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Mark Toney Nov 2019
First commercially successful
Video game technology
Pong arcade video game
Made by Atari
Loved by millions instantly
Started an 80 billion dollar industry
Pong -no Ping-
Just Pong

Simplistic graphics still astound
Mesmerized by the sound
Pong, blip
Pong, blip
Pong, blip

Hah!  Point made
In the shade!
First to eleven
In Pong heaven
Pong, blip
Pong, blip
Pong, blip

A social lubricant it became
Relationships formed
Playing the game-
Rocking to our favorite songs
Staying awake all night long
Taking turns playing Pong
Pong -no Ping-
Just Pong
7/27/2019 - Poetry form: Rhyme - "Pong was the first commercially successful video game, which helped to establish the video game industry along with the first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey... The game has been remade on numerous home and portable platforms following its release. Pong is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. due to its cultural impact." -Wikipedia "Pong" - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Emilia B Apr 2019
if you were to go to the beach,
into the sea,
far out
further, further.
place your head under the water and listen out
for the sounds of chains that seem so close,
that you could grab on and use as support to float
but really they're far far out, your eyes cant even see,
rusty chains grinding off one another, sour.

the sound seems so familiar
perhaps the time you tried to drown
your head slowly sliding under the water in the bathtub
holding your breath
thinking of nothing
but the sound of the pipes remind you of that video game you played, the one that made you curious

that in fact saved your life, the story you wanted to play over and over.
as every time you played you discovered something new.
it's beautiful, the theme song as your lullaby

maybe i was looking for an excuse to live,
the only thing that saved me was that video game.
Tyler Atherton Sep 2018

A scarf of red
And a jacket blue
Are all that’s left
Of brothers two.
One was short
The other tall,
But now they’re gone.
You killed them all.
You fell below
And earned their trust
Now you’re covered
In their dust
You wanted more
So you went mass
How could you be
So heartless and cold?
Now this story
With sorrow is told.
The flowers all bloom
And the bird songs tell
That people like you
S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L.
Little Lyssie Jul 2018
i understand now.
you're just uncomfortable.
you never left that convenient bubble
you're parents allowed you to form.
you were never really ready to have kids.
you weren't ready to take care of us
because you never grew up yourself.
we finally have a mind of our own
and you don't know how to react to it.
back then, you were never even ready for a relationship.
you were selfish for love
but never matured enough to take it on.
you really haven't matured since.
now because of it
your wife is suffering, feeling like she doesn't matter to you.
she cries mid-day because she can't keep you under control.
your kids feel like they're the parent-
picking up the trash you and your dogs leave behind
becoming exhausted trying to teach you what's right from wrong.
not understanding why daddy always ignores them,
never an "i love you" said,
not hugging them before they go to bed.
your parents don't have any respect left for you.
they aren't willing to help you out anymore
and they make that quite clear.
it's no wonder why there isn't anyone who wants to spend time with you- you never want to spend time with anyone outside of your online game.
all you do is complain.
you're just so uncomfortable with the thought of your children growing up, finding love, getting married and having children of their own.
and if it makes you so uncomfortable to see them now, just wait until they're your age doing ten times better than you've ever dreamed.
you won't know how to react to any of it because you never became comfortable with the way life works.
if you couldn't figure out how to grow up then,
how will you grow up now?
the sad part is
your big boy shoes don't have any growing room left.
i should be glad you're not an alcoholic or a druggie.
a smoker or a *****.
but i guess addiction is addiction
and it hurts just as bad.
it's a little heavy, but i know i'm not alone. and for those of you in a similar situation, i understand. you're not alone either.
Isaac Ward Jun 2018
The ship rocked-
Back and forth,
The village ablaze,
It would burn for days,

Bandits and yokai-
Stood in my path,
Katanas and claws,
No love, nor laws,

The shrine-
Kodama singing,
An otherworldly light,
Only for some's sight,

Fallen souls littered my path-
Their power aglow,
I'll leave it at the shrine,
What's theirs is now mine,

I'll board that ship-
Kusurigama in hand,
And inside the hold,
Release the demon's  soul.

Dodging aside-
The yokai furious,
I remain undefeated,
And claim my amrita.
Jey Blu Dec 2017
I'm only writing this
Because you asked me to
And I'd do anything for you

The perk tree
It's S.P.E.C.I.A.L
In many ways
To hold the world on your shoulders
To see things from every angle
To get through whatever life throws at you
To charm people to do what you want
To know what you need to know
To climb to the top
To fill in wherever you're lacking
I made this because my boyfriend asked me to
Aki Dec 2017
Theres this girl
This girl has been messaging me for weeks
Days, weeks, months.
Hell, it's almost a year already
Why hasn't she forgotten me?

She craves attention constantly
She knows I'm here, wondering longingly
My laptop is closed, but she knows I linger
With my glance, as my hands gliding along with the chrome glimmer,
It sends a shiver down my spine just knowing
She's waiting

She waits every single day
Hours, minutes, even seconds
Time stops for her
She has deleted everything and everyone important to her
Just to be with me

It sweet, but its disgusting as well
She doesn't have to do this
But she did this for me
And this feeling is not letting me be

I bought different laptops, since she has taken over mine
But she destroys them
Changing their codings
Changing their layouts
Just to have the chance to see me

One day, she will find a way out of my computer
And into the real world
This cruel, twisted world
Just like hers.
B Young Oct 2016
Caught in the clutches of the spindle
my party parlays its way through, ever increasing
grips of madness, fear of becoming overtaken
by the darkness.
Is this a metaphor?
Or, is this a game?
We are in a dungeon, deep, destroying
lest we are kicked for floundering.
The spiders spindle down from the roofs of this cavern.
Slowly descending, thirsty for blood.
My magic is powerless
My blood is becoming the feast
"Feed us your blood." The haunting thought reverberates throughout.

In the cradle of shadows.
Hides a man named Walks-In-Ash.
His face is the last I see as all fades to darkness.
Addy Stone Apr 2016
When you reach for the cold wooden board
your hands begin to decay
your skin peels back then hardens and falls off your scarlet bones.
A bright midnight flash struggles to push through to the other side of your mind
revealing that you passed years ago but are stuck in an actuality that doesn’t belong to you.
Life is all just a disorder, dead but you keep on living
a distorted mind trapped in an unborn child's head.
Or it could be a game from the further future that they play
controlling little beings within a screen.
The words engraved on the board now lay in your flesh and you cannot let go
from the reality within reality
but is the concept that hard to grasp?
You believe in God but not your own insanity?
We are the dead ones that are only able to perceive
they are makers of our madness
the creators of an urban fantasy
and they try to speak to us from millions of years in the future through a sharp birch wood board
but the lies we are told and the truths that this “world” withholds
does not compare to the unknown universe outside of this screen.
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