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Descovia Aug 2019
The immensity of any mountain

Holds me to no consternation.

I will continue to climb

Until I reach the pinnacle!

You make me feel invincible

Vedo la pace quando ti guardo.
( I see peace when I look at you. )

Credo nella tua pace per portare miracoli
(I believe in your peace, to bring miracles.)


Questionable paths of multidimensional natures. Brought me lucid signs from the heavens, the chaos,  and deciphered codes meaningful to open my eyes! To this new ray of light contained in this "life".

Beyond any roaming doubts, I have spiritually reclaimed these portions of myself! Learning more from the acts and encounters with these  ritualistic, rhythmic, mesmerizing, colorful...mindless illusions called "DREAMS"

For being a "father."  To this day

I must say,  I am on a wave. Floating with just the "gist" of things!

Barely, gaining an actual understanding

From the great 13 "the ways" of exactly what it means.

My son as of now. You have had 3 years in this lifetime on earth until your birthday.  11/27/15  I remain faithful in my beliefs, you will grow stronger than me and change something about this world!  For the details are covered in mind fog of my shadows following me, but it will be revealed to the light as movement flows with everything. Time will continue to conspire against us. You will find a way. To be our salvation. I am proud to be your father. I believe in you ISAIAH.


Nobody­ can prepare enough for a versatile role such as this.

The position as a mother.
The position as a father.

In the 9 months of her pregnancy I've doubted myself. Lost myself. Broke myself. Built and redesigned my "most-needed-self"  in functions through activities while in this phase of a "hyper combat mode." There were multiple factors that drove me on edge.

Not only just with hormonal twists and turns. The weather always affected my cravings for outrageous foods along with my mood.

The emotionally overcharged flight, ascending to extreme heights!
Obviously, there is more to this!  Than being the one of the central caretakers,  emotionally supportive guide, or an active disciplinarian.  (When it comes for it)  

If you don't have any love for yourself on any level.
If you don't value yourself like you should.
If you FEAR sacrifice.

Then surely, this is not the sport for you!

Love! Appreciate! Honor! Value! Believe! BELIEVE!  BELIEVE in our children of the FUTURE! Fatherhood have been teaching as well as providing insightful concepts equipped with understanding the depth our child's needs knowledge and passion. Do not turn your head away at the chance to learn, while you are given a lesson on a daily, to grow with our loved ones while they mature into a man or woman because they will not forever remain as a baby.

Shouting it to the winds. Let the skies carry my voice until the clouds fade!

Climbing mountains, moving mountains and triumph over the impossible continuously! For you without affirmation without any constellation. You are the exact reason of how and why I feel that NOTHING limits me!

You are my sword and my enhanced armor of confidence! Proudly fighting by your side through all of this!

YOUR love, keeps me to stand and stay strong!
What does it mean to be a father???

The root of meaning...

Goes deeper than what I can summarize
To you mindfully or consciously...

For  I am still learning....
Descovia Aug 2021
Happy birthday to all mothers out there alive or in angelic form.

You will forever be missed Angelina Descovia Aug 1, 1958

Time to return home to your glorified kingdom. Jan 6, 2006.

Do not rush your time to leave this realm somebody other than you needs your story in order to survive!

If you are here today, somebody other than yourself needs you alive!

I know we are all human. Humans aren't eternal, for on the contrary the soul is!

I pray your life becomes a "legacy", for you guided me at a point as inspiration as many of you have.

They say angels never cry.

It puts my mind in wonder on where rainfall comes from since heaven is beyond the skies.

I'll never forget your voice.

I'll never speak of you in vain.

I'll always remember that you brought us love to keep us free from harm and pain.

It hurts to go on with your energy. I do not condemn this world or any God.

No source is at fault for your departure.

I believe this much is true

Everyday I break and rebuild myself until I'm good as new.

In the skin that I'm in I feel lost

I have not done enough to earn my wings or to say I have a "Golden Heart"

I will never forget quotes and poems you composed in your journals of your journeys

You're in a place of safety and harmony where love is eternal.

Heaven is a place for angels and for we will meet again.

I will always remember the memories that give me strength to fight and protect our youth.

You empowered many and open eyes to many truths.

I will forever remember.

I will forever fight for light.

I will never forget you.

Thank you for everything mom. ❤️
1.6k · Feb 2021
The Next Move.
Descovia Feb 2021
You can stay in dreamland all you want.

What is the next big step?  

Your story will not write itself!

Your story. Is incomplete.

Descovia Feb 2021
STOP. Stop stressing. The very things out
of the surface of your control.

It's the best for yourself.
It's best for your health.
Open up to the suppressed emotions you conceal
Before you E X P L O D E!
1.3k · Jul 2021
Descovia Jul 2021
You are beautiful in every imaginable way.

It is not your outer appearance, I speak on.

If two people can love everything in themselves and each other

ideologies, intelligence, personalities and talents combined

resulting in your exisistence

You are unique and indispensable!

There is enough ugliness in the world of now.

Remember to be considerate and generous to one another.

Beauty does not have a face.

A loving heart, and compassionate mind.

All parts of myself, are grateful to be included in yours!
1.1k · Apr 2021
Stay Strong
Descovia Apr 2021
I know it may be
a never ending fight

Struggling to sleep
when the monsters call
for you at night.

Keep your will strong
by protecting your light

It does not matter
what you go through
just be safe, happy,
and love your life!
1.1k · May 2021
Descovia May 2021
Back and Reloaded
I rock waves
My voice controls chaos in motion
Every breathe I set off explosions 💥

Split you ***** ****** apart like the ocean
I have the power, feeling like I'm Moses
Praying with spells to return home
with expectations from expialadocious!

I am feeling alive for the moment!
Murderous mind, might slaughter my mother loving opponent
99 Problems, Team Beat It Up, None of you don't want it!

Walk it like I talk it.
Make you hustle and work
Like crossfit!
Be on ****** *** like debt
I am on it, like I own it!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Except dreams

Corruption Ruins Earth AlignMENT




1.0k · Feb 2021
Pieces of Me.
Descovia Feb 2021
I opened my heart

To someone who would

Never even open his

Eyes To see me.

You were all

But it was

So easy for you

To watch me fall

I refuse to let you

Carry the pieces of me

Even if I break

I will build myself

From the ground up

with everything you

Fail to Take

My heart is open

My eyes they can see

As long as I keep

Striving and Growing

There will be far more left

Than just mere pieces of me!*

Descovia & Rein
866 · Apr 2021
Descovia Apr 2021
Your cooking and your beautiful heart
is not the only thing which keeps us all alive.

Throughout the years you have been through pain
and faced obstacles bringing you restless nights.

You were the one that kept the light in your children's eyes vibrant and bright.

Your heart blossoms with love and spread beneficial energy to those around you.

Nothing is complete or worthwhile without a mother's touch.

Il tuo amore guarisce

Happy birthday in this life time and many more for future times ahead!
781 · Dec 2020
Happy Birthday mi Reyna
Descovia Dec 2020
A day of surprises and love to overfill the heart

Moments to embrace with family that are sweeter than cake.

All presents are cherished,  just like any time given to be gifted with you.

May the prayers be answered by the universe,  for you to receive endless days such as this to glofrify!

Happy birthday,
My dear Reyna.
#birthdaypoem #loveforfriend #happiness #allbeautifulthingsinthisworld
754 · Dec 2020
Descovia Dec 2020
Warning: This content may contain graphic descriptions, which may not be suitable for underage viewers if reading aloud.

Our bodies touch
as I embrace you tightly
I feel an overwhealming
warm sensation consuming
my entire body as I
run my fingers through
your long and beautiful hair.

I begin to kiss you lovingly
and passionately on the lips
to ultimately display
my affection for you
and feelings that
can''t be explained
even in the most
beloved words.

Sweet and soft kisses
on your neck are
to let you know that
I''m ready this time
to show you that
you are meant to
be mine and only mine
for now and forever.

I place my hand on
your leg slowly sliding
it up to your thigh
gently massaging your
inner thigh while
I bite into your neck
listening to your soft moans
and becoming more aroused
as more delightful thoughts
come into mind, on how
I can pleasure and satisfy you
mentally and sexually.

Excitement and the craving
for lust becomes addicting
and drives us both mad
with wild intentions to
make love to one another
I remove all of your clothing
along with mine as well,
I place you on the bed
I take it slowly once again
by kissing your body all over

my hands wonder all over you
massaging your legs,
massaging your thighs
then massaging your *******
I align your body with mine
carefully allowing myself
to go inside of you
because I value every
moment of our intiment pleasure
my hip movement corresponds to yours.
I whisper loving thoughts in your ear
on how my endless desire to
please you like you truely deserve
may not ever be fufilled.

I caress you
while you are in my lap
we exchange loving
and passionate wet kisses
I increase my speed
and exert more force
making myself go "harder" and
"faster" allowing you to feel
the warming sensations that
I once felt before flow
into you as well
I feel you tighten up around me
I notice that your legs and arms
are placed around my waist
clinging to me tightly
feeling safe and secure
in my arms
you wanting and encouraging me
to do whatever I please
as long as I don''t stop
I become driven by
my very own intentions
I feel the both of us
on the verge of climaxing.
741 · Feb 2
Miss...If I May
Descovia Feb 2
Pardon me, for taking the time
to only express my frequent thoughts in mind.


Deserve all the tranquility your
beautiful soul has to provide

You shift minds, with the flick of a switch! Creativity explosion, amusing in aspects! Kudos, to your classy style in writing, combined with sarcasm and unfolds passion! I believe, it aid the lives, whom seeking answers to themselves, when it comes to your art.

Your heart is what we feel reading your work.

Do not let the battle make you weary.

These are the words not only from a dark magician. A friend. A supporter.
Whom would not have access to power, to maintain balance on my abilities, if I did not learn from the ways of the Huntress! Fighting with magic, and weapons are different styles! Still they both use energy! Needless, to say our overall goal for liberty, are highly similar! I believe you were meant to empower people. Do not be afraid, to take my strength. I will do anything for a friend!"

Your growing strength will spark a powerful resolution.

Get ready!

May Mother Earth continue to bless you and all you love.
Descovia Jul 2021
I don't understand it.
Everybody want to be a savage.
Upscale and overdramatic
90's mentality, I'm still fightin' madness.
So tell me
What you know about classic?
Better think, before you pop off at the mouth
and do anything drastic!

I never changed
I continue to do me
956 to 323
I got power
I am father to many prodigies
I'm going to stay on top
of the game, until they body me.

So you made a couple of hits
So you qualify as a hitter?
Stop calling yourself a killer
if you ain't about it ni**a
Gotta be outside the box
This is why
You cannot frame me
for any picture!
None of you, about the smoke
but be so quick to burn it all
Just like a swisher!
I cannot face time, rather not waste time.
Most of you get loco
When you be on the liquor
My foundation stands by me.
This is not vengenace, this is vigor!
So stop trying to use my lines
You's a stolen-style shifter
You ******* stolen-line-spitter
I'm not saint.
I rather not be a sinner.
I tell my child
You can do
Daddy will always rock with ya!
2021, new era, new me, I am done
******* with you pretenders!
655 · Aug 2021
Descovia Aug 2021
The feeling of her warmth, courses through my body, it intensifies, submitting me to  everlasting ******* pleasure.

The release frees me from chambers of anger.

The very moment, the rush consumes me and energy pulls light out of everything around.

My love is full of excitement and desire, released to fill her with happiness.
Who does not enjoy a loved filled morning?
622 · Dec 2020
Descovia Dec 2020
You are my everything.

You are the embodiment of purity.

Nature brought you to life through happiness, and beautifully constructed out of  love! ❤️

You are everything and all that life on this glorious planet, desire in human!
570 · Jul 2021
Miracle Woman
Descovia Jul 2021
Her heart is endless, infinite.

Her love is deep like the ocean.

Her love is like a magical potion

Rituals in transition

Illuminating lights in motion

The sparkle in her eyes captivating

The joys she creates to enjoy the world are fascinating.

Her laugh? Contagious
Her smile? Breathtaking
the melody of her voice surrounding my entire being
I found my light, so long after being imprisoned by my shadow for so long.

I want nothing more, than to be tangled in her embrace.

Entwined to her eternal grace

Held captive in her soul
drowning in her ambiance

Your love is life!

I will cherish and protect it with my very own.

For now and forever more!

*Elizabeth Outlaw & Descovia
547 · Nov 2021
Save Yourself
Descovia Nov 2021
Attachment can be more dangerous than love.
I rather live without me, knowing you will be much better if you did the same
I do not even belong in this realm.
This is a place where the physical lives.
My emotions are nothing more than a burden.
I never wanted to become one to you.

536 · Feb 23
My Nunu
Descovia Feb 23
You can help some people, some of the time.
You can't help everyone, all of the time.
i was like you once, always thinking with my heart
obstructions create from using my mind.

The pain you feel does not bother me entirely. Cause I know what it's like to be without and live in doubt. Still remain positive and prosper show everyone what you are about!

Queens like you should remain
in this realm to keep **** from going south.
i know things can get heavy, hectic.
I rather go Gadget, you can cause damage
if you decide to go Wreck It Ralph.

You're a beauty, designed by artist sources of the devine of undying times.

I do not perceive you with eyes of lust.
Forgive me, if I must. Before time turns us to dust.
I desire everything of you. From knowledge, taste, touch.
I get it tho no need to rush. I am not calling you a crutch

Immature minded boys, be hopping around acting
like they know it all but ain't doing much.

For you I would go double dutch, rope in clutch, while rolling a dutch.
I'll put anyone in a noose, ya'll be hanging by threads so thin..
Implementing your demise, and result of repetition proves truth.
It's a wonder how, some men, end up back to where they begin.

What's vibing boo?
Speaking of which, I can get pretty scary.
Universal destruction detonate! Majin Buu.
Just saying, not playing. I'll go super sayian
if you cross my NuNu.
Have faith in yourself.
Everyone needs your story.
528 · Jul 2021
Different Breed
Descovia Jul 2021
Taking over.
No need to brag.
Ya'll compared to me,
I am a different breed.

Thinking that you are big and bad
but you ain't even in my league

Cut that small **** out
or get TAGGED
and become a memory.

Words of wisdom
order of fellow OGs
Keep your friends afar
a closer eye on your enemies

Trying to help these
babies live their dream

What we represent is
bigger than any team

in a your field of vision
perspective of a side mirror,
everything you see, is not as it seems!
Always Grinding Never Sleep.
You fools be getting lost in CREAM!
I Battle with both sides of me
Breaking limits, beyond dimensions
Dejavu Detrimental Disaster
I'm a living monument of duality!

Talk that noise, render your abilities.

Surrender to everything
you pretend to be.

Isaiah prayer for all my people
So please proceed cautiously

Play with my fire and

Kakashi activated sharigan
This is not what you want

I breathe fire hotter than
hell inside the sun!

Giving no option to run
Been like this before the hunt!
promise you on everything,
I am not the one!
526 · Aug 2021
Descovia Aug 2021
I need it....
The hits help me get through.
492 · Mar 2021
Descovia Mar 2021
Black lives never mattered huh?

Hating on Asians is doing what for you?

Latino community. I feel your pain even more so still!

Stop stressing me about white privledge when it's all the colors
that bring life to everything that I enjoy and live for!

Never want to admit it.


Why we on land?

Living on a rock. Fighting over dirt!?

Whomp whomp whomp.

I probably sound like adult talking to a child

from the Peanut series. If I uninterest you.

Forgive me. My English is not perfect.
All of us were forced to make a place not meant for us home.

I refuse to become conditioned
and confined to a state of mind

Where I should withhold my opinion
or not fight for what I believe in.

Believe in your story. It holds your purpose.

When it comes to any of us.

You can listen to who you want!

Live your life. Have fun and be free!

You should take your own advice!

It's hard to hear you over the fact.

When my ideas crash into thoughts of doubt

My brain constantly screaming at my heart.

" NOBODY listens to me!"

Misunderstandings occur, it's not about what is said, it's the concept.

Our words cast spells. Let your actions take you

to great lengths to succeed and prevail!
Only so much words can do on paper or in text.

What is right?
From taking all that is left?

Holding my composure.
All behind this mask.
I'm better off anonymous
All sides of me must stay dominate
Navigate nicely through the nonsense
It feels that there is no other option but


I'm allergic to ******* and ignorance intolerant!

I'm not religious.
I notice there's a war between Christians and Agnostics

What could a God do?
An interference could raise a universal conflict!

I do have faith in the future
Big Brother what is it now?
Our future leaders
What can we do?
Fight the system?
Do we override it?
System error. Time to reboot.
Allow me to just plea the fifth.

I understand the different between polar opposites.

All these people in control
Who's going to be the one
Abolish child slavery and **** culture

I prayed for strength and promised my future children

Before life was even given

My inner peace would benefit more than just one life.

Keep living! I'll never jeopardize anyone's security.  

Safety and love. Should be normalized.

Times have changed. People remain the same. We're
still searching for love. When it exist and it's around our essence.
Maybe, it will be our biggest struggle as humans.

Why you bicker about having common sense

While it's not even localized or fully utilized.

There are matters, in which myself on any degree

cannot come to terms on offering helpful hands just to compromise!

I will seek the truth in all formalized lies.

We are part of a movement on the rise

I'll live for these babies.

I'll die for these babies!

The evolution is coming.

A new wave of change

The light of a glorious star

lives more than just one!

it's now the time!

488 · Jan 30
Never Be The Same
Descovia Jan 30
I knew it all would never be the same
When times made us go with change
The feelings and situations that came.

Old Thoughts. Simplicity, Reflection
438 · Sep 2021
You Should Have Believed!
Descovia Sep 2021
My ears ring with frequencies when you speak my name.

I know you are a gamer as well, and you been great at this game.

Studying my work. Wondering if it's about you. Eye for an eye and even the blind can see, You wouldn't even give up a tooth.
Covering up your flaws, concealing worries hiding behind old ways and phases of "youth".

Trying to decipher the lie, between fiction and reality. Trying to undercover "The Truth". Every chance and promise offered went invain. I watched it all go down the drain!

No options left, but he's always the one to blame. I am not chasing clout or fame.  

So how is this your problem? I got a lot on my brain. I can't afford therapy, I'm trying to hide the pain. Restless nights left me, crying in the rain. Did things out of good and bad. I was doing what I have to! In order to maintain! If I could go back to past, I would do a lot things differently but still remain the same!

I am just holdin
All on my own
Trying to protect my prince and his throne.
Forgive me Gods, if my rights led me wrong!

We all been forgotten, used, abused and foresaken!
We live amongst killers, instigators, manipulators and rapists!
I been all for my peace.
Never been down for the hatred. It doesn't matter how you take it!
Some of yall stick around, hoping a brother of another color, never make it!

In 2020 never have I ever, had to Fake FLEX ****. All of you in your feelings, throwing mixed signals, while getting encrypted in your own codes, ha! Playin' like we're not living in a Matrix!
Grow tired of living, in a world of "Lies".
Hoping you would give me some peace of mind.
**** a piece of *****, or piece of ***!

You never saw the signs, or knew what they define. I been lost in a bind. Torn away from all that was mine. Suicide sounds fine. They always say,
"Yo Descovia, you gotta chill with your FEELINGS at times!

But unlike YOU. MY feelings be pushing me to GRIND!"

**** everything you gotta say.

You stress me to
Say what you mean
While you over here hating
I am still living my dreams
It doesn't even matter
what you think, I am gonna
continue to do me
That's the way it's gonna be!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
Nothing else more to say!

A lot of **** been on my mind. Thanks for understanding and being part of my journey!
434 · Jan 2021
Descovia Jan 2021
For copyright protection. I DON'T OWN RIGHTS TO THE FOLLOWING SONG OR LYRICS COMPOSED IN IT. It was used as inspiration and with that I ended up composing a piece related to being an addict, using my own style to compose this similar to  the hook from the song itself. Due to inspiration from a loved one! Denzel Curry, I appreciate you and honor you for all you do for people all over the world that enjoy your music! You are more than an entertainer, your safety, lessons and teachings will always be appreciated and welcomed by me!!

My world never stop reversing
Even the pain couldn't numb me now
Rewind the good back
to the worst things
Even my love destroys me now
For, I cannot love 'cause it hurts me
I will be happy
When the sun burns out
I have transformed to the worst me
Your words couldn't curse me now

Escaping the pain
Breaking the needle off into my vein
Remembering how it good it felt
To satisfy the parts of me without a name
Being able to detach myself from all
Living sources, my very being is interconnected to
Forbidden Memories stories within the quantum
My life is nothing without you!!!

Even your words couldn't **** me now....
430 · Sep 2021
Unforgotten (911 Poem)
Descovia Sep 2021
I'll forever remember Nine. One. One.

'It was more than just an emergency distress call.

We cannot fight a spiritual war with physical force.

We realized upon many tragedies fallen before us.

It takes nothing more than open minds,
and joyful hearts, infinite with abundance to make a difference

On this very day, some had oh so, little to give.

Some decided to give it all.

You have only
two given choices, while you are alive.

To shine until your light fades

or spread darkness in the name of sin.

The sun will be on the rise to arrive again.

Unfortunately, not for those departed us on this day.

A dark day, marked in history.
Enough tears to fill our oceans,
many spirits became broken
ashes and animosity burned the sky.

Casualities composed from the destruction

Many innocent lives did not deserve to die.

Where our prayers and magic, revive the eloquent memories

of our loved ones everlasting afterlife, in eternal paradise.
Destructions and malice strong to break steel
Weak against the dreams and foundation of the American will.
My heart goes out to every one of you
whom have lost someone and/or a part of themselves on this unholy day.

Kimberly Anduaga & Descovia
425 · Sep 2021
Descovia Sep 2021
Behind the walls of my mind

Feeling lost in it all, dumbstruck with anguish

Condemned to suffer out of sight

searching for hope in a labyrinith

While putting on this facade everything's alright.
414 · Feb 2019
Peanuts & Pennies
Descovia Feb 2019
Refusing to accept defeat! Another challenging day , brings the strength for a upcoming battle! Waking up from a restless and tearful slumber. Slowly pulling myself out of the hole. My mind is cloudy, the fog remains but the secrets in hidden elements, become the tools for my advantage!

Recovering from effects of reoccurring events.

It will all settle....
Reminders to myself
just a bit more adjusting...
Just a bit more rewiring...

Slowly coming alive!!
Channeling energy from nature!
To bring back resting
ancient souls to life!
It's futile. To ignore this.
When order must be sustained.
What of you will remain?
When there is nothing left to gain?
When there is no other way to maintain....

Where was the help I needed before?
No, longer wanting to run anymore.
The monsters that await in the void
Are famished for my metaphysical.

I am tangled in the webs of a lucid dream that's within a repetitive nightmare. The visions where I've witnessed people and realities of alternate timelines, shift to change for the better and worse. Hand to the grit. This as good as it gets. My next move, better be the best hit! Swing don't miss, I can't afford another lost, there's much to lose within these risks! It's hard to rest, with so many questions kicking me when I am


Is this my worth?
Will the chance ever come for me
To have that most needed break?
How much more can a soul take?
"What am I doing here?"
Working until the end draws near.
This is for everything
Valued that is on the line!
in high hopes of getting back
What left our hearts
In midst of lost time!

So I ask AGAIN...
All of this matters or not?
Until the end of everyday
We slave and slay

Two wrongs don't make a right
For a betta' tomorrow

Just like three broke men
Don't make a dolla
Best believe it befo
You have to go
and ask somebody!
Can save the day!

We traveled many roads!
With Long journeys that
left deep scars and
Heart felt wounds
in search of Destiny.
My fears do not hender me.
You hold no power in
"White desperate lies"
I stand to testify
While I breathe
My choice for rest can come
when angels decide to close my eyes!!!
Let us be free at last!!
From the clutches of sorrow!!
To hold freedom that we
deserve for ourselves!
Freedom from the darkness!
Freedom from the pain!
That eats away internally
Until we become hollow!
Please answer me world!
Which God listens to prayers?!?!
Who is there to lead??
When there are no
leaders left to follow?!!!

Lost toward the tomb for goals!
Lawed to more subjected tolls
Impurity rests lonely
That's all I got for that soul
Copper less for a penny that's any
Stand for a reason
Stand for a flag
Penniless for the Polish season
Culture lost in between stimulants
Peanuts save the mind
What would you give enough for a nut?
How hard would you push a nut for a penny?

410 · Dec 2020
Descovia Dec 2020
In a realm of fallen angels.

We rebuild all through light, and love!  

All of which, the shadows have failed to consume in eternal darkness.
399 · Jan 2021
Dirty Dogs
Descovia Jan 2021
Forgive my French
You really must be careful on
Who you **** with

Some people think it's whatever to sleep around without protection.

It's Winter time. This is only a tip of the iceberg. Time to make the sea levels rise! So guess, you are ready for some global warming huh?

We are experiments. Generic before the time could comprehend it.

So you believe, it's okay to be bothered when your partner questions your ****** history and if you are clean?

Bacterial? Viral? That's nothing to you? What in the name of karma do you mean?

Last time I checked, nobody likes to live in a ***** house. All these roaches, and none of them have a blunt. Let me, be blunt about this...

We are humans, not rats. We don't just take the cheese. We wait until it's presented to us with care.

Understand that no means no. If she or he isn 't feeling your flow.
Then the ship shall not sail.

Be aware, the flow can get you in more trouble than you know.
Descovia Jul 2021
Slamming my head continuously against the wall
I felt time and space break and froze
Myself and my Darkside fought
The battle raged on powerful enough
to cause stars to explode!
Shattering through dimensions
Fractals luminated around my eyes
containing Greek numeric codes
Traced everything in motion
inaniment objects morphed in and out of reality.
Stricken by toxins contained
within malice of the human mind
Falling freely from all!
Deprived of emotional attachments!
Relying on adverse forces, in high hopes
of restoring purity! The pressure renders me helpless and discouragement settles in vital organs.

Petrified by the various timeless
effects of this infectious disease.
The screams could not be heard...
Not over his voice. This version of myself
was stronger than any counter part I had to face.

"If you had to destroy
yourself to save everything... What is left of your morale, you choose to immortalize?" To believe we fought
with valour confined to nothing more!

Other than walls we put up as fronts.
Regretfully to acquire honor sought in truth!
Truths that yearn for placement
The darkness shall not assail!!!! "Foolish of me to believe
That we held the same intentions!"
We were part of the same being.

Descovia and Darkness.
Now it's just me in the dark.

This bond by no means
could be stabalized

Blood lust only made you greedy
You have awaken fears buried for ages
I thought,  were protecting each other!
What offerings would suffice?
Hear my voice and remember your place
These words are not evidence
of salvation that we desire to
bring forth into our foundation!

You will not break me...
Bury the chaos within your wrath away!!
Leave the innocent alone!
Your evil intentions
will not shelter another heart!! " I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU! "

The feeling of my very soul
Imploding within my body.
I feel my head sinking into my heart.
I am s l o w l y .........
Going to into
The pull of an
endless time warp.
Drowning within myself
The intensity was rushing
through me in the form of a headache
sending us on a nonstop, unprepared
breath-taking ride.

The silence which followed the combination of good and bad memories flooded my vision with tears transforming into blood.
A new light awaken in me....

white butterflies filled my eyes
Will I be spared from
The terrors which long for salvation?
Laughter surrounded me
It gave me state of security
Thoughts coming more vividly
Clarity at last... Baby laughter
Filling my heart peacefully with bliss my mind
Eases it way into a calm tide. Everything of love
dissolves into my soul.

Its finally clear around
the hungry darkness and the shadows vanished as color returned.

"Daddy" The voice belonging to a savior of purity restored reality....

I have every reason to live. Even he will not take that from me.

Even if you are me.

To Be Continued....
388 · Feb 2021
Descovia Feb 2021
The voices which never stop screaming in my head.

Poison that fills the soul completely with dread.

When it's close to the very end.

Will sacred prayers, restore redemption for a soul consumed by sin?!
388 · Jul 2021
It's Up To You.
Descovia Jul 2021
If you believe, my spells are
a product measured on games and luck.

My identity will remain a mystery

If you boil an egg in water, it becomes hard.

If you boil a potato in water, it becomes soft .

Words build a way, but it's your actions which determines you will meet fate or your destination.

It doesn't matter what you go through.

It's what you decide to be through the situation!

Whether you can or can't

You decide, if it's falsified or a living lie. There's a difference, between what you can decipher with your mind or eyes

You can turn pain into art or truth.

In the end, it's ultimately up to you.
Realwords. Tough Times. Think on this
387 · Jan 2021
Suicide Letter
Descovia Jan 2021
Memories replay in slow motion of my last moment before throwing my soul into the abyss.  

The void of whiteness.
Is my new home.

The wrath of this dying world, spared me from karma and now an irreversible act been committed by my own doing!

I chose to follow this path. I tie no, faults or blame to anyone.  Condemn anyone around, you for what sake?

What would you give or take?

To find peace within my eternal absence?

Is that how, you wish to remember me?

Various emotions all calling out to me.  The weight of consciousness decreasing, unable to vividly, and physically express concerns that are no longer part of me.

People whom entered my life from the past to future fill my eyes.

  Now, they all surround me for the last goodbye.

Not the reunion, a peace bringer would slay for. Where we cannot touch or exchange words.

My magic will live on!
Ever more so, even if my essence expires.

I've searched for solace.

I've even conspired against time

To search beyond the means of obtainable comfort.

Remember my voice

One day, you may not hear it anymore

Remember my touch....

All you'll have left to
remember me by is the wind....

I lived to immortalize our values

When our values could have immortalized us....

I lived to bring all of you to life!

Even though mine was treated
like it's a game
My life is not fit
For a book or frame

This life meant to be.
Was never meant for me.
Mindless self indulgence.
Just another memory.

Is there more after this purpose?

I am not absolutely certain.

No more troubling questions.

My apologies for being a burden.
381 · Aug 2021
Without You
Descovia Aug 2021
Without you I am incomplete

Without you I am a misery.

Without you things been hitting differently...

Without you, I wonder if there's any hope for me.
Life feels different without you Grandfather. I do not roam in anguish, for it will not bring peace to my son's wishes, mine or yours.
379 · Sep 2021
Sentimental Sacrifice
Descovia Sep 2021
It dawned upon me, it is purposeless

To live and be alive with a heart in strife.

Teethering on the edge, limitations by trife

The world long forgotten before it's reformation.

It does not manifeast fear in my heart;
I am willing to be more than a catalyst.

My creations and values will not suffer
at the cost of obtaining my own self gratification

I hope my death makes more sense than my life.
I will be the light in these dark times.

In order to have peace, you have to be willing to fight a war.

I am giving more than that for these children!
378 · Jan 31
Descovia Jan 31
"365 days in a year. 52 in a half weeks. 12 months. The times, where I could no longer count. 525,600 minutes without remembering what provided me with clarity and contradictions, imprisoned me to remain captive by my own spells. This is the result of conjuring forces, meant to remain behind close doors. Within me in a lovely disguise, sleeps unruly beast whom is beautifully wrapped in moisturized medium brown skin, battle scars, tribal and memorial tattoos, with a strong voice. I am no avenging angel. But I will slay demons for these very angels, even if this war could threaten the human race. Never did I consider myself one.
I am more than willing to sacrifice anything, but may it be, as long as it's NOT any extension of myself, in my beautiful babies.
My spells condemned those whom are immune by the light of invigoration and unwilling follow a path of righteousness in enlightenment!

"If it does not reward life with offerings of tranquility. It matters not to me. I rather it be cast into the shadows, before my moment to awaken on the other side. I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!  "

Matthew Descovia

-Well in my heart, death isn't the answer as in killing oneself or harming others for things they've done. It's unjustifiable, like the prison system where people hurt people who cause harm. Instead of exploring the root cause or trauma triggering those actions._
"Cassandra Lozano

"What questions would you ask the world? If you can speak to everyone at once?"

As wrong as it may be, if you cause pain for the youth. Then I will never be a saint for causing harm to those whom prey on the innocent.

No baby has the skill-set to make life changing decisions.  
Your life matters nothing to me. If you sour the taste of salvation.
When we all live longed praying for truth and eternal life without anguish!

If it was possible without harm. I'd Scatter myself beyond the cosmos, figuring out why Wanda cannot grant a single wish. The blame does not go to Timothy. He too, believes in magic in his heart. He lives by it. Much like we all do. Dream big star, moon, indigo, and rainbow blessing babies!

In a way to heal the broken so that there is peace....

I am not afraid to become the hero needed for this world.

These children will not be led to darkness.

When all of them are glorified light-workers!

I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!
Cassandra Lozano & Descovia collaboration.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
375 · Feb 2021
Whispers From The Devil.
Descovia Feb 2021
These memories lock me in madness.

In a box made of bone and ash.

Perhaps, my suffering was inevitable

Whispers from the devil

Compose many spells of doom

Anguish touches my soul

If I knew the memories

would last like faded letters

Or burn me with every thought.

I would have made a deal

With the devil a long time ago.

Descovia & Rein
373 · Sep 2021
Manic For Love.
Descovia Sep 2021
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I been watching the numbers
plummet like the temperature
in our crew!

The world we live in is fading
and it feels like I am dreaming
none of this, even feels like it's true!

Roses are red
Violets are blue

There is only one escape. It appears to be too late
It's like I am dancing on crates
Playing with my life in this game of "fate"
Losing myself to all, what else can I do?

The love I bleed for you is red
Although I be feeling blue
It's like you are rubber
and I am the glue
things that I scream in rage
bounces off you and sticks to me
This process should not repeat
These emotions I seek, does not make me weak
In the end, of what I'm going through

Roses are red
Violets brings me blues
Will destroy me at my peak.
I'll continue pushing...
No matter my mood
This is my truth
I only want the best for you!
i been noticing and peeping a lot of the roses are red and violets are blue
The concept is beautiful and it assisted in empowering my thoughts.
Thanks to all of you who are writing and making your art shine!
Your work is valued and  enjoyed.
Continue your lineage! :)
369 · Jul 2021
You Are My Everything
Descovia Jul 2021
The temper tantrum created a chaotic storm brewing in madness.

Ancient Malicious  forces Awakening  catastrophic evil inside. This is battle I cannot win with pride.

"You don't let me do anything!" my Isaiah Ray, loudly shouted at me, furious with utter disappointment.

Frustration screaming inside of my mind, ripping my heart in infinite pieces, but the light in his eyes, reminds me to stay alive!

"You are right! My son. I cannot let you do anything. Nothing, means more to me than your safety and you growing with things you love! I will not let my EVERYTHING do anything!

Reality warped and froze with a static in between our vigorous stares,to break the moment of silence. My arms embraced my son, as tears rolled down my face and my heartbeat accelerated speed, subsided to a calm tide, keeping me a float to remember "Who I am" in a sea of misery. Isaiah lovingly pulled me in, embracing me with tears of joy streaming from his glowing eyes.

It's not only a mother's duty to protect, cherish, value their love ones.

A father's role is very much important in same sense!

No argument or debate matters in place of you in their heart!

The blessing you could give your children other than siblings

Is the essence and memories to relish of your TIME!

(Turning Infinite Memories Everlasting-Energy/Eternity)

Honor your love ones.

Use your activated powers, while you are able to do so!
369 · Jul 2021
Descovia Jul 2021
Words are nothing, without the meaning you give to them!

I am in pure absolution, you have as much strength, as the values and faith you have in fulfilling your very aspirations!

The combination of balance emotions and pure intentions will gracefully unfold wealth in abundance you sought for.

You can have your time in the dark.

Remember, your light is the spark responsible for continuous star life!

Believe me, you were born to shine!

If you won once before, you are going to get out there and do it again!
356 · Jul 2021
Descovia Jul 2021
You will spend a majority of your time

Reinventing yourself to be adaptable to changes.

Healing does not work over night.

Truthfully, at one's highest peak

It is normal to feel low in life.

The process is not painless.

Support from everyone dear

gives power of restoration

Reviving the sleeping feelings

inside and alive for a moment's high

For it was not the drugs

we need to get us by
354 · Feb 2019
Hands of Time
Descovia Feb 2019
It will be alot easier....

To let it all go...

The many definitions of me...
could be felt in my throat...

The screaming never stops...

"Pull The Trigger....NOW"

For he holds a great deal of immense power, that should not be tainted by impurity!

If our son was the composer of melancholic poetry.

A caster, of heart broken spells.

The storyteller, of incomplete novels

He does not deserve that place as the artist of destruction!!

Many times where I have pointlessly...
Slid the sharpen blade of truth
To answer, to the cries of pain
In those lonely nights, confused nights, with regretful fights elevated to extreme heights!

Where all the wrong doings felt so right...
Selfishness, was indeed more than my vital adrenaline rush! I needed the pain like an addict needed a "fix" before descending into the deafening depths!

It hurts amazingly, and being able to withstand it brings that feeling of joy
flowing throughout my entire body!!

What truly understands the actual self?
Other than the sources???
Harmful or not that gives us
That repair, when we are broken??

My body alone is more than
What's perceived as a holy temple...
Every scar, mark, wound,  fresh or old
Has a story behind it!

For I am proudly left
with nothing to conceal!
All my time spent
in the dark to become the light,
all must be revealed!!

Until we arrive to this very
day where we face the death
Of our former selves to be born again!

Never thought it would arrive
To this point where the tables turned
In this I realize, that my power is
drained and even in the heat of rage

The bright flames that danced in the night.

Filled the ambitious eyes
of that man we both once knew....

For everytime, I do look back at trail of memories.

Following the trail of blood...

Wondering where all the time left us!
If this, is all there is left to show...

What was invested, for the prevention of this untimely demise, to pay the price WITH A SACRIFICE..?!?!

Its still in the air...
The way your hair smells
After a shower....

I would spend some days in my hole
You had a smile that lifts up the world.

That smile gave me so much strength
This to me is what immortality felt like!

It was like you had abilities of white wizard, and I assure you, any adventure with our little hobbit is worth those infinite voyage. I would be by your side through the dark ages as your warrior! Through hell in all...

I will forever fight for you!

That reassurring voice that restores hope..
In the lost dark hours, of the burning night. Powerful enough, to silence the monsters inside!

Pain. Problems. Worries. It matters not when you wield the most valuable weapon of all....

The embrace from you....replayed itself in my mind. Where... I melted and reformed again in your arms. I felt the fire, and ice acting as one in unison...yet conflicting inside of me!!

This is only a dream isn't it?? In such a way, I've never felt, my strongest emotions at their fullest peak!!

Loving arms that pull me inside and we both release our tension as we collide!

Even in winter nights it wasn't by miracle. You kept me warm often. Strong when I was fragile.

Mended me when I was broken. 
Staring into the twilight sky
The stars light up, like the day for me...
When we first met!! Like the day you fought for life...

To be brought into this world!!
If only I had fought harder!!!
I could have been a better FATHER!!

Staring back at the trail of blood
This is where the time has gone....
The hourglass of life...
with my name on it
Is shattered.....

Now I understand

That the stars were your eyes....
348 · Feb 2019
Descovia Feb 2019
All that wish to oppose me

Are cast away into the flames

Secrets that could destroy worlds

Ideas that cause irreversible trauma

empowered by the many questionable

Reflections of one self! No, elements

Of the nature wields a force to fear!

Tread carefully, one must not wonder aimlessly in curiosity.

Never doubt, the subtle benefits of your own self exploration.

The course that this journey takes many turns in surprise.

It will remind you in the very signs

Movement that never sleeps

With the passing of time.

Listen to the soul of angels singing in the wind..

the earth always speaks to you...

Copy right 2018 (c)
340 · Sep 2021
Story of My Life
Descovia Sep 2021
Apparently, when it rain it pours.

I am still the one she will always adore.

You can be anything you wish

Believe in yourself, with no worries to limits.

I make a difference in this world

Just with my existence.

This is my life. My story.

I will keep (writing) living it!
Don't let anyone stop you from
achieving everything you believe in.
Life is a privledge not a right.
But you do have every right to make it the best!
335 · Jul 2021
Descovia Goes Dark
Descovia Jul 2021
The day I was informed, I was suppose to have an identical counter part.

"I am neither Matthew or Matt. That is a title belonging to a part of myself, consumed by the darkness.

A life of nothing, is there anyway to depart from this?

My own hatred brought me to suffocate on the light in my lungs.

The monsters inside, reminds me through vices to be strong.

Alcoholic nights. Mornings with Maryjane to ease the pain.

The weight of sadness and the madness hits me like a freight train.

The anger is the heaviest anchor, bringing my soul into the depths of torment to never breathe in freedom again.

Where did it all go?

What is left to show?

For I do not simply know.

My shadows been keeping company. In the darkness, I feel so lively.

During a full moon, transformation into my dark twin, activates sleeping forces dwelling inside of me.

There is no escape....
334 · Aug 2021
Survive Against All
Descovia Aug 2021

Each other. Love thy neighbor and honor him/her them accordingly.

In complete unison
we stand, with stronger chances against the fall of the world.

The only means for survival
depends on the quality of our connections and commitment.

The love you have for understanding, appreciating, learning and growing with others more than on a physical level.

We can rebuild our home through revived hopes and disconnected dreams.
This generation will survive and we will not be slaves to systematic death anymore.
326 · Feb 2021
Light Angel/Dark Queen.
Descovia Feb 2021
Magnificent eyes that contain countless ancient mysteries

This world alone is not ready to accept or embrace

You wield a will stronger than any other.

Your power impacts the universe heavily!

Graceful with endless blessings

You ever had a kiss from an angel?

She shows mercy as a queen

Until circumstances present undesirable events.

She has no problem, protecting her kingdom

even with the fall of another.

Her human body restricts her to being a queen

Until Destiney calls for her to be a Goddess

She possesses a universal weapon, more dynamic than any

Force living of nature, or any elements of this dimension

That could shatter Excalibur into pieces...

Careful not to cross her

Deadly with disaster

Ready to descend oblivion upon us all!
Descovia May 3
The absence of a person very much needed
Is not the reason you deserve my frustration and to be condemned

When your life celebrated
gave me fulfillment in everything
which the blind can see, has define meaning.

I will not be the father to you.

Mine was to me.

Your essence provided blessings for my youth to remain eternal.

You never failed anyone. I promise you.

I can only live one life time. Although worlds beyond the metaverse and multiverse have brought experiences and traveled multiple in dreams, to this day that still mystifies me. As your father, I am more than willing to give my life up for you. My attachment here only serves purpose to protect, empower, heal you primarily, along with queens and kings of good heart morals.

I can only leave this life time once. You only have one life armed with endless capabilities. Use them to your advantage. Never lose sight on that concept. Everyday, I chose to live for you. Because, I refuse to phantom or imagine a realm without your existence.


Lead this world with love, which lives in you. I believe in you, and I am more than proud to be your father. You going to change something of this world with all the other babies growing to be adults.

Never stop winning!
A conversation between my son and myself inspired me to compose this.
I will provide the comical version here

Isaiah: Mom-Dad....

Me: Eh. Same difference. Your mom the pretty one. Just remember Daddy the ugly one. :/ Well, attitude wise.

Isaiah: * shakes head and rolls eyes * You're not ugly Dad.

Me: Thanks for disagreeing son. You see the good in everything huh?

Isaiah: Mom and you taught me. Remember?

Me: Hmmm..........  ( on the inside: I am so glad you're emotionally connected with everyone and logical as hell at your age 😭 UGGGGGGG ❤ He is only 6 and he sees the beauty in everything!)
315 · Apr 2021
More Than Her Smile
Descovia Apr 2021
It was more than her smile.

That gave me excitement and unbreakable happiness within myself

The laugh that could bring hearts and people together.

Magical embrace filling me with much love and fire

Invigorating strength holding capabilities to make

this world indestructible.

The love for her family.

Watching her baby grow in her precious eyes.

It could turn the worse of days upside down.

I wish there were more people like you around.

No more swimming in desperation.

She is my lifeguard and I will guard her life

to the end without hesitation.

Emotionally and intellectually beautiful

no other compares in the nation.

I fell in love

with more than her smile.
310 · Dec 2020
Descovia Dec 2020
You are the inspiration

Destiny, manifested into the mystic realm of wonderment, to fulfill honorable deeds.

You must thread carefully, because the crossroads are not forgiving.

What is it, you wish to accomplish?

Given in your amount of time, is ultimately upon your decisions and actions.

Remembering in mind, you are your own universe.

In memory of all, what will you use, in your greatest efforts  to immortalize?

Nature is for us, alas it must be known we were designed, to share our story within the stars!

Will you go beyond the skies?
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