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Descovia Dec 2020
You are my everything.

You are the embodiment of purity.

Nature brought you to life through happiness, and beautifully constructed out of  love! ❤️

You are everything and all that life on this glorious planet, desire in human!
Descovia Jan 2021
For copyright protection. I DON'T OWN RIGHTS TO THE FOLLOWING SONG OR LYRICS COMPOSED IN IT. It was used as inspiration and with that I ended up composing a piece related to being an addict, using my own style to compose this similar to  the hook from the song itself. Due to inspiration from a loved one! Denzel Curry, I appreciate you and honor you for all you do for people all over the world that enjoy your music! You are more than an entertainer, your safety, lessons and teachings will always be appreciated and welcomed by me!!

My world never stop reversing
Even the pain couldn't numb me now
Rewind the good back
to the worst things
Even my love destroys me now
For, I cannot love 'cause it hurts me
I will be happy
When the sun burns out
I have transformed to the worst me
Your words couldn't curse me now

Escaping the pain
Breaking the needle off into my vein
Remembering how it good it felt
To satisfy the parts of me without a name
Being able to detach myself from all
Living sources, my very being is interconnected to
Forbidden Memories stories within the quantum
My life is nothing without you!!!

Even your words couldn't **** me now....
Descovia Jan 2020
A broken heart.
Mended back to be stronger than ever. Your darkness had no attachments to taint her.
The light. The love. Eternal truth. All that uphold miraculous beauties of divine infiniteness resonates in her soul.

You can see it in her eyes.
To this very day.
Descovia Jan 2021
The times I questioned my past life through other faces

while searching within reflections.

I see you inside of me.

I see me inside of you.

We roam different lands and trust our vision to the skies to be at home here.

Watcher of the skies, existing in a world believed to be manifested of lies.

Hope is stronger than fear. Our lives isn't measured by just years.

What chance do we have at survival before we doom ourselves to fall into the hands of damnation?!

In a 🌎 of many things. Where we hunt our own! Use life force of fallen to grow our crops. Our lives are games, the hunger never ends. The very last concern on mind is an invasion.

What are we?

What are we?

What are we?

All in disguise
Descovia Apr 2021
Why would I not give?
What would I not do?
I free myself from regrets
to give up my anything.
All for you to be my everything.
Descovia Jan 2020
Descovia on the beat
Cuttin through like "BEAST"
Spittin flames bring the heat
If you can't stand me
Then take a seat!
Super Sonic on my feet
Never cower to defeat
R.I.P to everyone we
lost to the streets!

I haven't slept well
these last few weeks
Play my piece, on repeat!
I promise you, for my peace
my people gonna eat!
You playin for fun
I am playin for KEEPS!

I'm Chasing racks, you countin' sheep!

None of this can be denied.
My words will become Immortalized.
You mortal guys. Are mortal lies!
If real recognize real,
Then why are you unseen
To these very eyes?
I'm Still on a roll. No Molly!
Best believe if **** pops
Off they will call me!
Runnin' through hype, with
the ***** like "I am coffee!"
Try me, might have to
bag me a body!
I have sistas, that will shoot for me
I call them my shotties!
Here I come, quicker than Johnny!
You Rat in the rug.
I am no Hitman!
But I can be
like Angelica
With a tommy! (WHOO!)

Try'na tear me down
you are amping up my quality...
So, all of you, save your apologies
Most of you have "drama needs"
The hatred never bothered me!
I am going to the top
None of you stopping me!

If this world takes me away
Then let my son be the prodigy
Restore peace to fufill the prophecy!
Because the enemy is animosity!

That has to die...
#rap #drumcover
Descovia Feb 2021
You may not be the sun

You are my rising star!

You are not the moon.

Yet, it's impossible to live without
your company in orbit and glow alone!

You give essence and life

You benefit me as much as nature

I know a kingdom of heaven exists!

I'm trusted with a lover with wings

My holy protector and savior!

Times where light spared me

from a never ending departure from all!

You were there flying for me

every single time I had a fall.

I'll live many lifetimes blessed by your grace.

My love

Your love

Combined can restore the human race.
Descovia Apr 28
Please, put my respect on
my name when you think of it
or get caught up in some ****
If it ain't broken then why you're
over here pitching a fit?
I'm no easy target
So, you betta not miss
Try me and watch it go amiss
Up, up, away, in smoke. Set fire and burn all of this!
I am growing tired of cursing in my pieces
but these fools wanna play me like a *****!
I want real one by my side, call us Lilo and Stitch.
I'll be ****** if anyone takes the light from you like a sith.
I be on crazy ****. Never harm a jit. Losin my temper quick. Pop a fool like a zit! . Descovia is the name. Ha! Remember it. Play with my demons. They dismember ****!

I am with problems out the ***.  Call me the "nemesis"
**** suicide, I'll go genocide, I'm going through the tides, I am limitless!
This is for Isaiah, Charlie, Mason, Princess Genesis!
What in hell on earth do you mean? The corrupt deserves all forgiveness?!
If only you can see and feel what's in my mind as victim and witness.
I don't care what it takes, I'm breaking the numbers and chains for a difference
I am advanced at this, and you're only an apprentince.
Make change for your life if what I say catch interest!
Why is it I gotta get loud to get everyone's attention?
I need you to hear me out...
Please, just listen
I apologize for the profanity.
It was fitting for emotional release
It's better to influence others to feel and think
than to use violence to achieve a point.
Descovia Sep 2021
I don't want to go ape ****.

We ain't going gorillas.

I am a beast in this jungle.

I'll swing on you like a vine.

Watch who and where you hang with.

Everyone is not your friend
Descovia Jun 2021
The excessive sweating, uncontrollable worries with rampaging thoughts flying at the speed of Jupiter's winds, forgive me for my fatigue, I oversleep when it was suppose to be only a "nap".

Trying to unscramble my ANXIETY

Sounds more of

"Ain't it for me."

"No exit or taxi" away from this.

What is it, you are doing?

You question yourself a lot?

I try not to. The switch activating my nerves default setting is neither on or off.

It's set to complex. Reminders to myself, realign your mind and eliminate the stress.  

If only that was the case! Stress is a killer, but it would be my savior from ****** cramps causing my disorientation, dizziness and my inability to function.

Delusional or dysfunctional. Either over plan or overthink.

When expectations fail. I feel in all ways generally, it is me. I blame for being irresponsible.

Feeling the emotional energy of all living wonders and people in time pressing on your shoulders.  It's not pleasurable, heart palpitations do not reward me with any justice in slightest.

You think it's me avoiding you. When the words of our human language cannot satisfy, my doubtfulness renders me in a state of peril, of expressing my gratitude for all you do.

I do not know, if its me.
Is it a quiet place or a quiet space needed?
The disconnection wondering inside, if I should detach from all.

A shred of reassurance goes a long way.

Physical health is mental health.

It's okay to not be okay.
Descovia Jul 12
The silence is powerful. All could be heard was the three voices in my head. To be in position of the new age war. It was seen in premonitions, ancestors spoke to me, in languages never heard by the living. My spells fell meaningless to aid as assistance for the greater good. Was any of this to become true at any point?  Never it dawned upon me, until I stood in midst of it all as a witness.

Aspirations of a greater and mystic purpose. Limitations in a human body, with a mind capable of breaching borders and enabling boundaries.

High frequency pitched screams (not belonging to humans), Clashing of weapons, elemental magic, nature, forces of the cosmic used in the measure of offensive and defensive methods. Sounds, all colors, it collided and exploded beautifully. Yet, it still weighed heavy on my fatigued heart.

Watching in amazement the angels overthrow the demons.  I saw the other version of myself giving everything to be a victor.

THIS IS MY WORLD. YOU FALL AS NOTHING HERE. YOU SHALL FALL TO YOUR HELL, WHERE YOU CHOSE TO MAKE IT SO FOR THE INNOCENT " Dark Descovia danced around attacks, that failed to reach in the slightest, the malicious smile on his face with a questionable expression, never changed as he snarled. His wand transformed into a sword, while swiftly swinging it at an enclosing group of surrounding horrifying monsters. The attack was so beautifully orchestrated, it appeared to be effortless. Seeing an athlete, perform the most simple task in mere minutes.  Human eyes could not detect or keep up with the speed in the manner this was done. The monsters all fall to the ground, headless and vanishes by a flicker of black fire.


The full moon floating in the twilight sky, was noticeably starting to crack and perhaps, battling for hours made me suffer from mild or severer delirium. My other side, with his own will and body, seem to suffer nothing from this. Asides, from being more frustrated and having blood-lust for justice.

Shielding my timid eyes, in fear as numerous demons appeared out of the blue, violently triumphed holding their own as well in battle. Being able to witness all of this, front row seats to the demise. Standing wearily using my sword as a crutch, blood seeped from wounds visible through the holes in my clothing.

I cannot let the world, my loves live in. Die. Fate, please do not end my story here. I need strength._  My teeth clenched, blood formed and leaked from my nostrils and corners of my mouth. My charm necklace, even had this particular glow to it. Another warning, I failed to acknowledge in a timely fashion.

FlashBack Moment Before The Apocalyptic War

"DAD! You don't have to fight to save this world!!! You taught me to save this world with words! You can do the same! Nobody has to die! Don't leave us!!!! _ "    At 6 years old, never thought Isaiah's voice would reach in depths and heard so strongly even in my weakest moments. The image of him, embracing me tightly, and tearfully sobbing uncontrollably. I decided to listen and depart with darkness.

"The war does not put fear in my heart. The heart of this world is trying to mend in all ways of feeding into hatred. It's highly upsetting. There is no solace without sound or color. I refuse to die for nothing, when living for you is everything!"_  

Dark Descovia stated as he twirled his swords, like drumsticks for that matter, one in each hand until they became motionless blurs.

* Apocalyptic War *

A figure in a black cloak appeared right behind me. My efforts in defense, were aimless and pointless. Trying to swing a sword on my part, which had the weight of multiple life forces. I am no master of swordsmanship, compared to my otherself.  In moments, I recall only seeing the figure wave it's hands in a ritualistic formation.  Finding myself, soaring through the air. Life immediately struck me with a freight train, traveling at the speed of light. The battle raged on angels, spellcasters, empaths all against evil. Never, did I think I would see my other side/alter ego show any emotion other than confidence and anger. His eyes swelled with anger and filled with tears. Running towards my falling body, in slow motion in attempt to catch me from hitting the ground. Drowsiness consumed me with warmth washing over me. My essence pouring out of me. I am not certain if I was falling to the end or heading for a new beginning.

Aloof. I wonder within myself in a state of stagnation.

Fear only prolongs it all, acquiring needed stability to our destiny.

I am powerless, watching this perfectly magnificent storm.

Why am I here? Why am I here? I use to know you so well.
Now, I feel like you are someone, I have never known.
The light was calling out to one of us before.
It was never you. You never deserve the pain this world descended from the skies. I will give anything for it not to be you, not to be anyone I love.
My love is nothing without you being here.  Still falling, I close my eyes trying to remember the final good moments....

All family and friends from every walk of life appeared before my eyes.
The funny thing about this is, it felt like a dream. Everyone I ever known past and present, was there smiling and at peace. Dressed in all white even my other side was there in the crowd of family, smiling carefree without a single weapon in hand

"You can't protect the world. Our children lives in. If you stay dreaming" Dark Descovia spoke to me and froze reality with his voice.

Why does everything hurt so power is not strong as anyone else's I spoke to him. He exchanged no words back, only our eyes spoke to each other.

"You have to save this world. Your life does not end HERE. BELIEVE IN YOUR LIGHT. IT EMPOWERS ALL IN THIS VERY LIFE"  In angelic unison the voices of family, friends, Isaiah, my other side and my lover spoke to me at once.

I've accepted it is now my time to fade....fade into the storm and become the light.... . haha..... _

May I close my eyes and finally rest in the name of purity for all salvation?

I will come back for you. I may be different, my love for you will remain.
If my life ends this war for tranquility. Then this world can have my soul....

"Soul?? You forget. There's two of us....You have more to connect to also"_
Should I do a part two??
You let me know in the comments.
The battle may rage on
They claim dreamers cannot be realistic
Apparently, you're not realistic if you only believe in your dreams
When there's a balance to everything as it seems

You can have more muscle mass
Than Arnold Schwarzenegger.
It doesn't mean you have strength of an ox.

You can have all the common and book sense
in the world combined, if you trip over small matters
without thinking bigger than the situation.
You can still be a lummox.

Why judge a book by it's cover?
It's easier to grant permission
Than it is to provide forgiveness
There's a bit of me in you.
There's so much of you, I see in me.
The constellations in space,
reminds me of connections
The plant formations here on earth
have in common with elements and creations of nature.
You were meant to fly.

Why spellbound yourself to the ground?
I only want to spread good onto thy neighbor.
I leave all in the hands of the holy creator(s)
He, she, it. The universe is all.
Releasing from the grips of a grudge
Can set you free. From dragging you down.
This is why I am cautious
When I  utilize my ability to judge
Validate hate, for it feeds the friction
There is much to uncover, left undiscovered
When you resolve all through being a lover!
The world searching desperately, for answers from the Grays.
When we are able to see it all in numbers, shapes, in color!
I never see a failure when you're in my view or mind.
If I can see the beauty in you over the bad.
Regardless of the times and timing of all.
You can do this very thing too.
I believe in you!
Descovia Feb 2019
What are the signs in these dreams?

Have we lost, hope in all our meanings?

Are there more answers

within the very screens we live in?
Descovia Apr 2021
If he makes you cry more than an onion

Just think twice if he's the one

My brother you a ******* fool

I will leave your memory on a white tee

pray that a memory will restore all you

believed to gather in unison.
Descovia Jul 2021
You are beautiful in every imaginable way.

It is not your outer appearance, I speak on.

If two people can love everything in themselves and each other

ideologies, intelligence, personalities and talents combined

resulting in your exisistence

You are unique and indispensable!

There is enough ugliness in the world of now.

Remember to be considerate and generous to one another.

Beauty does not have a face.

A loving heart, and compassionate mind.

All parts of myself, are grateful to be included in yours!
Descovia Mar 2019
Eye... Have been peeping game
On you prankster-player types too...

Eye don't care about the game or how it's played... ""

Maybe, it is visible in a view which is colorful!!

Eye, flip the script
and fill your mind with grey...
It's easier that way....

Eye... see through your trickery...
the traps, that terribly traumatize
and rationalize the fears captured behind these eyes...

Twisted and conflicted you must be...

Eye... believe you got me ****** up...

these eyes haven't seen it all yet...
Filled with misery and regret...
There's more to see and more for us to be

However, if you keep wondering around the plans....

You'll see, more unfold as time runs it course...

memories of everything turns ALL into sand!

Eye am NO FOOL...

Eye won't allow my self to surrender...

If we viewed...
the world in each other's eyes

Would we love the surprise?

Or bring forth, our very own demise?

What do you see behind these eyes???
Descovia Apr 2021
You don't need anyone's else validation
in order to achieve your fullest potential
If you can create a mishaps for yourself on accident

Set your mind forward on the good

You may hold one of the secret keys to saving everything
our surrounding world could use
which been living inside of you
with a powerful imagination
if you can visualize it
You can design and replicate it
Your thoughts, combined with your  energy
equals your reality.
Bring your inner elements to life!
Descovia Dec 2021
Life is a struggle but we gotta
work it out and I ain’t talking doubles da jungle
Be humble but like a deadly crossover
You might stumble!

I been doing my thing for a minute
Ain't no stopping my hustle (NOPE!)
Y’all fools play too much ( Get outta here!)
But who’s really ready to rumble? (Bet!)
It’s never a day off in my head (NEVER!)
Stay pushing that muscle! ( YA! YA!)
I go hard like a BEAST ( roars)
None of You
don’t want it in the jungle! (Let's get it!)

Put that on my momma, rip to all my tias, know I love ya, the sky the limit and I know one day again, I'll see you!

Put that on my loved ones, put that on my team, it’s more than chasing commas, I am gucci with mi amigos and mi amigas!  

My limits  won’t hold me back, you betta believe it! Aye!
You betta believe it aye.
You betta believe it aye!!
Forget whatever a hater say.
No n* got time to play-play-play-play-play
all day yea. (Yuh!)
I got kids to feed and bills to pay
Slay any **** that gets in my way (Ha!)
You better believe it aye!
Memphis & Descovia Collaboration
Descovia Jan 2021
Never stop going.

The gears keep grinding.

The wheels never stop spinning.

You never lose. If you keep pushing!

You keep winning!

In life it's either you ride or sit down

Control your balance
and remember to keep moving!
Descovia Jul 27
I grew up in a family
Where there was more
questions than outcomes.
The pain numbing me
for a change to come
Learning from the gist of things.
I still feel from all my learning
I am not the brightest but far from dumb
I am not going to fail my son
Trials in traveling
I am facing everything
I am in need to become.

They pray and they plot
My soul will not rot
I am going to the top
Sit back and watch.
Get in the way. Get dropped.
Albums coming in stock.
Stories will hit the block.
Don't test me. I lost a lot.
None of it's fake it's no mirage.
Mirror me back, and blend in
without camouflage
I go hard as Smith
You will get Rocked.
I will steal my own life
before you take all I got
Nah I never stop.
Never feared any op
You over here looking lost.
Fools think I'm soft.
You just full of talk
You wanna go with me?
We gonna run through roadblocks.
You ain't ready to walk
Don't make yourself a mark.
I'm silent as the dark.
Quarrels with my absent counterpart.
Obliterate. I am shattering
your mind from a far.
I burn with the shine of a star.
I got the key for you
if you lacking the heart.
Reminder to my child
make the moves that are smart!
Real talk.
Every black sheep in the family
Became a goat for a reason.
Being different in a world
where we share many similarities with others
Finding subliminal messages in abstract concepts
that captivate our interest, there's unlimited reasons
as well as power resonating within you.
You are a GOAT. Every Black Sheep is.
What do Goats do?
They find away to the top of the mountain.
Needless to say, of the obstacles encountered on the way.
Descovia Feb 2019
If I cut you deep...

and told you

"it was an accident"

Would you forgive me??

It makes no sense LOVE to involve

So much pain...

If only you knew

That you wield the powers

That kept him to shine from

the darkness, now before

You allow yourself to face

What you reap, any given moment

Grim could have taken

It ALL away in your sleep!

This is the bittersweet

Invintation to a world

Where the cries of

the ****** never end!

Look back on this life...

Troubled to be

With damage done that is irreversable...

As for all other mysteries are

Called upon to accompany

The soul longing for anything

To hold dear...

Baby, call my name...

Baby, this is not for pleasure or pain....

Baby, tell love me...

I don't even know what

your voice sounds like anymore...

The future is viewable

on the other side

Of the shattered mirror!

With everything in ruins

Caused by these angry hands...

now the danger never stops

falling on top of me...

This MESS...

I created, burdens us both!

The feeling that...


Nothing else remains...

The fire that never cease...

BURNS vigorously...

As the wind carries off the ashes,

Of "dreams" away into the eternal wind...

I look to the sky, trying to find myself

All over again
Descovia Feb 2021
Gods do live amongst us.

Because, all mothers are angels.

"Los Dioses viven entre nosotros,
por que nuestras Madres son Angeles"
Descovia Sep 2021
If your love and beauty blossomed trees of life.

Why should you wilt over a piece of dirt?

You are the one growing above all
Stop doubting your progress
Your growth is slow in transition
See every obstacle as a test of faith.
You were meant for what you believe in
Descovia Dec 2020
You must have lost it

Believing, that I'll never learn

Playing in the inferno winds of anger

Until your soul burns

You over here

tripping and twisting
Everything you heard. I know action speaks louder than words.

Acting like I am a father

with no other concerns.

Lost in another predicament

Spiraling in a mix of riddling differences

Where were you, when I needed my spirits lifted?

I am tired of the fighting and IGNORANCE!

Tired of drowning into my soul's
eternal emptinesss

F* me, because of my mindful intentions?

YOU, for thinking I never listen!

Forget my name, if I ever ended up missing!

My back chained to the wall, imprisoned by these dark
and dominate feelings

Trapped in my own suffocating prison

I follow the vision, eye for an eye. I put it on all that I love, don't need magic to make wishes. For his security, my story must keep living!!

I am under no condition, under any position. To make, providing riches, for my babies a competition!!
Descovia Jul 2021
Why should I fear the very world

Responsible for bringing my essence to life?

Where does my voice hold most power?

Is the only safe place

inside the confines of my
own troubled mind?

Imprisonment. Torture. Continuous mistreatment.

She's only a baby!!

He's only a baby!!

What do you stand for?!

I will not bow down

I will not grovel on my knees

When there are glorious children in need!

I will fight for their honor!

In the name of Salvation!

Your lies, are murdering us all

Your neglect, is corrupting us all!

Your silence, is putting up more walls.

Armed with a sword of

light in these dark times.

I pray to our immortal universe.

The Black Market crashes with the heaviest fall!

In the name of love and heaven! Please be with me!

If my time may, come now or sooner.

Many wounds, I take upon myself to suture.

Every dimension will remember these words...

Descovia May 19
Say what you mean
I never **** a dream
Don't ever tie our
name to any of that!
You thought my vision
was obstructed by meaningless racks.
i am just trying to maintain, cause everyone greed for green,
see what I mean, desperate as ****, you fiends
I am just watching our boys tracks.
I don't give a ****, nobody out there
can validate me as a father, not even Descovia or Matt.
If you have problem, I suggest we walk it out
or talk it out. If you come at me, ready to burn
only one of us is coming back!

Everyone be getting caught up in Death Notes
this is why I remain on the attack like a titan!
Wanna play with elements
Let's pop it off! Get things exciting! My fire brings
earthquakes and lighting! What do you mean?
You wanna play a game jigsaw? Last time,
I checked, I am not easy to frighten!
Butterflies in his tummies. Causing butterfly effect
Change the remorse in his life, that malice created from rage and regret.
Thought we were on the same page.
I would lost my ******* life, if I'd place that bet.
Ya'll be so quick to take my words, fly off with em like a jet!
No disrespect to Queens, but this why I why hug my frustrations out in my pillow pet
2022, I been through a lot and no part of me except the worse is dead! Keep tryin, I ain't going out yet!
No Doordash. Watch a sucker dash. That's suckertash. Dust to ash. I'll leave nothing left.
Running around the square, hurt,  over here searching hard for a ref
Everyone be on the games, until the final round is SUDDEN DEATH.
My death might make more sense than my life, my son will go through the depths.
This why I take my time,  I value every bit of my energy to my last breath...
Descovia Feb 2019
All that wish to oppose me

Are cast away into the flames

Secrets that could destroy worlds

Ideas that cause irreversible trauma

empowered by the many questionable

Reflections of one self! No, elements

Of the nature wields a force to fear!

Tread carefully, one must not wonder aimlessly in curiosity.

Never doubt, the subtle benefits of your own self exploration.

The course that this journey takes many turns in surprise.

It will remind you in the very signs

Movement that never sleeps

With the passing of time.

Listen to the soul of angels singing in the wind..

the earth always speaks to you...

Copy right 2018 (c)
Descovia Jan 31
"365 days in a year. 52 in a half weeks. 12 months. The times, where I could no longer count. 525,600 minutes without remembering what provided me with clarity and contradictions, imprisoned me to remain captive by my own spells. This is the result of conjuring forces, meant to remain behind close doors. Within me in a lovely disguise, sleeps unruly beast whom is beautifully wrapped in moisturized medium brown skin, battle scars, tribal and memorial tattoos, with a strong voice. I am no avenging angel. But I will slay demons for these very angels, even if this war could threaten the human race. Never did I consider myself one.
I am more than willing to sacrifice anything, but may it be, as long as it's NOT any extension of myself, in my beautiful babies.
My spells condemned those whom are immune by the light of invigoration and unwilling follow a path of righteousness in enlightenment!

"If it does not reward life with offerings of tranquility. It matters not to me. I rather it be cast into the shadows, before my moment to awaken on the other side. I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!  "

Matthew Descovia

-Well in my heart, death isn't the answer as in killing oneself or harming others for things they've done. It's unjustifiable, like the prison system where people hurt people who cause harm. Instead of exploring the root cause or trauma triggering those actions._
"Cassandra Lozano

"What questions would you ask the world? If you can speak to everyone at once?"

As wrong as it may be, if you cause pain for the youth. Then I will never be a saint for causing harm to those whom prey on the innocent.

No baby has the skill-set to make life changing decisions.  
Your life matters nothing to me. If you sour the taste of salvation.
When we all live longed praying for truth and eternal life without anguish!

If it was possible without harm. I'd Scatter myself beyond the cosmos, figuring out why Wanda cannot grant a single wish. The blame does not go to Timothy. He too, believes in magic in his heart. He lives by it. Much like we all do. Dream big star, moon, indigo, and rainbow blessing babies!

In a way to heal the broken so that there is peace....

I am not afraid to become the hero needed for this world.

These children will not be led to darkness.

When all of them are glorified light-workers!

I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!
Cassandra Lozano & Descovia collaboration.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Descovia Jul 7
I never thought I would discover a passion as yourself.

Miracles restore my desolated mind, repeating a problematic past. The demons no longer reach me with their screams, the damage done to my spirit, it all vanishes from your embrace.

Your voice is loveliest tune in the world. I rather not live without the colors your ideas paint into life. Music sings and fills the air from your soul. You know enough about yourself, still it's a mystery to you. What your essence delivers in quantities. Blessings are bestowed upon us, upon all from your divine presence.

It's remarkable. It's astonishing. Vibrantly godly.

You are the key, providing me LIFE.
You are strong as LOVE and without you.
I would not be able to DREAM

I love you ever so much.
You are a true earth angel.
I will fight by and for you
always on your side.
Warrior or Spellcaster.
Mastering multiple abilities
I learned from the best.
Descovia Aug 2021
Will it change a thing if I did?

Will it change anything if I didn't at all?

You do not have scream

You do not have to shout
There is always a better way
before, deciding on the easy one out.

Frustration does not hurt me

more than knowing you validate pain

for me to understand the how and why

Only because you blind

yourself with false doubt.

For the record to show, I cannot say it was my favorite sport in the terms of punishment for breaking a rule.

My consequences, not only receive a verbal reprehension alone.

I promised myself, if this world gives me love ones of my own

I would not bring harm to them, I will not spank, right or wrong

Mistakes, are common of our nature. Nobody is flawless enough

to have such a thing to be avoidable. It is not fair for this to be a justifiable solution.

If you want a healthy musical to flow, between the children and you. Instrumentally, is the way to go. Impulsively, will tear you from everything
and all that you know.

Empathy and reasoning soothes many restless storms, brewing in a mind of madness or even defiance in time of misunderstanding.

There been times, where blows were delivered before an explanation.

You should have known better!

Stop being a fool!

Why are you so stupid?

These were not the proper examples

of connecting through issues with insults made in communication.

Will change a thing if I did?

Will it change anything, if I didn't at all?

I will be there by your side

whether you fly or fall.

I am not going to follow, the cycle my parents did

to raise my children. This responsibility fell on me, to make differences...

The change begins now!
Descovia Jul 25
Good people have bad days
Bad days pick on all people. No discrimination.
Being mean will not reward you
with nice things.
It's one hell of a drug.

You don't always have to use the rock
as a weapon just because it's in reach.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it. Don't let them trigger you.
Cool it. Before you pull it. Don't lose it.
You're the one in control.
Remember the way you felt
When you were in tune?  
Flow of music. Unstoppable mode.

I heard it all before,
going to the groove tangled in the grapevines
You have so much more to lose
If you go Columbine Colorblind!

Descovia Jan 2021
In my heart

You remain free from hate

Torn apart by the promises

You decided to make

Never in rightful intentions to keep.

Karma follows, so I pray nightmares spare you

From hunting your in your sleep.

I give you everything of my heart.

You are foolish to believe

a "pinky promise" matters nothing.

I try to be loving and you are here lusting.

I am treated with no respect and you have the nerve
to label me as disgusting?

Yet you expect to be treated like a King?

When you decided to abuse, my trust like all other things.

Which is why I question if my love, is of more value than any gem or ring?

In moments of living in gold

The best that life could deliver

Never even thought, being away from you
would be something to ever consider

My worth to you...expired and undesirable silver

Never feared you hurting me.

Your heart took it's own journey

You told me not to worry

You gave me more reasons than one

to provide why I am worthy.

You never deserved me.

This is why I must take my leave.

By all I believe, this is to prove my love was pure and true

Connection interrupted. Illuminating corruption.

Through betrayal and humiliation

How do you expect me to have
a single shred of any mercy for you?
#thoughtprovoking #creative #love #question #myself #cheater #sparemymind 3
Descovia Feb 2021
If you never bled for it!

If you never had to break yourself down.

In order to rebuild it back up again.

If it never brought you to tears in moments
where the happiness, was strong enough to overpower all...

Then it was never your passion in the first place!
Descovia Oct 2021
A very powerful tool to sustain relationship,  explore ideas, to express feelings, to settle differences, and to reach an agreement!

Being able to communicate your feelings helps your partner, family, people you love, understand the subject at hand causing you pain.

It's weightless, priceless and anyone can afford it to build, and save the relationship always from going into the depths of undesired conclusion.

Communication is a way to show the other person means a thing to you and that you have feelings for them.

S p e a k t o m e.

It's very simple solution to complicated matters.
Descovia Aug 2021
We survived SARS through connection

We survived EBOLA through the defaults of connection.

The reason swine flu is still existent is because we hold animosity towards authority for over 19 centuries. Correct me if I am wrong.

Congratulations we created COVID-19.  It's not because we are unsanitary, it's our minds and hearts that is so!

The only reason this "disease" succeeds in winning because we find hope in isolation and continuous disconnection.

How you expect any system to run fluent like fluid if we are not true to ourselves or it?

We are our own system.

I am not following a corrupt regulations anymore! My children lives depends on our longevity!

There's more than 19 million to 19 billion of us living on a life source we should NOT abuse.

They want us to live in fear.

They want you to hide behind these masks like we have most of our lives.

Why are world leaders leaving from "sudden natural causes" which never prolonged as an issue before?

I am not a sheep to media or news. I am a leader in this fight, and I believe in my ability as much as I believe in you!!!

They want to mislead you with every presidential election.

The Government Cannot **** Us All off, because they are unable to feed us.

All we have is our connection.

We cannot lose this fight.

Remember to look in mirror, fill your mind with positive affirmations and stand completely firm for all you love!

You will not fail by believing in your connections!

We were all connected for a multitude of reasons.

Apart, afar or together. Regardless.

I believe in YOU.

Get out there and win!!!
Descovia Feb 2019
You honestly make

Me sick... You are a ******* poison

You drain and drag everyone

With you into the hollow
depths of darkness!
Why...? WHY?!

I just need answers

To all my riddling questions

To resolve the internal conflict
that will never rest
The hatred never ends it hunger
The darkness consumes and swallows
Away all forms of tranquility
That wishes to breathe LIFE
Invigorating. Exhilarating. Lively!

The magical and majestically powerful embrace with the earth humming against my skin filling my heart!!! Because of you....
What was once my pleasant
Momentary trip away from
The tragic tragedy of fragile memories

Have became nothing more
Than an invitation to allow you
To come back
attempt after attempt
to control over all
but NO I will not allow you!

That power you seek.
Is not for you possess!
FOR no part of me
Fears the dangers you uphold!
The unforgiving thunder tears through
skies, oceans violently crash upon the surface, the fire in his eyes... Reveals
all hidden within the memories!
I can hear the versions of
my former self
chanting my name
Endlessly in depth of
The heart gripping echo
That fills my head
Until my pain
Swells in my breathing lungs
From the infectious spell
Your voice carries me
Off, slowly I melt into the unknown
Descovia Mar 2019
All those years spent
Running in the dark
Fatigue eats at me
Vulnerable and empty I become...

Everything feels endless
I was never "whole" entirely of
What I remember as staying "sane"
Truthfully, this war that went
For decades on in...
You weren't suppose to
Be part of any of this!

The disease takes it's course
Everything from what I can
Consciously, recall before
The pull... sunk me in deeply.
Watching the colors of my
Mystical paradise dissolve
The skies INCINERATED before
another thought manifested into
This world of wonder!
This unholy explosion
Took away all of my
Beloved ELOQUENT memories encased
In heavenly glass of my fragile youth
and unpredictable future, shattered upon
the very ground I stand...

This unearthly presence shrouded
Me for most of my lifetime.
Consumed by anguish that
Never flushes itself out,
here I crumble...
Under the pressure while
Suffocating in this struggle
Trying to obtain my light!
The consent for my
eternal damnation cannot
be resigned!

This shared voice between
my dark mind and soul
boomed in my head
Erupting in my aching ears

"If I wanted to, everything you
Cherished so dearly could have been
Stripped from you a lot sooner!
This deadly taste is for your curiosity...
You're nothing more than a decaying vessel
You respond and serve my needs...
Without my force to power your will
Your purpose in existence is fruitless
Betray me and your dreams will never be more
Than dust to occupy space..."
Descovia Jul 2021
Slamming my head continuously against the wall
I felt time and space break and froze
Myself and my Darkside fought
The battle raged on powerful enough
to cause stars to explode!
Shattering through dimensions
Fractals luminated around my eyes
containing Greek numeric codes
Traced everything in motion
inaniment objects morphed in and out of reality.
Stricken by toxins contained
within malice of the human mind
Falling freely from all!
Deprived of emotional attachments!
Relying on adverse forces, in high hopes
of restoring purity! The pressure renders me helpless and discouragement settles in vital organs.

Petrified by the various timeless
effects of this infectious disease.
The screams could not be heard...
Not over his voice. This version of myself
was stronger than any counter part I had to face.

"If you had to destroy
yourself to save everything... What is left of your morale, you choose to immortalize?" To believe we fought
with valour confined to nothing more!

Other than walls we put up as fronts.
Regretfully to acquire honor sought in truth!
Truths that yearn for placement
The darkness shall not assail!!!! "Foolish of me to believe
That we held the same intentions!"
We were part of the same being.

Descovia and Darkness.
Now it's just me in the dark.

This bond by no means
could be stabalized

Blood lust only made you greedy
You have awaken fears buried for ages
I thought,  were protecting each other!
What offerings would suffice?
Hear my voice and remember your place
These words are not evidence
of salvation that we desire to
bring forth into our foundation!

You will not break me...
Bury the chaos within your wrath away!!
Leave the innocent alone!
Your evil intentions
will not shelter another heart!! " I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU! "

The feeling of my very soul
Imploding within my body.
I feel my head sinking into my heart.
I am s l o w l y .........
Going to into
The pull of an
endless time warp.
Drowning within myself
The intensity was rushing
through me in the form of a headache
sending us on a nonstop, unprepared
breath-taking ride.

The silence which followed the combination of good and bad memories flooded my vision with tears transforming into blood.
A new light awaken in me....

white butterflies filled my eyes
Will I be spared from
The terrors which long for salvation?
Laughter surrounded me
It gave me state of security
Thoughts coming more vividly
Clarity at last... Baby laughter
Filling my heart peacefully with bliss my mind
Eases it way into a calm tide. Everything of love
dissolves into my soul.

Its finally clear around
the hungry darkness and the shadows vanished as color returned.

"Daddy" The voice belonging to a savior of purity restored reality....

I have every reason to live. Even he will not take that from me.

Even if you are me.

To Be Continued....
Descovia Feb 2021
Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Ayyyyeee

I HATE that s*

It can't buy me love
It can't buy me happiness
Can it buy back the lives
Of those have finally went
Home to the other side?
It doesn't grow on trees.
I believe that's a **** lie!

Never even question why
the sadness comes
Sometimes, I don't even know it's happening!
There's many ways to skin a potato.
But ya know, I am old fashioned.

Tomatoe. Tomato. Another bottle.
You can't drink away the trouble and sorrow.
As if there's no tomorrow!

The sins of our nature
Is our biggest threat to our nation
Along with this *******
Having issues with immigration!
Pfff. Land of the free...
But most of us can't afford patience!
That's nothing compared to
The net worth of YOUR life
is only a small loan of a few bucks.
I trust a lot, things but **** a stimulus!!!

Descovia Mar 2021
DESTRUCTION comes in various forms our eyes can captivate or replicate in our mind to cast into reality.

Creation holds the power of responsibility as well as maintenance.

The earth and heavens were manifested in six days.

Why for any reason, should you believe yourself or anyone are not capable of upholding an amount of defined glorious beauty in the time it takes to complete a short term goal why?

Do not discredit your power or abilities.

You can be only one

Creator or Destroyer.
#light #dark ,#duality
From across the room
I see your gaze
turn towards mine
even your eyes smile.

Thoughts of you
loom in my mind
my eyes value every
single treasure your heart defines
Making you happy
will never go out of style.
Moments with you are certainly worthwhile
Your love gives me strength and smiles
Cassandra & Descovia collaboration
Descovia Jul 26
I'll never go back home.
I'll never go back home...
I'll never go back home.
I rather be all on my own.
History rewritten in stone.
Not to burden anyone
in a place
Where I never belong.
You will miss me being around
Remember my voice
This is the way peace sounds.
What goes up.
Must come down..down...down...down....

If it's persistent.
Then remain consistent
In the process of handling it.
Temporary problems
Never require a permanent solution.
It may bring silence
In the most dreaded nights.
Blinded by rage
Remember all in sight.
Think twice before you
remove yourself from your own life.
Everyone involved in this story
Composing their chapters.
Trying obtain resolve
Regain. Recover. Repeat.
Questioning everything except
The truth in all which is right.
Detrimental to determination
Destiny, comes in search for you.
As so it does for me. It does for all.
Realistically, there is no down fall.
If you never stay down, from the moment you fall.
It's not just fact. It's honesty by Default.
Descovia Apr 2021
"Yes, tapped into some inner creativity with a friend. Liz your time and assistance with this collaboration. Made my day! THANK YOU FOR SPREADING TRUTH AND FINDING HOPE.

If you love yourself truly. Never stop making room for changes. It can doom your health. The same routine will not guide you rightfully!"


Maybe this is all just a test

Imploring me to be my best

Step out from the shadow and let myself shine.

Some days are harder than others, I won’t lie

It will be easier

I know I just need to try...

If I could align the stars
and bring power to Earth
from the Great Devine
I'll never abuse this power
Because it's not even mine...

My focus pushes me harder to grind
Even if this repeats I will continue to survive!
My light is alive! So, I will let it shine
While my life line is connected to time!
So my shadows will not keep me confined!

I will still give it all a try
Oh! I will stand strong
and hold my head high to the sky!

Even through the pain.
I will smile before I cry.

Everyday gets harder
One cannot deny.
So I pray good for karma
and I'm not gonna lie


Sometimes. It feel like everything
I am facing is on rewind.😑

Liz & Descovia
Descovia Jan 21
I can go Batman
Without a bat
Cut the snake’s head off
Like I am samurai jack
I got more tricks than
a cat in a hat
Fire my element
never chill or relax

Fire’s my element never chill or relax
They be doing **** for a react
Get my hands on you it’s OV
The way it’s gonna be straight facts
Push a brother to be on the attack
I am going full metal alchemist
Goblins, titans, pedos, all laying flat!
darkness  taking over, nothing new
Answer the phone,  your child is missing you!
Descovia or Matt which do you listen to?
Am I being too much? What am I to you?
If I left or died what would you do?
The mirror is a curse
I see a better me in my kids
Don’t be like your parents
“Be better and be you
I wouldn’t put anything
on paper not true
that’s word to the youth!
That as real as it gets, no excuse
Don’t give a **** about livin no lie
Cause at the end of the day I will die for these babies as Well as all of my truths!
Let’s finish this!!!

Always feelin, I am in the wrong place
At the wrong time!

Emotionally withdrawn falling far behind
Being torn apart from all that’s mine
All I wanted was love !! (Just love baby)
**** dolla signs!
never wanted your heart in piecesssss
Only wanted a peace of mind.
I know he’s hurting
While I am acting like ***** fine
You’re worth more than media
and live time
Pay attention to red flaaagggss but
All sides of me be crossing lines!
Pray for my recovery or downfall
A man is doing all he can
to stay alive!!!
My fight with my demons!
Duality. Me vs Me collaboration. Dark Arts Master. Caution profanity
Descovia Jul 2021
The day I was informed, I was suppose to have an identical counter part.

"I am neither Matthew or Matt. That is a title belonging to a part of myself, consumed by the darkness.

A life of nothing, is there anyway to depart from this?

My own hatred brought me to suffocate on the light in my lungs.

The monsters inside, reminds me through vices to be strong.

Alcoholic nights. Mornings with Maryjane to ease the pain.

The weight of sadness and the madness hits me like a freight train.

The anger is the heaviest anchor, bringing my soul into the depths of torment to never breathe in freedom again.

Where did it all go?

What is left to show?

For I do not simply know.

My shadows been keeping company. In the darkness, I feel so lively.

During a full moon, transformation into my dark twin, activates sleeping forces dwelling inside of me.

There is no escape....
Descovia Dec 2020
Warning: This content may contain graphic descriptions, which may not be suitable for underage viewers if reading aloud.

Our bodies touch
as I embrace you tightly
I feel an overwhealming
warm sensation consuming
my entire body as I
run my fingers through
your long and beautiful hair.

I begin to kiss you lovingly
and passionately on the lips
to ultimately display
my affection for you
and feelings that
can''t be explained
even in the most
beloved words.

Sweet and soft kisses
on your neck are
to let you know that
I''m ready this time
to show you that
you are meant to
be mine and only mine
for now and forever.

I place my hand on
your leg slowly sliding
it up to your thigh
gently massaging your
inner thigh while
I bite into your neck
listening to your soft moans
and becoming more aroused
as more delightful thoughts
come into mind, on how
I can pleasure and satisfy you
mentally and sexually.

Excitement and the craving
for lust becomes addicting
and drives us both mad
with wild intentions to
make love to one another
I remove all of your clothing
along with mine as well,
I place you on the bed
I take it slowly once again
by kissing your body all over

my hands wonder all over you
massaging your legs,
massaging your thighs
then massaging your *******
I align your body with mine
carefully allowing myself
to go inside of you
because I value every
moment of our intiment pleasure
my hip movement corresponds to yours.
I whisper loving thoughts in your ear
on how my endless desire to
please you like you truely deserve
may not ever be fufilled.

I caress you
while you are in my lap
we exchange loving
and passionate wet kisses
I increase my speed
and exert more force
making myself go "harder" and
"faster" allowing you to feel
the warming sensations that
I once felt before flow
into you as well
I feel you tighten up around me
I notice that your legs and arms
are placed around my waist
clinging to me tightly
feeling safe and secure
in my arms
you wanting and encouraging me
to do whatever I please
as long as I don''t stop
I become driven by
my very own intentions
I feel the both of us
on the verge of climaxing.
Descovia Feb 11
My soul is not worth saving
I cannot explain it
I am going thru changes
I wanted this world dangerless
Both sides me need saving
Maybe, I am going crazy
I never wish to endanger us
I  am toxic
I am dangerous

Duality  Album will be set to be released on July 7,2022
Available on Youtube, Spotify, Stereo, and other media platforms
Connect with me. I love you all thanks supporting my passion!
Descovia Jul 2021
Taking over.
No need to brag.
Ya'll compared to me,
I am a different breed.

Thinking that you are big and bad
but you ain't even in my league

Cut that small **** out
or get TAGGED
and become a memory.

Words of wisdom
order of fellow OGs
Keep your friends afar
a closer eye on your enemies

Trying to help these
babies live their dream

What we represent is
bigger than any team

in a your field of vision
perspective of a side mirror,
everything you see, is not as it seems!
Always Grinding Never Sleep.
You fools be getting lost in CREAM!
I Battle with both sides of me
Breaking limits, beyond dimensions
Dejavu Detrimental Disaster
I'm a living monument of duality!

Talk that noise, render your abilities.

Surrender to everything
you pretend to be.

Isaiah prayer for all my people
So please proceed cautiously

Play with my fire and

Kakashi activated sharigan
This is not what you want

I breathe fire hotter than
hell inside the sun!

Giving no option to run
Been like this before the hunt!
promise you on everything,
I am not the one!
Descovia Jan 2021
Forgive my French
You really must be careful on
Who you **** with

Some people think it's whatever to sleep around without protection.

It's Winter time. This is only a tip of the iceberg. Time to make the sea levels rise! So guess, you are ready for some global warming huh?

We are experiments. Generic before the time could comprehend it.

So you believe, it's okay to be bothered when your partner questions your ****** history and if you are clean?

Bacterial? Viral? That's nothing to you? What in the name of karma do you mean?

Last time I checked, nobody likes to live in a ***** house. All these roaches, and none of them have a blunt. Let me, be blunt about this...

We are humans, not rats. We don't just take the cheese. We wait until it's presented to us with care.

Understand that no means no. If she or he isn 't feeling your flow.
Then the ship shall not sail.

Be aware, the flow can get you in more trouble than you know.
Descovia Jan 2021
Watching it all fall down
One by one
After another the leader fell behind
I left what was in mind
Premonitions. Lucid visions of time
When the world presented revealing  signs
I am not alone

                    Losing my grips                      
with my own sanity
You hear the knocking?
Get The Door.
You must live
For your family
One of us falls, we all fall together
and get back up!

It's foolish to only show out
in the paint! A heart so soft and  faint.
So quick to flex on something
You want to be, but you ain't

So you tell me.
I rather  Gohan. Before, I go home.
Most of you, try hella to go hard.
In every universe, my babies will go far.
Leaving a legacy of memories within the stars
Sometimes I wonder if my soul is meant for the boneyard

More moves are made across the board
Death loves to dance with me
There's so much that has been hurting me
What is there to gain?
So much doubt. Worry. Uncertainty.
What will I lose
If I joined you for eternity?
The love for life and you adds up like currency.
There is endless mystery in my deck
Played your trap, now my magic takes effect
They will find every reason to vex
Going on with little time to rest
Because your problems can't be solved in bed
Can't stop the screaming in my head.
This is your chance to run away!
Why it must be a fight?
Sacrificial living and seductive suicide
Dead or Alive.
Alive outside. Death inside.
Existing Never Mattered!
When you are on the field
Placing bets on your life
When it's about to get real.
I will kneel
Give my life
to **** pain
Go out with honor
Or give into the chaos
For it all to be in vain!
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