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Xant Sep 2019
If I were to say
about my day
There need only three words
And three words only

Such an outburst of profanity,
but they keep me away from insanity

So if you ask me "How was your day?",
there'd only be three words for me to say;



        Guacamole :D
How was your day, everyone? :)
Mine's been very... Crazy
MartialPoet Sep 2019
It's me and you baby
Or it was us
Now it's all about you
Woe is me
When was the last time
You said you loved me
When was the last time
I saw your smile
It's cold in December
Do you believe that baby
The snow coats this world
With mother natures beauty
It's a universal law
Did you know that
We take and take
Without ever giving back
You call me heartless
When I tell you
I have had enough of this
This love is starting
To mean **** to me
I'm trying to please you
**** it
I'm trying to deal with this
**** it
I'm trying to give you the world
**** it
But it's never good enough
**** it
Your becoming the demon
Wrapping a leash around my neck
And nailing me to a post
Like a ******* guard dog
Refine this body through martial arts
Refine my mentality through pain
But the hardest of all
Is refining the heart through love
When all I get is ****
I'm trying
**** it
I'm crying
**** it
I'm hurting
**** it
I'm lost
**** it
I'm human too
******* it.

Now my soul lurks around the world, searching for beauty and answers. Believing in a foolish dream of me and you. Crossing this battlefield with poems and love. One shot is all it takes, my soul wanders this world. Devoid of a physical body, only thing left is my awareness. Travelling through space and time, until what's left evaporstes. And my existence becomes extinct
How many tears must a man drop to show the one he loves. A man can cry, and so he cries when he's losing the one he loves.
We are Half " animal"
also Half "Machine."
We "love"
We "lust"
We "long for"
We "yearn"
"Blindness" to "energies"
"Souls" Never "seen as Balanced"
are always heavy to the "right" of "positive"
When "jumping" to "conclusions"
Fails to "charge" the "system"
Due to "too much negative"
We must "cross such"
"To get to the other side."
"out-ways"  "Sanity"
When "greener grasses
"are doubted Profanity."
Robin MacCuish Apr 2019
If god would smite me for love
Then count me smitten
Kissing my girl in the kitchen
Hot chocolate boiling,burning in the *** we aren’t listening

Loving my lover in every form
Between them and the Bible
I am not torn
Because between the steeple and the people
I chose my people

Drag shows my church
The queens my pastors
glitter my baptismal waters
The rainbow flag my cross

Self love and
My virtues

Let love and sweetness be my guiding lights
Happiness is what I’m looking for and it is sure to be found

If god would smite me for happiness
Then count me happy
Joy spilling from my lungs in laughter
in my arms I hold my heart

If god would smite me for being me
Then I will be me
Afterlife be ******
If I can’t be me in this life
Then what I am I but a ******* sham
Too scared to face the person I am
Lizzie Feb 2019

**** your curly brown hair    That my fingers would get tangled in.

**** your chocolatey brown eyes     That my soul would get lost in.

**** your rose tinted cheeks                  That you hated but I adored.

**** your warm deep voice                          That soothed my anxiety.

**** your beautiful vocabulary       That made my heart skip a beat.

**** your green jacket                                   That fit me like a blanket.

**** your elitist music taste                             That I secretly enjoyed.

**** the way you held me                            And made me feel loved.

**** the way you kissed me                               Soft and passionately.

**** the way you left me                          Wordlessly out of nowhere.

AND **** THE WAY YOU ****** ME

Honestly, just *******.
Simra Sadaf Oct 2018
awakened by an insatiable longing,
for a home more beautiful than summer sky
and a field of freshly fallen snow at dawn,
this home – a metaphor, a feeling,
a marrow, a being,
a rumination in passing
crushed until the longing became excruciating,
a two-story building made out of need,
became a place of profanity and constant greed,
adversity infected is this home,
suffocating is the air inside this home.
Ash Feb 2018
I’m searching for an answer.
Surrounded by monogamists I crawl and weep,
Surrounded by dogmatists I hunger.
I’m searching for a key to unlock the doors of profanity.
I don’t want to hear something about the seasons,
Or anything about ethics.
No more flowers,
Away with the aesthetic of yore.
Give me the affairs, the filth, secret lives.
Give me the runaways, the elderly, the jokesters.
Give me the casanovas and cougars.
I search this rotten boulevard and t
All night, all night, even during the day..
I’m on the search..
I’m looking for a key to unlock the doors of profanity.
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