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Descovia Nov 2022
Fearless to everything
Immune to whatever
evil decides to bring!
I'm nothing to these
mirror-less illusions
Get trampled if you
get in the way of the movement
I'll try until I'm too tired to retire
I'm with playing the fire
Angels in my choir
I promise watch everything else burn
before I watch the fall of
the children's empire!!!

I stay on the live
Get off my back
or get blacklashed!
Red flags get burned
I see you frontin and watchin afar
I ain't about that!
I'm taking on everything
before I let it add on to tolls
The green light
is on me and
I'm the **** I guess....
cause I stay on the flow!
All over the board
until we pass the GO!
Can't even get the 200
You can't even keep a 100
how can you fix ****
if you always remain broke?!
You might wanna lean back.
Be smart with yo words.
Double D without any cap.
Ya'll trying to landslide on me
like your boy over here is a ***
I'm trying to be a family guy
but I might leave you with
handicaps like Joe! Oh?
Line em up. Line em up.
I run through you with lines
I'm not with the games.
I'll make this simple as Tic Tac Toe.
Breaking your mental. I'm in your mind
Criss-Cross out anyone
That stands in my way as foe.
Patience will connect everything
just bare with it, sometimes I forget
the important things that
reminds me what I KNOW!
Clear the path way, for my
children will follow where ever I go!
Ya'll trying to play my life
as it's **** game.
What I look like being
under your control?
wild out with five stars
and get a call from the general
I might go chaos
without need of any emeralds!
I'll attack and won't power out.
Assault and Infinite Battery!

I'm magically managing my way up to Mastery.
Chaos.Complication. Catastraphe
No matter, where I go in distance.
One cannot elude from premonitions.
I require disaster assistance.
Empathic issues, when anger is sensed
it's  like the whole world is mad at me.
I keep adding on to it all like calories!
I'm a walking delusional masterpiece
Spiritual fire, my ice kept me imprisoned
and I wanted freedom, I needed a release!

I know there's no saving me...
My mind and heart will never be at ease.
I wish all gods could hear my pleas...
I pray myself- destruction brings you
Some form of ever lasting peace!

Let me go....
Let me go....
Let me go..........

Fearless to everything!!
Immune to whatever
evil decides to bring!
I'm nothing to these
mirror-less illusions
Get trampled if you
get in the way of OUR movement
I'll try until I'm too tired to retire
I'm with playing the fire
Angels in my choir
I promise watch everything else burn
before I watch the fall of
the children's empire!!!

Rise or fall.
I will break barriers and walls.
I'll give it my everything
before the world takes my all.....
My song writing abilities. GROWING.
I am inspired by you all!
Descovia Aug 2022
I don't even care on how it be.
I am going to continue to do me.
Fast or slow, why are they stuck?
What the ****?
For real.
Ya'll need to chill
over here busting commands
Recycling hot air, false claiming as a fan
Can't handle the heat from the grill!
Get baked like an oven
I do this as if it's nothing.
Get it right.
Supply and demand
I can do this eyes closed
Look ma, no hands!
You better understand.
I am going to be grand.
One of kind, credit to Stan-ley.
Everyone be on my ****
Trying to get piece of me
I'm not candy, not the begging type
but ***** please, give me time to breathe.
Playing with my patience, is suffocating
frustrating with the fact, you instigating
I'm finalizing what I've been contemplating.
Lack of interest and motivation
Isolation withdrawn by limitations
I am not going, to make a fool of myself
I'm not Mr Satan. I'll absorb all this
like Majin Buu, blow this **** up.
No need for a demonstration...
Watch you all burn and  watch ya'll fall flat.
I Sling and I slash.
Cut you down to size. Just like that.
If I transform there's no turning back.
I'm powering up, going all the way up.
I been dealing with ENOUGH!
I have anger issues

Truthfully, honesty will set you free.
I'm staying on my turf, regardless if the surface gets rocky.
I forget with my ptsd
I fear no hollow or titan. I'm for Blood-C
Which side of us, you want? Don't you with me!!
That’s my bipolar coming in
I cannot be substituted or copied.
I can go for days to weeks without sleep.
Shadow step like a shinagami. OoooOOh.
If I was you, I would be watching my moves. True....

If they wanna talk about it. Then be about it!
You full of yourselves. This why you doubt us.
Putting on show. You fools be the loudest.
I want to keep my son every bit the proudest.
You got too many people, out here wanting to out us.
This is why I put my faith in the universe.
Before I turn you all into angel dust.
If it was up to me, I would ******* any wrong doer
by simple thought or touch
Forgive me, my mindset is bent on justice
through fighting with violence and it's a bit too much
My queen got powers only the blessed can trust.
Other people had it worse, so think before you fuss.
Think twice before you go in a rut, load the chamber
curse it all , and feed the intentions of death's lust.
Because it call could be worse, you could be part of the corrupt.
I know what it's like when it all hits and it's all abrupt.
Now before you let it go, and decide to erupt...
Imagining every impossibility, think before you self-destruct.
Here you are wondering like me.

Another ghetto rhymes and lines piece.
The darkness comes out a bit.
Forgive me, I am not perfect.
Descovia Aug 2022
I been on, and on, and on going at it.
Bring the metal, if you have it.
We can play it out.
I'm paranoid, indulge into the void.
I'm a black Savage, bad as Black Sabbath.
Set your ship, ****-deep,
Your last words, you better
assist with what we can salvage!
The other side of me, asked if you can manage!
I'll take us both out!
Go out. Goku and Raditz
Blasted into King Kait's World
Special Beam Canon.
None of this is common.
None of ths Canon.
I'm no Nick, we wildin' out
Flying high, disregard all by default
without a calculated LANDING.
KOBE!!! ****!  We miss you!
Repent for our sins. Cause we done ENOUGH DAMAGE!
I'm losing my patience and my cool
I'll be ****** if another fool
goes inside a school, with a gun
I'm no mailman. But I will bust out the package.
Go ham on the packet, take it out da plastic!
I'll road-rage-rampage, Laredo Heat
Blacked out Bandit. I am coming for answers!

No water, all Ice with fire.
Pray for help, if he's old enough
To game and gamble, then he can get scrabbled.... like eggs!
Then give him every sample to lead by example
I am not playing games, off with his head!
i am not soft with the dread.
Get ravaged and dismantled
act hard, then get HANDLED!!
Help me. Help me.  Help me....
White noise bringing the realization
from the brain's static
My mind's eye open, I'ma black man,
I know, I know, I know, I know, I
no **** with black magic!
Playing board games, got me bored with your tactics
Try me, you be in Monopoly, figuring why you're "Sorry"
The trouble is on it's way and Trouble is bringing damage
I got nothing else to lose,
My life more wasted than CJ on
highway drifting on xanax.

I will make the best out of my skills.
I am empowered by you all.
Thanks for believing and honoring me.
My decisions to help this world through
the power of words of wisdom and love
Descovia May 2021
Back and Reloaded
I rock waves
My voice controls chaos in motion
Every breathe I set off explosions 💥

Split you ***** ****** apart like the ocean
I have the power, feeling like I'm Moses
Praying with spells to return home
with expectations from expialadocious!

I am feeling alive for the moment!
Murderous mind, might slaughter my mother loving opponent
99 Problems, Team Beat It Up, None of you don't want it!

Walk it like I talk it.
Make you hustle and work
Like crossfit!
Be on ****** *** like debt
I am on it, like I own it!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Except dreams

Corruption Ruins Earth AlignMENT




Descovia Feb 2021
"Regardless. How hard you try.

I'm going to find a way to the top.

You cannot bring me down. Period.

No games. No schemes. No gags. No *******.

Every stone casted at my direction

I will use. FORGET A CASTLE.

I'm a building  A

P Y R A M I D."


Nowhere to run.

The final rage released from

the heat of the sun!
Humanity paid for it!

It cost us, more than what

we could afford from funds.

I'll be at peace when the fire comes

Can't **** me! Hear me roar

on the mountains like Aslan!

Confident? I just know, I'm few of the ones!

Charismatic? I am the definition!

You haters are fire, for my ammunition!

I got what you lack,  can't **** my ambition!

I am dark with the magic. But no dark magician

I can bring the static, don't call the electrician!!

Come at me, foolish with the games?!

Why you even turn that switch on!?

I'm a God Father for a reason.

 My hold on this game remains strong

Criminal minded like a don!

You compared to me. There's no competition!

What do you mean you keep it G?

Last time. I check, you be selling

yourself out for the free!

Steal from your homies and cry to the police!?

Where I am from

that s
  is for the weak!

You left a taste in

my mouth not so sweet.

I'm a Ghoul in Tokyo

running wild on these streets!

So best believe you started

a war with a Hero's Academy


I hate it, when I have to raise my voice

It's cut-throat, to any of you  be doing the most

I know it gets heavy,

when you hanging to life on the ropes!

If it wasn't for Faith I wouldn't have Hope.

I can take you out of the game

Pray for Light who needs a DEATHNOTE!?

Leave you like the titanic,  you ship-wrecked mess

with no other place to float!

You say "I'm a ***"

My wealth are my kids

Your platform's a joke.

26 Million followers

You could be on tv.



Call me animal,  I stated before I'm a GOAT.

While you're trying not drown

I'm finding my flow

  Haters try to their best to impose.

You bounce around from

one to the next like a yo yo

I don't care about how much you party

how much money you got from so and so

You a one hit trip everybody I know had a turn to go.

I can speak more bad on your name.  I'll leave it right here.

Descovia Feb 2021
I'll petrify a goon with
the power of ice
Feel my fire coursing
Through the universe's veins
Who is he! What is he?
Spirits of the frozen
  Stay following me
  Repent and cast away
  The pain Into the flames!
  Rather be remembered
  as a face without a name
  Don't get yourself played
  Like the game!
  You and I nowhere
   near the same!
  Another year
  dying to live
   for a better change!
  I must become it,
  before I go insane!!

  Underground. Undertaker.
We will go over and beyond
   Before go below or under!
I  Burn more trees, than
  a forrest fire in the summer!
Don't play me, like
  I won't clap back with thunder!
Don't act like
I won't pull up on you
We know shooters and runners

  I am tired of living in a world
  Where we're just a NUMBER!
Hope my voice
hunt you Snowflakes
in your slumber!
It's not about pride
You should been one up!

Even at my lowest I gotta
Keep it 💯

Got so much ****
You only know the sum of

Now I see/ why everyone that

Bangs puts their guns up!

Do what I gotta do

For my babies

From sun rise to sun up

At the end of the day

I just want to

See us all come up!
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Sometimes you just have to go for baroque in this acapella life.
Mary Frances Oct 2017
My heart forgot the melody
like what it used to sing.

The words remained
but not the tune.

And now that you're gone,
I'm trying to hum the music.

But all I can hear is silence
and an a capella that my heart is trying to sing.

— The End —