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Descovia Sep 2
Do you **** around with me
to just "f* with me?'

Would you actually buck for me?
Tell me, is it you give a f
for me?

You undoubtedly would pull runs
We're not just doing it for the funds my G

So do you f
** with me?
Descovia Sep 2
My ears ring with frequencies when you speak my name.

I know you are a gamer as well, and you been great at this game.

Studying my work. Wondering if it's about you. Eye for an eye and even the blind can see, You wouldn't even give up a tooth.
Covering up your flaws, concealing worries hiding behind old ways and phases of "youth".

Trying to decipher the lie, between fiction and reality. Trying to undercover "The Truth". Every chance and promise offered went invain. I watched it all go down the drain!

No options left, but he's always the one to blame. I am not chasing clout or fame.  

So how is this your problem? I got a lot on my brain. I can't afford therapy, I'm trying to hide the pain. Restless nights left me, crying in the rain. Did things out of good and bad. I was doing what I have to! In order to maintain! If I could go back to past, I would do a lot things differently but still remain the same!

I am just holdin
All on my own
Trying to protect my prince and his throne.
Forgive me Gods, if my rights led me wrong!

We all been forgotten, used, abused and foresaken!
We live amongst killers, instigators, manipulators and rapists!
I been all for my peace.
Never been down for the hatred. It doesn't matter how you take it!
Some of yall stick around, hoping a brother of another color, never make it!

In 2020 never have I ever, had to Fake FLEX ****. All of you in your feelings, throwing mixed signals, while getting encrypted in your own codes, ha! Playin' like we're not living in a Matrix!
Grow tired of living, in a world of "Lies".
Hoping you would give me some peace of mind.
**** a piece of *****, or piece of ***!

You never saw the signs, or knew what they define. I been lost in a bind. Torn away from all that was mine. Suicide sounds fine. They always say,
"Yo Descovia, you gotta chill with your FEELINGS at times!

But unlike YOU. MY feelings be pushing me to GRIND!"

**** everything you gotta say.

You stress me to
Say what you mean
While you over here hating
I am still living my dreams
It doesn't even matter
what you think, I am gonna
continue to do me
That's the way it's gonna be!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
You should've believed!
Nothing else more to say!

A lot of **** been on my mind. Thanks for understanding and being part of my journey!
Descovia Apr 18
If he makes you cry more than an onion

Just think twice if he's the one

My brother you a ******* fool

I will leave your memory on a white tee

pray that a memory will restore all you

believed to gather in unison.
Descovia Feb 12
Surrounded by a solid foundation
Not certain if it's for my protection

Not certain if it's for your protection

All these questions and blames games

But you never questioned or held blame
for the one you selected to be your president
It's easier to just stroll through a phone
and bicker about nonimportant messages

Don't save her. She doesn't wanna be saved!

He ain't a good teacher. Why does he get a raise!?

So, why you are dealing with the same life lesson?!

**** everything I have to say, unless it's relevant
I could put emphasis on that, but instead of fing this whole chain up rather remain celibate.

Everywhere I turn.
Somebody is trying to  f

Without the ****?
I'm not the begging type
but "fool, give me a break" PLEASE.

I can be calming and surprising
like the summer time breeze
Keep memories in heart company, when feeling unease
The feeling which is oh so lonely
Have you remembering talks of nostalgia
with your parents, like when you first discussed
"The Birds and Bees." Master these elements, summoning great power of one's eternal beyond to receive grace from deities.

Making sure all the contacts are informed and balanced, remaining as one in connection regardless of location. Which should've been incoperated through our history!

I been on this for centuries!

You call it business structure. I call it perfect symmetry!

I'm just another brother, which as much love to give as
a grateful mother in a world of living color....

We still burning each other alive.

Just for others to shine like a diamond
in the night, oh so bright.

We got idiots roaming around
making profit and we are nothing more than discarded objects

Last time I check. You can put a price on a ring.

You can't put a price on a wife?

Yet I am the problem??

So f* my life right??
Which part of your body
Dilates under emotional impact
A girl student was asked by the teacher in physiology class
The girl blushed and said
I won't tell
The teacher frowned and said
You're a medical student
What's the hell you won't tell
It's the pupil of eye
That dilates under emotional impact
You haven't studied your lesson
You have a ***** mind
This is an old joke
Which came to my mind
Those who read poems
See profanity in some of them
Being explicit at times
With good intentions
Draw conclusions otherwise
Like the girl student
"***** mind"
Descovia Jan 24
|F* Fake Friends|

Use and abuse. I been through worse.

This is why I am the Dark Arts Master.

Better people done me worse, so on any spectrum
Why consider you as a factor? It's just the beginning, cannot promise you a graceful, happily ever after!


I'll continue with

Or without you too!

All my days ones

Had problems, since day 2

**** all you put me through.

Oh, so it's my fault?!

  For my love being too true?!

Would I've been a first call or last decision?

I am too old school
to trust anything new.
Should have trust my intuition.

You act like
I have nothing to lose!

Isaiah don't try everything
You see your parents do.

I be stressing...
On how to make this world
Safer for you!

No victory lasts forever..
This is not, the way I want to win!

**** that and your fakeness.

If this reaches out to you.
This ain't no slick diss.

On the contrary, I can be cold blooded

but most of you be on the snake ****.

Never, have I ever been betrayed, by makings of paper and pen.

This is why, I hardly trust any friends!

Burned it out of existence.
Trying to make offerings for zen.

Too late to change it back. I am not putting myself
Through that again.

**** fake ****. A lot of you, play a role where you like to pretend!

So, run that. Run this.
If I left now
What would you miss?

Before, I deal with fake love.
Rather be hated, by everybody like
I am Chris.

So *******.
**** that
**** this...

If it was up to me.  

I would be like our
friendship that never exist!!
Max Jan 18
Why does my stomach still clench at the thought of you,
Why does the pain of the past still feel fresh,
Why do I still care how you’re doing,
Why do I feel?

I was a ****, I still am
Sorry I had to be so harsh at the end,
I figured being harsh would push you far enough away to hurt less,
Yet here I am months later with the same regrets.
Now the only thing I can still think,
Is was it actually love?
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Social media's intent was to spread authentic information among people but a few motivated by their selfish motives used it to generate those flocks which easily form conjectures just on the basis of baseless accusations disseminated from unknown sources and keep on barking with profanities on others.
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