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Descovia Nov 2022
Snow has covered everything
The unsettling comfort
composed of these
Lonely and cold times
Turns a heart to stone to indulge
In these harsh winter nights
Brought me to become more
pensive than ever before
Because on days like this
I remember how fragile I am!
That time is precious and
I could just melt for you
any given minute!
I’m just a frozen drizzle,
collected on your eyelashes
Just like this snow on this green
The stars that fill the sky of majestic wonder.
Continous love resonates strongly within my inner being. I breathe in your light and it consumes all tainted and misconceived by voices of lies!
Your embrace made me feel secure.
The warmth of your glow gave me infinite energy!
But, soon enough I’ll be a melted drop of snow...
Like the ones on Christmas trees
after the season is over
You will be my glittery ornament,
that embraced me once upon a time
On a snowy day on Christmas Eve.

- DESCOVIA & Instagram: Cinnamonbunpuns

— The End —