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Long long ago Indian Sages had predicted
There would be a time
*** would dominate people's mind
Their prophecy is coming true
*** is increasingly prevailing over minds
Younger and old alike
Internet has opened floodgates of *** material
****** floodgates are open round the year
While hydraulic floodgates open during torrential rains
****** jump dissipates
*** energy
Similar fashion hydraulic jump dissipates kinetic energy
Fornication is common
Pre-marital *** a test paper examination
Where both are examiners as well as students
It's becoming a great menace
When it comes to minors
Parents fail to keep check on their children
What's is taboo for them
Children learn to raise their ***** while raising their fingers on the key pad
To curb increasing ****** activities on the internet
Which is becoming a bane for the society
I suggest the Govts. bring a legislation
Imposing '*** Tax' for internet users on data used on *** material
*** Tax be deducted at source by the Internet Service Providers
Filling Govts. coffers for social welfare
Undesirable ****** activities on the internet would be curbed
When their pockets are hurt
Modalities may be worked out by the Tax Experts
I have to make a few suggestions here
Filing of '*** Tax Returns' by the Internet Users should be dispensed with altogether
Penal rate ten times the normal '*** Tax' rate should be imposed
On Legislators who watch **** during business hours
Besides this, the Speaker of the House should be given special powers
Call such Hon'ble Legislators to the well of the House
And give ten pinches on their *****
So, in public interest
It's my advice to the Govts.
Please introduce '*** Tax' for Internet Users
Curbing the menace in the current situation!
Julia Mae Nov 2016
'i do not desire you, anymore'
like a closed door
you berated and left me alone
to wither within a passion
i felt was the sun
apparently -
you were too cold
Enola Cabrera May 2016
An unfaltering hunger burned through me
An undesirable need to be near you
You were my living, breathing drug
That I just couldn't seem to get enough of

Whitney Jade Aug 2015
Lengthened, stretching
Auburn curls.
Winding around the delicacies
Of profound life.
Growing incandescently
In a newfound, unsound method.
Vibrant with innovation,
Yet in the same instance, arid.

Many are awe-struck by this oracle --

She loathes her curls.
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Mind to mouth, misconstrue
Topic of conversation here's looking at you
My hearts worth more than the money in my pockets
Penny for your thoughts if you could afford it.
My time is precious, you can't deny this
Heaven or hell, who knows which exists.
Mind on a billion things at the same time.
Curvature is more than a four letter word
Maybe my body has been found less desirable
But do you know anything that has been this reliable?
All of these little mind games
We play with each other each and every day
Times are a changing at least you can respect
Before you're left with nothing but regrets
A little something about feeling insecure, and unwanted because I'm heavier than average.
Lillian Harris Apr 2015
These words
Will never
Fully express
The pain
My chest
When I
That you don't
Want me
you probably won't even read this.
Courtney Lyn Mar 2015
If I lay blade to skin
Will I bleed out all the toxins that make me so undesirable.

If I rip open flesh
Will I tear away the pieces of me that repel.

Will the anger and loneliness seep from the wounds
Leaving me whole again.

Can't I just pretend
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
You are my first one.
Are you ready for some fun?
The beating of our hearts is as one.

Only you are in my life,
One day I hope you will be my wife,
For always and forever.
Me and you in love.

I wish there were words beyond the words of love. I could
Give to you. “I cherish you and every moment I'm with you."
You are the only one in this world for me.
My eyes "Adore" you. My
Heart idolizes your soul. I

Keep trying to think of words that mean “Love greater than love.”
It always comes back to your strength, patience, intelligence.
Safe to say, “You define the words “Love greater than love.”

© 2013 - 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
I Love You Beyond Words (Winner of the Southern Oregon Shakespeare Film Festival)
Grace Jordan Oct 2014

You called my items trash. So what if you find them useless? So what if even they turn out to be useless to me? You still have no right to tell me what of mine is worth it or not.

Are you saying I'm trash?

Am I too wild and crazy for you to deal with?

You see me as nothing but a child, and that burns me, cuts deep, whatever metaphor of pain you want to use in this awful discussion. You look at me and see irresponsibility, but what actually it is, is difference. I am different than you. I know you don't normally have to deal with people who don't think like you do, correction, you don't normally like dealing with people, but you chose to deal with me.

If you can't simply accept me for who I am, as other friends have done before you, then I guess its time for you to go.

I began this blaming myself, kicking myself, for ******* up yet again. Always the ****-up, that Grace. But you know what? I'm getting my **** together the best way I can, and if you don't like how I function, then that *****.

I can't deal with people who can't accept me. Not right now, actually, thinking about it, not ever, really.

I have to be me right now. There is no other way, and if you cannot accept that, then I guess I cannot accept you.

Leave the undesirable and go live elsewhere.
Dean Chittenden Oct 2014
Its sad to say that will we probably never be. I think that I do love her. Its first time in my life that I can use that word and clearly understand the power behind it and still be comforable with the meaning. She told me there was someone else and well.. that ripped my heart to shreds. Pieces I cant put back together because the damage is already done. In the end I had so much fun seeing her. We spent every moment together for 2 days and a half. My life will be hard to come back to at home. Living a life where no one desires me the same way. A world where im a undesirable.
Same girl from Her

— The End —