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Descovia Nov 2022
Snow has covered everything
The unsettling comfort
composed of these
Lonely and cold times
Turns a heart to stone to indulge
In these harsh winter nights
Brought me to become more
pensive than ever before
Because on days like this
I remember how fragile I am!
That time is precious and
I could just melt for you
any given minute!
I’m just a frozen drizzle,
collected on your eyelashes
Just like this snow on this green
The stars that fill the sky of majestic wonder.
Continous love resonates strongly within my inner being. I breathe in your light and it consumes all tainted and misconceived by voices of lies!
Your embrace made me feel secure.
The warmth of your glow gave me infinite energy!
But, soon enough I’ll be a melted drop of snow...
Like the ones on Christmas trees
after the season is over
You will be my glittery ornament,
that embraced me once upon a time
On a snowy day on Christmas Eve.

- DESCOVIA & Instagram: Cinnamonbunpuns
Descovia Nov 2022
Fearless to everything
Immune to whatever
evil decides to bring!
I'm nothing to these
mirror-less illusions
Get trampled if you
get in the way of the movement
I'll try until I'm too tired to retire
I'm with playing the fire
Angels in my choir
I promise watch everything else burn
before I watch the fall of
the children's empire!!!

I stay on the live
Get off my back
or get blacklashed!
Red flags get burned
I see you frontin and watchin afar
I ain't about that!
I'm taking on everything
before I let it add on to tolls
The green light
is on me and
I'm the **** I guess....
cause I stay on the flow!
All over the board
until we pass the GO!
Can't even get the 200
You can't even keep a 100
how can you fix ****
if you always remain broke?!
You might wanna lean back.
Be smart with yo words.
Double D without any cap.
Ya'll trying to landslide on me
like your boy over here is a ***
I'm trying to be a family guy
but I might leave you with
handicaps like Joe! Oh?
Line em up. Line em up.
I run through you with lines
I'm not with the games.
I'll make this simple as Tic Tac Toe.
Breaking your mental. I'm in your mind
Criss-Cross out anyone
That stands in my way as foe.
Patience will connect everything
just bare with it, sometimes I forget
the important things that
reminds me what I KNOW!
Clear the path way, for my
children will follow where ever I go!
Ya'll trying to play my life
as it's **** game.
What I look like being
under your control?
wild out with five stars
and get a call from the general
I might go chaos
without need of any emeralds!
I'll attack and won't power out.
Assault and Infinite Battery!

I'm magically managing my way up to Mastery.
Chaos.Complication. Catastraphe
No matter, where I go in distance.
One cannot elude from premonitions.
I require disaster assistance.
Empathic issues, when anger is sensed
it's  like the whole world is mad at me.
I keep adding on to it all like calories!
I'm a walking delusional masterpiece
Spiritual fire, my ice kept me imprisoned
and I wanted freedom, I needed a release!

I know there's no saving me...
My mind and heart will never be at ease.
I wish all gods could hear my pleas...
I pray myself- destruction brings you
Some form of ever lasting peace!

Let me go....
Let me go....
Let me go..........

Fearless to everything!!
Immune to whatever
evil decides to bring!
I'm nothing to these
mirror-less illusions
Get trampled if you
get in the way of OUR movement
I'll try until I'm too tired to retire
I'm with playing the fire
Angels in my choir
I promise watch everything else burn
before I watch the fall of
the children's empire!!!

Rise or fall.
I will break barriers and walls.
I'll give it my everything
before the world takes my all.....
My song writing abilities. GROWING.
I am inspired by you all!
Descovia Jul 2022
I grew up in a family
Where there was more
questions than outcomes.
The pain numbing me
for a change to come
Learning from the gist of things.
I still feel from all my learning
I am not the brightest but far from dumb
I am not going to fail my son
Trials in traveling
I am facing everything
I am in need to become.

They pray and they plot
My soul will not rot
I am going to the top
Sit back and watch.
Get in the way. Get dropped.
Albums coming in stock.
Stories will hit the block.
Don't test me. I lost a lot.
None of it's fake it's no mirage.
Mirror me back, and blend in
without camouflage
I go hard as Smith
You will get Rocked.
I will steal my own life
before you take all I got
Nah I never stop.
Never feared any op
You over here looking lost.
Fools think I'm soft.
You just full of talk
You wanna go with me?
We gonna run through roadblocks.
You ain't ready to walk
Don't make yourself a mark.
I'm silent as the dark.
Quarrels with my absent counterpart.
Obliterate. I am shattering
your mind from a far.
I burn with the shine of a star.
I got the key for you
if you lacking the heart.
Reminder to my child
make the moves that are smart!
Real talk.
Every black sheep in the family
Became a goat for a reason.
Being different in a world
where we share many similarities with others
Finding subliminal messages in abstract concepts
that captivate our interest, there's unlimited reasons
as well as power resonating within you.
You are a GOAT. Every Black Sheep is.
What do Goats do?
They find away to the top of the mountain.
Needless to say, of the obstacles encountered on the way.
Descovia Jul 2021
The day I was informed, I was suppose to have an identical counter part.

"I am neither Matthew or Matt. That is a title belonging to a part of myself, consumed by the darkness.

A life of nothing, is there anyway to depart from this?

My own hatred brought me to suffocate on the light in my lungs.

The monsters inside, reminds me through vices to be strong.

Alcoholic nights. Mornings with Maryjane to ease the pain.

The weight of sadness and the madness hits me like a freight train.

The anger is the heaviest anchor, bringing my soul into the depths of torment to never breathe in freedom again.

Where did it all go?

What is left to show?

For I do not simply know.

My shadows been keeping company. In the darkness, I feel so lively.

During a full moon, transformation into my dark twin, activates sleeping forces dwelling inside of me.

There is no escape....

— The End —