to just do this!
I'm trying to make this world, safe for my son.
Elijah was all that I had and I promise he's not my only number one!
Murderous vibes resonate within both minds.
My other ego spontaneously showing shifting signs.
It all goes on. I'm taking what's left of our time.
Might be my dark side before it's any time of mine
It's not pase, (*******)  wei (dude).
I'm going cold as snow, emotional tides through these lines.
RIP my brother Isaiah, Joseph, Raylin and Byron
Go off the page, I might sign off  with the
noise in my head, SCREAMING, sound off. There's no Sleeping With Sirens.
Hear me scream and roar, no part of me is dying. I'm a BEAST like Buttonz. (artist from Laredo, Texas)
Mightier than any lion.
Not lying. This **** is for the birds. Although, none of this is flying.
I am done losing blood and tears. In a frantic frenzy, frolic frequently for final fallen fantasy, fading by Furious Fears.
Looking into the crystal cause it's all that gave me clarity.
I could not get that, from looking into the mirror. Other side not clear. Parallel dimensional traveling, I have no choice to go with the flow. No matter if I break, brake, or even try to steer
I am done falling behind.
From the gutter, growing our way back to the grind.
Ya'll trying to keep up with these times and rhymes.
I am just trying to show the hate
in this world nothing will stop a peace-fighter I will fire. TAKE COVER. Before you shame me with hate as a fake lover.
Words fall on  false promises. In all love and honor. I am doing my damnest as a one of a kind father.
Wish they would place the blame on another
I believe in you, I believe him, I believe in her and his mother.
Motha-*****, don't need bad spells to cast hell.
Why you deserve heaven, if you will cross lines
to cross your own brother!?
****. I will do anything, to revive them all and unconditionally love all additionally, with an unstable mother!
Is it all enough? What the ****?
What the ******* mean?
You think all of this makes me a King?
I rather you have freedom
****. What I stand for in terms of a kingdom.
Kingdom come. Kingdom goes.
I know King-Kong won't try me unless
I feel bold enough
To get the biggest piece and try to eat him!
I rather deceive him.
Everyday's my energy's depleting, heart's broken and it keeps beating. I am still fighting. Sword's broken.
I'm still bleeding. Why the hell, am I still here?
I should be ******* leaving.....
My child's still here, I gotta keep breathing
Full of Shenanigans, we are randomness at fullest. Even Stevens.
I am ready to die for everyone I speak for and believe in!
Give a **** less, if you wish downfall on my success.
You cannot spellbound me to anything less.
Gonna push myself to go, Isaiah will always be my reason.
Ya witch.
The final installment of Ice Fire.
You will feel my fire to the point where it's cold.
You will understand, you should have not cross the lines.
I am not going to fail any child on earth.
Especially my own. Isaiah, I love you.
Descovia Jul 20
Time to get reckless
My demons going hectic
Dark arts Master
Light up the darkness
I'm not Smith
Gotta respect it
Ya'll be quick
to play a fool
like a series on Netflix
I wanted my team to
come on up the Jeffersons
Blue Pill
Red Pill
I am taking you
Beyond the breaches of the matrix!
Must maintain my style
To remain on my kid's playlist
Been lost in my wild mind
and that's more live than the time
I got Lost in Vegas
Here lately my biggest struggle
been my energy and patience
Mystified on where time will take us
Word of wisdom to myself
Stop playing victim
Real World. Let's be honest
Change the topic
and bring a brand new system!
**** a hater and fake friendship!
I'll never buy into the hatred
I seen people turn on those
like they were never related
The cycle must transform
There's no room to be complacent!
Put you in a twister
Rocket Power. I am no Newbie
To any of you that are basic.

Got myself going through loopy-loops  
I am going all over like Luffy.
I am tangled mess, like my shoe laces.
Promise me, you will hold it down
this is the only chance we have to make it.
Go hard like a Caveman
Beat the track up, like Rocky
pressure on me, taking all of these hits
and I can't afford to cave in!
Oh yeah. That's true.
You never thought the real me
would ever even awaken!
If I gotta save us all.
I will tap into powers
that are truly sacred.
Question me  "if these babies are worth saving!?"
Got a lot to work on with myself
and I am ready to face it
My time is limited rather not waste it
Love spread colors
This is why I never support a racist
Just want to keep every
on the right foot like Payless
I do this for my pleasure.
Ya'll sell out to be a pay-cut
Sell your soul just to be a payment
I won't let you harm
any of my beloved creations
I'll destroy a *******
Forget a freestyle.
The hurt in this world
got my true powers activated

Run that on me.
I am not letting it
pass to the past
I am after that ***
mask on like I am Jason
What you going to do?
I am going to finish this!
On the hunt for your life
and it's mine for TAKING
We are on different levels
You cannot vibe
I am on a higher vibration
Don't gain the world
by losing your soul
I remember, lessons from the great ones!
There's more to me
That represents than a reputation.
Continue this for them!
I refuse for my children's
upcoming legacy to be forsaken!

Jul 20 · 157
Shadow Work Red Eclipse
Descovia Jul 20
I am fighting feelings
that been confined.
There's no escape
from the prison
within my mind.
My thoughts
shaking and breaking
every single line,
I have to walk on...

Breaking the chains
Connected to the hands of time
Lost in story lines
Conversations in darkness
Talking to myself
speaking with shadows
I am losing my all
inside the confines of
my magically mystical messy mind
Who Will You Call Now?
Should I go after every bad soul alive?
Don't try it. It's not wise kid.
All for you. I'll make a way for me.
I'll give anything to save these lives.
To bring more endless possibilities.
Tapped into variations of magic
Normal eyes cannot see
Lyrical conjurer. Adjective assassin.
I'm simply following the creed
Compared to your favorites
I'm basically, taking the lead
Made promises in blood
I will maintain before
it all goes in vain. From now, til the day I leave!
"We are suppose to save the world!"
Never follow the sheep.
Don't buy into promises
you cannot afford to keep!
Live your dreams!
In the wake of any ray
from the light of life
I refuse to die in my sleep!

For it's known
It's not easy being me.
It's not what you see on tv
Trials and tribulations
Progress through poverty
I am living for peace.
No force alive can deprive me
of my desired liberty!
I am down on my last whim
I do this for them
I'm going for the GOAL
Please, get out of the way
If you barely reach the rim!

I rewind and enlighten minds.
I call upon the power of the great divine
Provide deities and entities
as a guide with clearer signs.
Nonsense aside, I'm all for the grind
Don't judge me unless you
know what my scars define!
I'll defy every impossibility
in a matter of time.

It's all a sign
Cannot allow the demons
conquer your mind
Whenever it's cloudy and dark outside
the sun will always be back to shine
You light is keeping every pat of me alive
I promise over all, you will shine
it's all just a matter of a time!

My light it burns
It does not shine unless
I am by my son.
I am the fire. Surrounded in smoke.
I am in a trans red eclipse.
Energy pounding in my heart and throat.
I feel the heat of the sun.
The light in me
has much more to become.
I am lost from all
but over all I still have hope!
I feel myself breaking.
Sorry, for every promise that I broke.
My heart goes to the beat
and it's pounding hard like a drum.
Careful how you tread in this lifetime
cause for right now, you only have one
Understand the walks of life
because you have to crawl before you run.
Your value is priceless, remember that
with anything else is said and done!

It's a slow processing on how one
must maintain the balance between his or her's light and darkness.
Both are needed in order to have a stable reality.
Pick your poisons but use in moderation.
Too much is good is bad for you.
Over indulgence in the bad is never
good enough for you.
Jul 14 · 192
Dust To Ash.
Descovia Jul 14
Choose your ending for your story.

You get right or you do right pick one

Everyone thinks there's no other option given.

It may seem selfish. I am not able to be fair to bare this.  I am careless.

This is it. Where the writing stops. Conjuring of spells. They were called poems right? Good times. Bad times. All of time comes to meet an end.


It's not your fault. You are more than my everything. I am tired. You give me strength to carry on. Sometimes, everything I do is not enough. Do not place your values in materialistic things. Your values and morals are worth more. Its important, how air is essential to life.

I will miss everything. While watching it all burn.

I am tired of pain in my face. I am tired of the weights on my hearts.

My soul is anchoring me to everything, I was scared of. I thought I would be. Rewind the good back to the worse things.

I can feel all of the world is reversing....
Tears in my eyes, I am letting everyone I love down
My love is dangerous and it all hurts me....
I'll be happy when the sun drowns.....

Red. Black. White fire. I never knew how to properly use these abilities.
I bleed out the negativity for an exchange of holiness.

Don't do this to yourself please. You're a father....YOUR SON NEEDS YOU

I will miss these simple things, the wind on my skin. Nature singing through the trees. Unconditional love. My soul is riddled with so much hatred towards my mistakes. I am sorry for my everything not being enough. I hope you can save this world without my spells.

I never meant to condemn you. Life and death fought for ages for me. It is meaningless, it can carry my soul away. I am just a person. I am nothing more. The light. The dark. The balance that gave me life to reality.  My belief in you, mattered more than any pain. Please, forgive me....

I must step in the circle. To exchange what is desperately needed. May these prayers save this world.

Dust to ash
I will love you until nothing is left of me
I am sorry
Jul 13 · 207
Faded In Smoke
Descovia Jul 13
I fade into you,
Ashes of my former self, carried away by the wind

Break away from me
Cravings continuously calling for me again.

I can’t go anywhere
Without the feeling of needing you there.

I can’t see anything
Other than what I can taste from pain.
Clearly. The cloudiness in my lungs.
Menthol or Full Flavor. I know it's wrong.

I miss you
You're dangerous for me. I love it.
I can’t remember your face
The filters, makes no difference.

I want you in my life, although you're taking it's place.
I feel your love

It's only temporary, I can say and it's more than enough.
To give me exactly what I need from the buzz.

It’s not there anymore like you
True, what is there once in view.
Our relationship. Is bittersweet.

Hazardous and playing with fate.
Thinking you are helping me be safe.
You're only putting my everything at stake.
You fade away
In the haze, I am still attached to old ways.

If I keep this up, no telling how this will turn out.
This is not an addiction, but if I quit...
I burn out

Dark Descovia & Darko Collaboration

Yes, we both composed a killer poem on smoking cigarettes/
Jul 12 · 160
Apocalyptic War
Descovia Jul 12
The silence is powerful. All could be heard was the three voices in my head. To be in position of the new age war. It was seen in premonitions, ancestors spoke to me, in languages never heard by the living. My spells fell meaningless to aid as assistance for the greater good. Was any of this to become true at any point?  Never it dawned upon me, until I stood in midst of it all as a witness.

Aspirations of a greater and mystic purpose. Limitations in a human body, with a mind capable of breaching borders and enabling boundaries.

High frequency pitched screams (not belonging to humans), Clashing of weapons, elemental magic, nature, forces of the cosmic used in the measure of offensive and defensive methods. Sounds, all colors, it collided and exploded beautifully. Yet, it still weighed heavy on my fatigued heart.

Watching in amazement the angels overthrow the demons.  I saw the other version of myself giving everything to be a victor.

THIS IS MY WORLD. YOU FALL AS NOTHING HERE. YOU SHALL FALL TO YOUR HELL, WHERE YOU CHOSE TO MAKE IT SO FOR THE INNOCENT " Dark Descovia danced around attacks, that failed to reach in the slightest, the malicious smile on his face with a questionable expression, never changed as he snarled. His wand transformed into a sword, while swiftly swinging it at an enclosing group of surrounding horrifying monsters. The attack was so beautifully orchestrated, it appeared to be effortless. Seeing an athlete, perform the most simple task in mere minutes.  Human eyes could not detect or keep up with the speed in the manner this was done. The monsters all fall to the ground, headless and vanishes by a flicker of black fire.


The full moon floating in the twilight sky, was noticeably starting to crack and perhaps, battling for hours made me suffer from mild or severer delirium. My other side, with his own will and body, seem to suffer nothing from this. Asides, from being more frustrated and having blood-lust for justice.

Shielding my timid eyes, in fear as numerous demons appeared out of the blue, violently triumphed holding their own as well in battle. Being able to witness all of this, front row seats to the demise. Standing wearily using my sword as a crutch, blood seeped from wounds visible through the holes in my clothing.

I cannot let the world, my loves live in. Die. Fate, please do not end my story here. I need strength._  My teeth clenched, blood formed and leaked from my nostrils and corners of my mouth. My charm necklace, even had this particular glow to it. Another warning, I failed to acknowledge in a timely fashion.

FlashBack Moment Before The Apocalyptic War

"DAD! You don't have to fight to save this world!!! You taught me to save this world with words! You can do the same! Nobody has to die! Don't leave us!!!! _ "    At 6 years old, never thought Isaiah's voice would reach in depths and heard so strongly even in my weakest moments. The image of him, embracing me tightly, and tearfully sobbing uncontrollably. I decided to listen and depart with darkness.

"The war does not put fear in my heart. The heart of this world is trying to mend in all ways of feeding into hatred. It's highly upsetting. There is no solace without sound or color. I refuse to die for nothing, when living for you is everything!"_  

Dark Descovia stated as he twirled his swords, like drumsticks for that matter, one in each hand until they became motionless blurs.

* Apocalyptic War *

A figure in a black cloak appeared right behind me. My efforts in defense, were aimless and pointless. Trying to swing a sword on my part, which had the weight of multiple life forces. I am no master of swordsmanship, compared to my otherself.  In moments, I recall only seeing the figure wave it's hands in a ritualistic formation.  Finding myself, soaring through the air. Life immediately struck me with a freight train, traveling at the speed of light. The battle raged on angels, spellcasters, empaths all against evil. Never, did I think I would see my other side/alter ego show any emotion other than confidence and anger. His eyes swelled with anger and filled with tears. Running towards my falling body, in slow motion in attempt to catch me from hitting the ground. Drowsiness consumed me with warmth washing over me. My essence pouring out of me. I am not certain if I was falling to the end or heading for a new beginning.

Aloof. I wonder within myself in a state of stagnation.

Fear only prolongs it all, acquiring needed stability to our destiny.

I am powerless, watching this perfectly magnificent storm.

Why am I here? Why am I here? I use to know you so well.
Now, I feel like you are someone, I have never known.
The light was calling out to one of us before.
It was never you. You never deserve the pain this world descended from the skies. I will give anything for it not to be you, not to be anyone I love.
My love is nothing without you being here.  Still falling, I close my eyes trying to remember the final good moments....

All family and friends from every walk of life appeared before my eyes.
The funny thing about this is, it felt like a dream. Everyone I ever known past and present, was there smiling and at peace. Dressed in all white even my other side was there in the crowd of family, smiling carefree without a single weapon in hand

"You can't protect the world. Our children lives in. If you stay dreaming" Dark Descovia spoke to me and froze reality with his voice.

Why does everything hurt so power is not strong as anyone else's I spoke to him. He exchanged no words back, only our eyes spoke to each other.

"You have to save this world. Your life does not end HERE. BELIEVE IN YOUR LIGHT. IT EMPOWERS ALL IN THIS VERY LIFE"  In angelic unison the voices of family, friends, Isaiah, my other side and my lover spoke to me at once.

I've accepted it is now my time to fade....fade into the storm and become the light.... . haha..... _

May I close my eyes and finally rest in the name of purity for all salvation?

I will come back for you. I may be different, my love for you will remain.
If my life ends this war for tranquility. Then this world can have my soul....

"Soul?? You forget. There's two of us....You have more to connect to also"_
Should I do a part two??
You let me know in the comments.
The battle may rage on
Descovia Jul 10
The candle flame flickered wildly.  The room was cold and dark. My phone was set to silent. My mind went blank only for mere seconds before designing a way to breach connections to a realm other than we reside. Between the living and the dead.

The times where your name crossed over and dragged my thoughts down. The pain made me resilient in gaining answers. Mysteries and traditional methods applied to ritual, required my full focus from "spirit energy.

I gripped onto my chains and prayed to myself in silence. Coldness stung my heart and my eyes filled with warm tears. The moment my vision became nearly blurred from nonstop flow heavy, numbing and pain riddled tears.


A sharp inhale filled my lungs, my eyes wanted to explode! Emotions never meant to be release, I fall until I sink deeply. The whiteness of this bright light intensifies, humming of angels in a harmonic choir grew inhumanly loud. I cannot any longer hear the sounds of life on earth. My suffering was finally giving me a break, I prayed for. I screamed to the skies of heaven, willing to destroy my own self-composed hell. I am my own hell.  I did everything, my tears, my pain, blood would not honor you or bring you back if it was in vain.

No te apresures,Bebe
(Don't rush your time. Baby girl)

Yo nunca me ire,soy todo de ti
Que hizo feliz a tu madre
("I am never gone. I am everything of you.
That made you happy with your mother")

The image of this eloquent woman with tears in her eyes, embracing an angel with an amazingly beautiful presence and energy strong enough to burn unholy souls. In mere moments, the woman and angel whom came into focus with the use of my magical eye. Disappeared with a wave of light appearing to wash over the entire place. Everything wiped away and myself left untouched. Confused with more uncertainty than ever before. It was decided to not question upon it. Something told me to burn the note completed for her. Then pray for her good into the universe. It will listen...

Never stop remembering. Your father loves you. He will always be there with you. Your relationship with him. Never ended. It changed forms. The love never dies. He is your angel. Allow him to guide you.... You cannot fly without wings. Don't rush your time.....Don't rush your time.....Don't rush your time. Keep fighting. Keep will win. The right forces are by your side....I....

No te apresures,Bebe
Dedicated to a beautiful father, angel and king of the glorified kingdom.
You may rest. Your legacy will live on.
01/09/1973 - 01/28/2022
Jul 7 · 218
Celestial Love
Descovia Jul 7
I never thought I would discover a passion as yourself.

Miracles restore my desolated mind, repeating a problematic past. The demons no longer reach me with their screams, the damage done to my spirit, it all vanishes from your embrace.

Your voice is loveliest tune in the world. I rather not live without the colors your ideas paint into life. Music sings and fills the air from your soul. You know enough about yourself, still it's a mystery to you. What your essence delivers in quantities. Blessings are bestowed upon us, upon all from your divine presence.

It's remarkable. It's astonishing. Vibrantly godly.

You are the key, providing me LIFE.
You are strong as LOVE and without you.
I would not be able to DREAM

I love you ever so much.
You are a true earth angel.
I will fight by and for you
always on your side.
Warrior or Spellcaster.
Mastering multiple abilities
I learned from the best.
Descovia Jul 5
24 years she made it through.

Alive in all.

24 years she has the fire of a Leo much like her baby. Her element is water however, she flows in any form. Still getting to her destination without limitations!

She's not a smash or pass. She's more than that and ready to BRAWL. Although she does not stand so tall. She has the intelligence and compared to any athlete. She has the ball(s) with the ability to ball.

She will hit you with words, before she fills your mind with lies. She might pick on you and maybe take your french fries. Haha

When it comes to fight or assisting with worldly issues. It never stopped her from serving a country. Which never set the image for her true home. People as Kassandra Patino will be reason this world flies before it falls.

Your 24 years of live are honored and cherished not by your family alone.

I hope many parents, including the successors that created your essence, fills you with abundance and fulfillment to maintain commitments. I am more than proud of you. To be rewarded to embark on the road of parenthood, in combination with another beautiful soul. Your accomplishments, accidents and everything relevant that made you. YOU

Next to your angels and all babies you bring into this world.
I'll forever be grateful this world chose you to be a divine woman, solider and teacher!
Happy birthday!
Thanks for being a kick *** Queen.
I believe in you from the moment we met!
Never going to stop. Just like you did for us!
Descovia Jul 1
I follow the code
You already kno
I be quick with it
Like I gotta get it and go...
Hard hitter like head shot.
Flying high. Spacebound. Ya'll be Trippin over Moonrocks.
Big bang. Black super sayian .
Tell Isaiah, his daddy is a Thrill seeker.
For the ****! Go hard as the Game, its all gucci gang!
**** a hater. I am a magician.  I'll make you a believer.
My power level is over 9000 maxed out Gogetta!

[verse 1 Descovia]
I cannot *** with no man
That has no love for his child
My boy is the reason I PUT IN MILES
I laugh, I live and love to make ppl smile
Live your life right or drown in denial
Suffocating for everything I wanted to be!!
From childhood to now
I followed the code the G
You progress or you fail It's
all setbacks on repeat!
I did this, for the fact I needa release!
Play with my fire
Like a ***** wont bring the Heat!
Eat. Sleep. **** the beat.
Faded in smoke
it's all Resting in peace
Memurized from the last moments of magical memories.
Pray for restoration from the mayhem
manipulated by aspects misery
Make connections I am one wit tetris. Don't any of you.
Anybody, i show love to publicily
I swear MOST OF YALL, swear you're bllndly following freely, I am no leaader
Ya'll help leading me, I'll be ****** if another soul leaves without their wings.
Everything aligns in order I am organizing an assembly!
Thank god for Demi Lovato,
for bringing me for my eyes to see
the Demi God in one as me!

I follow the code
Never needed yo vote
May the universe be with you
for ******, be doing most.
You already kno
I be quick with it
Like I gotta get it and go...
Super sonic. Mind infused to the cosmic
Hard hitter like head shot. Do what I got to  for all my people.
We gotta eliminate all the evil
Big bang. Black super sayian. When I am gone.
Tell Isaiah, his daddy is-a Thrill seeker.
For the **** Go hard as the Game its all gucci gang,
get your grind up. Before your time's up!!!!

[verse 2]
I'll spill blood for protection of every child's name
My chaos is controlled. I'll have you hooked. it's melodic
I am a burning phoenix, get wrapped in phonics
Think twice,it's all phenomenal, it's a process!
Don't rush your time...
Enjoy and relish
in my boy's progress.
**** my existence? I'm just living.
Why you easily offended
by misleading contents?
Take it out of element
Exploit Different contexts!
You got this baby boy, baby girl.
Don't rush it, it's no contest
I am not giving in to the evil.
**** the nonsense, from a Dr...we learned
I have no sense-sincerely
My reflection can't mirror me!
Superior-supposedly, not intimidated by inferiority.
Change your ****. Make your move. Do things differently.
Cold as fire. No Ice. May lost souls wondering find liberty.
Infinity can go in for me, I'll show you all, there's nothing that limits me!
Descovia Jun 21
Your kisses revives my fading light.

Your eyes resonate with brilliance and admiration.

Your voice is a melody in my head, I hope never ends.

You are the music to my soul and you're the beautiful symphony, enhancing and strengthens my heartbeat.

My soul longs for you. A vision of pleasure. Peaceful to bring tears of happiness to my eyes. Through wellness and sickness.  You're never alone.

My words wish not to entice you, but I'm alue to embrace you. My words are not the only things, I will present in disposal to love and celebrate you.

I wish not to tie or clip your wings.
I love you from the moment I watched you fall.
Sorcery and fairy-tales, charms and magic spells.
I'll make home anywhere with you. Heaven or hell.
The shining star of day arise, until the moon calls for you at night.
You're my everything and you give me flight.
Descovia Love Spells.
Jun 20 · 41
Peaceful Warrior
Descovia Jun 20
(Peaceful warrior)

will set it off by the count down
like 3,2,1! You can try it but you
better be slick, the mind of  a cowboy with guns.
Set it off. Like propane with fire in the sun.
I dunno why ya'll playing  games? Then you run?!
You better be with it if you got good lungs.
God ****** Bobby! I'll kick your ***. Get popped. RICKY!!
Wish a motherl, would put his hands on my mother-loving son.
I'll be on his ***, like a sour stomach with the runs.
Take your time eventually, it will all be said and done.
If they are really bout it, then why they gotta media stunt huh?!
I been on it, since day one. **** a foolish cartoon-*****, for thinking, I am not in league, networking with any of the number ones!

No need to flex. I get it . Believe it. (YES)
No need to stress. My son knows his limits. (BLESS)

Strap me up, I am ready for war! (BET!)
No. I am NOT nike. But I will get you
in check to get more than a check! (LET IT REST
Jun 17 · 46
Spiritual Fire
Descovia Jun 17
I follow the code
You already kno
I be quick with it
Like I gotta get it and go...
Hard hitter like head shot.
Flying high. Spacebound. Trippin on Moonrocks.
Big bang. Black super sayian Thrill seeker.
For the **** Go hard as the Game its all gucci gang,
Aura stays lit. Go up in smoke.
Tra la hierba. **** a hater.  I'll make you a believer.
get your grind up My power level maxed out Gogetta!

I cannot *** with no man
That has no love for his child
My boy is the reason I PUT IN MILES
I laugh, I live and love to make ppl smile
Live your life right or swim in denial
Suffocating for everything I wanted to be!!
For the long run, From childhood to now
I followed the code the G
You progress or you fail It all setbacks on repeat!
I did this, for the fact I needa release!
Play with my fire Like a ***** wont bring the Heat!
Eat. Sleep. **** the beat.
R.i.p to all that noise
Faded in smoke
it's all Resting in peace
Memurized from the last moments of magical memories.
Pray for restoration from the mayhem
manipulated by aspects misery
Make connections I am one wit tetris. Dom't you dare **** with me
Anybody, i show love to publicily
I swear MOST OF YALL, swear you're bllndly following freely, I am no leaader
Ya'll help leading me, I'll be ****** if another leaves with no wings.
Everything aligns in order I am organizing an assembly!
Thank god for Demi Lovato,
for bringing me for my eyes to see
the Demi God in one as me!

I follow the code
Never needed yo vote
May the universe be with you
for ******, be doing most.
You already kno
I be quick with it
Like I gotta get it and go...
Super sonic. Mind infused to the cosmic
Hard hitter like head shot. Do what I gotta
do  for all my people.
Big bang. Black super sayian. I'm-a Thrill seeker.
For the **** Go hard as the Game its all gucci gang,
get your grind up. Before your time's up!!!!

[verse 2]
I'll spill blood for protection of every child's name
My chaos is controlled. I'll have you hooked. it's melodic
I am a burning phoenix, get wrapped in phonics
Think twice,it's all phenomenal, it's a process!
Don't rush your time...
Enjoy and relish
in my boy's progress.
**** my existence? I'm just living.
Why you easily offended
by misleading contents?
Take it out of element
Exploit Different contexts!
You got this baby boy, baby girl.
Don't rush it, it's no contest
I am not giving in to the evil.
**** the nonsense, from a Dr...we learned
I have no sense-sircenely
My reflection can't mirror me!
Superior-supposedly, not intimidated by inferiority.
Change your ****. Make your move. Do things differently.
Cold as fire. No Ice. May lost souls wondering find liberty.
Infinity can go in for me, I'll show you all, there's nothing that limits me!
May 27 · 52
Swimming Demons
Descovia May 27



Mother forgive me
I must...

Got bills to pay
and bills in the bank
**** what you think
I know I don't got it made
That is no lie-ah!
You know we been on the rise.
You already been advised.
Why don't you take my advice!?
Eyes in the sky.....
Watching my moves, tracking the time

All in a *****'s live....
I am still wondering why.....

some of you
wishing on the stars and dragon *****
that a ***** dies. Yuh Yuh.
Let me shine. It's gonna be Alright.
No more innocent gettin this fight.
We gonna "GET RIGHT"
You right, cause I will ride
In the night, no night- light. Like a Dark Soul.
Me sorry. No **** with po pos.
You slowpoke, you need to row-row
Rock the boat, doing most, don't need yo vote.
No care how Simon goes or who says-so
If I fire off at the mouth, you bettter LAY LOW
My chaos uncontrolled.
My boy on a sugar rush.
Adrenaline, times 20 me on coco
Never done it tho.
Don't you do it either.
You too pretty for that....  -_-

You don't phase me with no phase.
Get lost in your labyrinth.
Trapped in a mazed.
Oh, I will get you amazed!!!
I promise, my momma and his mother
I'll get us all of this crater

**** with NO LAMES.
I play no games! Nothing's the same.
Get on the train, Might roll up in yo lane.
We wild out like we *******
Get off my ****, if you bumping gums
about the SAME THANG
Baby, gotta do, what you gotta do.
Keep it going bay-bay. In link. Chain Gang.
Keep the track going,
cause we doing, what we gotta do maintain

Waking from coma
Neva needa deadbeat dad.
I'm a be a betta FATHER
**** my sorrrow
**** this bottle
Tell your man and yo woman to hollaaaaaaa
I'ma wylaaaaaa.
Like a prayer. Feel like Madonna!
I know I have my problems
Sora. I am the key.
I am the solution
Mystery Gang. TOGETHER. We Will Solve em.......
May 19 · 62
Descovia May 19
Say what you mean
I never **** a dream
Don't ever tie our
name to any of that!
You thought my vision
was obstructed by meaningless racks.
i am just trying to maintain, cause everyone greed for green,
see what I mean, desperate as ****, you fiends
I am just watching our boys tracks.
I don't give a ****, nobody out there
can validate me as a father, not even Descovia or Matt.
If you have problem, I suggest we walk it out
or talk it out. If you come at me, ready to burn
only one of us is coming back!

Everyone be getting caught up in Death Notes
this is why I remain on the attack like a titan!
Wanna play with elements
Let's pop it off! Get things exciting! My fire brings
earthquakes and lighting! What do you mean?
You wanna play a game jigsaw? Last time,
I checked, I am not easy to frighten!
Butterflies in his tummies. Causing butterfly effect
Change the remorse in his life, that malice created from rage and regret.
Thought we were on the same page.
I would lost my ******* life, if I'd place that bet.
Ya'll be so quick to take my words, fly off with em like a jet!
No disrespect to Queens, but this why I why hug my frustrations out in my pillow pet
2022, I been through a lot and no part of me except the worse is dead! Keep tryin, I ain't going out yet!
No Doordash. Watch a sucker dash. That's suckertash. Dust to ash. I'll leave nothing left.
Running around the square, hurt,  over here searching hard for a ref
Everyone be on the games, until the final round is SUDDEN DEATH.
My death might make more sense than my life, my son will go through the depths.
This why I take my time,  I value every bit of my energy to my last breath...
May 16 · 229
Descovia May 16
I look in the mirror, trying to remember who I am. Is what I see, is everything, I desire to be?

Or is it merely a reflection of exactly who I am.

Sometimes, the unknown drives me into madness. Not being able to understand, who is truly behind the eyes I see.

In my reflection.

The eyes are the window to the soul, but I can not see, all I see is Jesus the

Christ living in me, all I am is all I try to be is good enough be be there one

that I am called to be, the reflex hat I see is who I am but is it all that I can be
Matthew Descovia & Brandon Williams collaboration
May 13 · 101
I Will Revive Lost Idols
Descovia May 13
Donkey Kong SWING!
I'll jump on a krool
Got nothing to lose
Already got a few screws loose
Duck, duck, foo I am going ghost
If youu think I am the goose.
Big Bird. What's the word? I hate Amber Alerts!
I got idiots driving wild
kids out here, they gotta hit the curve.
I rather it be them before my babies
cause life, aint so sweet if you only crave deserts.

Salty saps trying worm they way in
on the surface, I am not breaking
anymore promises within my purpose.
The distance, you don't deserve it.
I can feel the pain, you feel so
trust me, I know what you mean
when you say, "I been hurting"
the scars only go so deep.
Dispell the malice
For it will haunt me
in my sleep. I got many destinys to fufill.
obstacles fall to be obsolete.
Evil will pay for every soul
it decided to reap, that's one of
the promises, I made to keep!
I am not lyin, I am a beast, I am a Lion!
We will all feast, sure of that, better believe
anything for our liberty, cause I always
been head over hills for justice to bring peace!

I am a warrior,
I am a spellcaster.
I got magic and the strength
I am not only flexin
I am going through progression.
No pawns in my way, stomp any boss
like a pesant. You peon. Crack your ****
like you if ran up on Chappelle, if you get
the reference!
I am a lover.
I am a believer.
I need him and her
To unite and save us all.
Why wonder in fault
insteading finding resolve.
I feel my power evolve!
Too many times, I have been told
You got wisdom beyond your years.
I learn from the ones with hearts of gold.
Silence the hate in this world.
Speak no evil into existence
to any enemy it's cut throat!
In my family, I was the black sheep.
Now I am the goat! Blast off like team rocket
always ready, lock and load!
I'll make you get put in place
like what I have in my stock holds.
Duality. Two sides of me.
Heading through trails, troubles on my tails.
I am making my way down crossroads!
Get smoked like Gelatto. I said it before tho.
I am going to bounce back like Demi De'Vato
Show off like a Queen
and akkido flip a man
Come on baby do
the monkey with me!
Heh. Ha. Huu! I go smooth, like Peter Pan
and make you laugh like Johnny Bravo.o
I'll hold it down like Security.
No need for 5-0
My fire is my son.
I feel my light outshines the sun
I am on the rise, yo!
We gotta live. This is more than for survival
The legends of upcoming legacy must lead
to immortalize the values of lost idols.
In the wake, of my next life
I am going to do it the same!
so remember me when I am gone
before incarnation cast my
soul to be granted another chance
through the cycle of revival!
Descovia May 3
The absence of a person very much needed
Is not the reason you deserve my frustration and to be condemned

When your life celebrated
gave me fulfillment in everything
which the blind can see, has define meaning.

I will not be the father to you.

Mine was to me.

Your essence provided blessings for my youth to remain eternal.

You never failed anyone. I promise you.

I can only live one life time. Although worlds beyond the metaverse and multiverse have brought experiences and traveled multiple in dreams, to this day that still mystifies me. As your father, I am more than willing to give my life up for you. My attachment here only serves purpose to protect, empower, heal you primarily, along with queens and kings of good heart morals.

I can only leave this life time once. You only have one life armed with endless capabilities. Use them to your advantage. Never lose sight on that concept. Everyday, I chose to live for you. Because, I refuse to phantom or imagine a realm without your existence.


Lead this world with love, which lives in you. I believe in you, and I am more than proud to be your father. You going to change something of this world with all the other babies growing to be adults.

Never stop winning!
A conversation between my son and myself inspired me to compose this.
I will provide the comical version here

Isaiah: Mom-Dad....

Me: Eh. Same difference. Your mom the pretty one. Just remember Daddy the ugly one. :/ Well, attitude wise.

Isaiah: * shakes head and rolls eyes * You're not ugly Dad.

Me: Thanks for disagreeing son. You see the good in everything huh?

Isaiah: Mom and you taught me. Remember?

Me: Hmmm..........  ( on the inside: I am so glad you're emotionally connected with everyone and logical as hell at your age 😭 UGGGGGGG ❤ He is only 6 and he sees the beauty in everything!)
Apr 28 · 114
Descovia Apr 28
Please, put my respect on
my name when you think of it
or get caught up in some ****
If it ain't broken then why you're
over here pitching a fit?
I'm no easy target
So, you betta not miss
Try me and watch it go amiss
Up, up, away, in smoke. Set fire and burn all of this!
I am growing tired of cursing in my pieces
but these fools wanna play me like a *****!
I want real one by my side, call us Lilo and Stitch.
I'll be ****** if anyone takes the light from you like a sith.
I be on crazy ****. Never harm a jit. Losin my temper quick. Pop a fool like a zit! . Descovia is the name. Ha! Remember it. Play with my demons. They dismember ****!

I am with problems out the ***.  Call me the "nemesis"
**** suicide, I'll go genocide, I'm going through the tides, I am limitless!
This is for Isaiah, Charlie, Mason, Princess Genesis!
What in hell on earth do you mean? The corrupt deserves all forgiveness?!
If only you can see and feel what's in my mind as victim and witness.
I don't care what it takes, I'm breaking the numbers and chains for a difference
I am advanced at this, and you're only an apprentince.
Make change for your life if what I say catch interest!
Why is it I gotta get loud to get everyone's attention?
I need you to hear me out...
Please, just listen
I apologize for the profanity.
It was fitting for emotional release
It's better to influence others to feel and think
than to use violence to achieve a point.
Apr 19 · 146
Descovia Apr 19
A man been tryin
to gather his funds for fun
Making memories to cherish with my son
They prayed for my day to never come
But how can I bring life to his dreams? If I mope and ***?
I been rolling on before my even life begun
All these cycles get recycled and here we are on the hunt!

Flow so fluent it's vivid.
Details unfold before your eyes in stories.
When I have to spit it! I be going hard
without letting the tea spill, cause I keep it real.
My life as a movie and we all going through loops and reels!
Got you going through emotions and feels
Cause lately, I need a doctor, I been feeling pretty ill
I don't even know how to chill. I'm a fire element!!
I told my self in Silent Hills, I'll go in for the ****
Still, if I have to go hard as Steel!
Back me up, protect you all like a shield.
I break force fields with the weapons I wield!
There's no time to yield when there's more to build

This is the team, you look at and say
“This is our time" you opened my eyes... Shaquille O'Neal
My mindset is worth more than a couple mil
I rather see all these children get a meal
****. I need help... can anybody please call Maury or Dr Phil?

Mar 22 · 192
You're Not A Warrior
Descovia Mar 22
There are many greats out there.

Whom does not seek validation in fighting weaker opponents or blinded by his own arrogant cockiness.

A real man does not strike a woman.

Uses his demeanor to devalue what is relived as enjoyment!

A warrior, is humble as a priest, noble as a knight
and powerful in terms of insightfulness.

I have wondered many places as a father, a poet, lived through some battles myself.

You are far from Royalty.

You should not tread the grounds, as if you are mightier than one with a crown.

I may have my faults. I may need more than a God to show me a way. You are far from that or anything appealing.

I have seen many kings and warriors, of good and evil intent....suffer the same fall.

You are only a man.

Onward to find yourself, because your trueself needs you more than your journey.
Feb 23 · 536
My Nunu
Descovia Feb 23
You can help some people, some of the time.
You can't help everyone, all of the time.
i was like you once, always thinking with my heart
obstructions create from using my mind.

The pain you feel does not bother me entirely. Cause I know what it's like to be without and live in doubt. Still remain positive and prosper show everyone what you are about!

Queens like you should remain
in this realm to keep **** from going south.
i know things can get heavy, hectic.
I rather go Gadget, you can cause damage
if you decide to go Wreck It Ralph.

You're a beauty, designed by artist sources of the devine of undying times.

I do not perceive you with eyes of lust.
Forgive me, if I must. Before time turns us to dust.
I desire everything of you. From knowledge, taste, touch.
I get it tho no need to rush. I am not calling you a crutch

Immature minded boys, be hopping around acting
like they know it all but ain't doing much.

For you I would go double dutch, rope in clutch, while rolling a dutch.
I'll put anyone in a noose, ya'll be hanging by threads so thin..
Implementing your demise, and result of repetition proves truth.
It's a wonder how, some men, end up back to where they begin.

What's vibing boo?
Speaking of which, I can get pretty scary.
Universal destruction detonate! Majin Buu.
Just saying, not playing. I'll go super sayian
if you cross my NuNu.
Have faith in yourself.
Everyone needs your story.
Feb 15 · 233
Do or Die
Descovia Feb 15
Lately, it been hard for me to unwind
All my emotions are twisted in a bind
Losing my head to the war
that's going on in my mind
All I feel like I'm doing
is wasting away my time
On the grind, I gotta remain. Touch from Pain.
I need a sign. No dollar signs.
Yes, my boy is living it up!
Thanks! He's more than just fine!
If I take a ******* out, then why is that a crime?
Monsters sin more than Satan on a Sunday
Justice systems always misconstrue
What we say!

Everybody wants a change, I'm a bit insane.
These lower beings don't deserve lives.
The truth can'hurt us like a *****!
Shoot. Ha. It will cut you down to size!
While you're trying to figure why?
I'll wait... now please, show me, where did I lie?


Which side you play yo part,
standard-*** boy, do you even ride?
They want us to discriminate and to divide
Eyes in the sky, watching us on the rise
You can't **** my high...
You will never, take away what is mine!
This is than just a vibe,
this is more than just my pride!
Live by my words, every part of me
speaks and lives in these lines!
Eye for eye, ain't enough.
When the difficulty is do or die.
I'm cool as fire, yo
just let the ******* slide
Cause at the end of the day,
it's all keeping me alive!

World on my shoulders
but I'll keep my head up
Promise everyone will
See See See See
World on my shoulders
but I'll keep my head up
Promise everyone will
See See See See.....

I been vibing the music in my head lately.
Our stories will save the world.
Yes, this will be featured in Duality album!
Feb 11 · 202
Humane Destiny.
Descovia Feb 11
I am not an angel.
I am not a demon.
I am more than human.
Going about his way
to restore life in all we believe in.
Feb 11 · 236
Despair of The Damned
Descovia Feb 11
My soul is not worth saving
I cannot explain it
I am going thru changes
I wanted this world dangerless
Both sides me need saving
Maybe, I am going crazy
I never wish to endanger us
I  am toxic
I am dangerous

Duality  Album will be set to be released on July 7,2022
Available on Youtube, Spotify, Stereo, and other media platforms
Connect with me. I love you all thanks supporting my passion!
Feb 7 · 231
Descovia Feb 7
You are the soul-key, connecting me to this matrix.
In every imaginable connection, that defines life. Anything vital of my essence, would be given to relive all moments of your life. "Growing right before my eyes. Traveling together, our spirits protected by ancestors!
Among many guardians beyond the skies!

Why should I fall?
When you believe in flight?

You are precious. You are holy. You are my savior

Feb 5 · 68
Roll Steady
Descovia Feb 5
Lost in the static
Dropping to my lowest
having issues, but no need to show it!
Stopping bad habits.
It can be hard to manage
Still gotta hold yourself together
through a smile and stay charismatic.
Play my joint when you stuck in sadness
Remember my voice when you feel
you need some magic
I got no times to focus on my tragedies
All you fool wanna see me bad
Micheal Jackson on the run wit Bill Jean
I'll "Rock With You" if you on the right team
I know too many leaders
leaving this realm, to bring life to their dreams
They Don't Care About Us
Systematic sacrifices, always come and through regret they redeem.
Remember that Family Matters! I heard this
from the great 12 since, until I was 13
Mijo, caution on what you say.
and You always Say what you mean!
I been through the highs and lows
and everything else in between.
So forgive me, when I come off mean.
It's my job to make sure
you don't go through the same thing!

Life will test you and your advantages
Every time you fall I'll be around
to provide kisses for your boos boos
even when we are all out of bandages
Juice time with cartoon and sandwiches
fun time in imagination,
believe in growing your education
it adds up together basic mathematics
You don't always have to fight
life has rewarded those for being pacifist
Believe in your abilities and your skill set
for everything you do to become a master at it!

I been ripping and running all day
without a stop!
This is like when you're meant for the top!
I don't need riches,
You the cream of the crop!
Remember first impressions, leaves a mark
Your words and actions can do a lot
Take all have, and remember what you got...
Not everyone's your friend believe it or not
Everybody involved in different stories
playing a part just to be in the plot!
Playing around, please knock it off.
Be leader, run this game like a boss.
It's a sport!
Take a loss, it comes with a learning cost.
Get the net, sign a check, earning a stack, quadruple your gross!!!
It don't matter if it's Gucci or Ross!
Now show me what you can do! No excuse!
Anyone can have the Sauce
A brother like me, always been about the juice!
"I'm sorry to Momma" for having a short fuse
I had so much going through my mind.
May be like this until the end of time.
My boy Keep your head up. You a survivor.
My little Sagittarius control your fire!"
I know the Ambitions Az A Ridah.
But we gotta ride steady.. (x's 4)
_You do not have to punish yourself for faults or loss.
It is part of life and your soul will provide you essence
to be the light needed in everyone's life. Mostly your own.
You are important. You make me proud to be your father.
I will live for you, protect you with my life. No, force in this world
puts fear in my heart for you to honor your dream!_

We all love you, and will never stop being your side my son.
Feb 2 · 94
Descovia Feb 2
Everyday, I am giving my everything.

I believe in only doing my best.

My moments arise from the good within me, for I have my days.

I may stumble, remaining humble, keeps my mind in order, even when I fumble, slip and catch myself hanging by the edge.

Control over all is power only for a God. My destiny ties me to limitations in a human vessel. I will not revoke a prayer or blessing for strength from her, him, all. I am content with trying to master, only my control for I do not wish to have power over anyone's will.

My love. It does have energy to bring safety and protection to everyone of compassionate living.

Mysterious and complex to explain in any context of terminology.

Dream Realm. It's a place where the lessons remind you of failure, fears, peril, progression.

You cannot wonder too far. You may lose yourself to the unexpected.

Everyday is but a blink. Connecting along through how we think.
Ricky Ray Hernandez & Descovia
Feb 2 · 741
Miss...If I May
Descovia Feb 2
Pardon me, for taking the time
to only express my frequent thoughts in mind.


Deserve all the tranquility your
beautiful soul has to provide

You shift minds, with the flick of a switch! Creativity explosion, amusing in aspects! Kudos, to your classy style in writing, combined with sarcasm and unfolds passion! I believe, it aid the lives, whom seeking answers to themselves, when it comes to your art.

Your heart is what we feel reading your work.

Do not let the battle make you weary.

These are the words not only from a dark magician. A friend. A supporter.
Whom would not have access to power, to maintain balance on my abilities, if I did not learn from the ways of the Huntress! Fighting with magic, and weapons are different styles! Still they both use energy! Needless, to say our overall goal for liberty, are highly similar! I believe you were meant to empower people. Do not be afraid, to take my strength. I will do anything for a friend!"

Your growing strength will spark a powerful resolution.

Get ready!

May Mother Earth continue to bless you and all you love.
Jan 31 · 378
Descovia Jan 31
"365 days in a year. 52 in a half weeks. 12 months. The times, where I could no longer count. 525,600 minutes without remembering what provided me with clarity and contradictions, imprisoned me to remain captive by my own spells. This is the result of conjuring forces, meant to remain behind close doors. Within me in a lovely disguise, sleeps unruly beast whom is beautifully wrapped in moisturized medium brown skin, battle scars, tribal and memorial tattoos, with a strong voice. I am no avenging angel. But I will slay demons for these very angels, even if this war could threaten the human race. Never did I consider myself one.
I am more than willing to sacrifice anything, but may it be, as long as it's NOT any extension of myself, in my beautiful babies.
My spells condemned those whom are immune by the light of invigoration and unwilling follow a path of righteousness in enlightenment!

"If it does not reward life with offerings of tranquility. It matters not to me. I rather it be cast into the shadows, before my moment to awaken on the other side. I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!  "

Matthew Descovia

-Well in my heart, death isn't the answer as in killing oneself or harming others for things they've done. It's unjustifiable, like the prison system where people hurt people who cause harm. Instead of exploring the root cause or trauma triggering those actions._
"Cassandra Lozano

"What questions would you ask the world? If you can speak to everyone at once?"

As wrong as it may be, if you cause pain for the youth. Then I will never be a saint for causing harm to those whom prey on the innocent.

No baby has the skill-set to make life changing decisions.  
Your life matters nothing to me. If you sour the taste of salvation.
When we all live longed praying for truth and eternal life without anguish!

If it was possible without harm. I'd Scatter myself beyond the cosmos, figuring out why Wanda cannot grant a single wish. The blame does not go to Timothy. He too, believes in magic in his heart. He lives by it. Much like we all do. Dream big star, moon, indigo, and rainbow blessing babies!

In a way to heal the broken so that there is peace....

I am not afraid to become the hero needed for this world.

These children will not be led to darkness.

When all of them are glorified light-workers!

I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!
Cassandra Lozano & Descovia collaboration.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Jan 30 · 106
Descovia Jan 30
The winter time air was heavy, harsh, and the roughness filling my lungs with bitterness of the cold that could be felt within my bones.  The rays from the sun bleed color into my world of gray.

Peace, love, all that amounts to sustainable tranquility. Running through fields of countless, questionable intangible emotions, plummeting through the depths of my own conflicting mind. All seemed meaningless, the very things sought to reward myself with some sort of relief from the unbreakable pain.
The shadows closed in around me, and it appears that I've reached the end of my journey without a treasure to claim!

  A mere "soulvenier" of my accomplishments, a reflection of strength and admiration towards mending broken promises that took pieces of me to defy obstacles... OBSTACLES... that challenged me to my breaking point... On play,  pause, and repeat
in order to change!
Was it not good enough?
Was my efforts not good enough?

Looking in the mirror, questioning my identities, searching restlessly, longing internally, in another perspective
my efforts were in vain....

The world calls me by this name... (Matthew, who is this you speak of with a wretched tongue?  The makings of a  man you wish to know?)

A name.... which is meaningless to uphold
Where will it all go from here?
If I left everything behind?
Jan 30 · 488
Never Be The Same
Descovia Jan 30
I knew it all would never be the same
When times made us go with change
The feelings and situations that came.

Old Thoughts. Simplicity, Reflection
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