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 Jul 29 Descovia
The body is worn, but still warm.
A lonely ghost paces between closed eyes, between closed hearts.
Dead walls still whisper their secrets in dead languages,
Secrets dripping hot and sticky from their pores, dark as lapis.
Sage smoke sinks into the soup, drawing tears.

A lonely ghost wades through the ichor, its destination refracted.
Stand in a silent hall.
Be muted by the irrhythm of invading whispers.
Silence cultivated like a crop. Silence that rots on the vine. Silence that attracts the buzz of flies.

A lonely ghost pauses in a void of insight, an atmosphere devoid of astute.
Open a door, find a room with no floor.
Find a rainforest.
Find a roar.
From a hall invaded, through a fissure designed, to a world unexpected, to a room with no promise defined.
Secrets bleed out from under a fireproof door.

A lonely ghost staggers into a jaded place, into a choir of ambience.
See the eyes dyed ultramarine, open to a distant vision:
not unfocused, but directed at a dream, too remote to touch.
See the cobalt-fired heart on the floor, cracked open:
not like a mussel, but like a tree, struck by lightning.

A living body in a dead house.
A lonely ghost enters, and is warm.
 Feb 5 Descovia
Slow burn
Softly dying
Six years
Little by little
Chipping away
Degrading sanity
Take advantage of
Unrequited love
I just wish
You didn’t let me do this to you
On the mirrors
Should be written;
"spoiler alert".
You find yourself in a maze
No way out, your in a haze
Walking in circles, no end in sight
Silently screaming with all your might
Stop and wait close your eyes
Be still, follow the light
Even when you feel defeated
You will find the way to be completed
Some days are good
Some days are bad
Some days you just have to hang your head
Some days you laugh
Some days you cry
Some days you just want to be alone
Some days hard
Some days are rough
But always remember
Suddenly, you realize that grounding yourself, makes the center of gravity, less rocky…
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