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Kayla Simone Dec 2020
The narcissist cried abuse in shame of committing abuse
The narcissist cried depression when he's called out on his laziness
The narcissist insults, but can't take the truth
The narcissist appears to have strength by deliberately picking his supply, but really is the weakest man alive
The narcissist stare... when someone has the guts to call him out is a deadly pair, like Jesus and Lucifer
But the narcissist stare when he is picking his battle is all that is there
Because if someone were to pick apart his ways and throw them in his face he'll run away

The narc held on to HIS truth although others knew THE truth because he has too much e.g.o to admit his wrongs

The narcissist provokes those who can't defend themselves
The narcissist can't control the world so he hates life itself
Asha Nicole May 2012
I loved the narcissist
The object of selfish beauty
Engulfed so deeply in herself
No suitors did she see.

I loved the narcissist
But no lovers did she meet
Engulfed so deeply in herself
through the mirror could she see?

I loved the narcissist
The way her beauty gleams
Engulfed so deeply in herself
she was too blinded to see.

I loved the narcissist
her eyes so vague and deep
Engulfed so deeply in herself
The narcissist was me.
Mike Hauser Jun 2020
In Narcissist Nation
It's all about self
What's in it for me
Forget everyone else

The views you cling to
I do not approve
In this all the above attitude
Without a clue

In Narcissist Nation
Only I have the right
To say what I say
False truth in my eyes

I'll follow the crowd
To the dark side of town
Then light a fire
And burn it all down

In Narcissist Nation
There's no need to discuss
I'll scream at you
While at me you cuss

With new slogans and sayings
On which to feed
As the world continues baking
In insanity

In Narcissist Nation
This will not end good
If we continue forsaking
All that we should

If we only focus inward
In this I, Me, Mine, time
And not see through into
This narcissistic lie
I heard a guy today say we've turned into a nation of narcissists... I'm beginning to think he's right.
A P Taylor Jan 2015
Narcissist I

Money questions hidden in cultures
Instead of debates, we have the vultures
They will overspend whatever their budget
Destroy years hard work, their odour pungent

Often called users, epiphytes of highest order
Those that cannot earn sufficient to quarter
Or manage their own, so they use others
Spending, unfettered, is their druthers

Cannot accept responsibility for damage
Continue to feast on their host, they ravage
Hollowing out from inside, funds they suction
Weakening the structure for eventual destruction

And weakened, debates then start about savings
Too late, funds gone, too late for the cravings
Absent conversation, leaves a bad situation
Long ago, train of debate left the station

What we have now is death and decay
All caused by silence, as the vultures flay
It will not be long until they seek a new host
Just when their former home needs them most

So leave they will, to claw the next poor victim
Removing their talons of love and devotion
Moving on, leaving behind just carcasses
Warm used bodies, mark of a narcissist
family matters
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Rise narcissist, rise!
Your life is built on lies
A star on your own stage,
though your locked in a cage.
Rise narcissist, rise!
Facing truth is your demise
Always need what they supply
Fighting life until you die
nate1990 Jan 2016
                      Her value more
                      Than an injection-
                      Of opiates...
                                            In binary form.
It was a sad day for that lonely narcissist
When her battery decided....
                                             To toil no more.
Obsession with social media.
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2014
I met a mysterious man
It was love at first sight

Thought he was charming
Things weren't quite right

He spoke to me romantic
Pure seduction in my eyes

I loved the way he kissed
It taste of such sweet lies

He gazed deep to my soul
He said I was perfection

Yet it was not me he spoke
But to his own reflection

He was a man so confident
Sure no one could disagree

So naive I was for thinking
That you could ever love me

Now I find myself silenced
A little lost book in a shelf

A Narcissist can not love
Except their beautiful self
Regina Riddle Oct 2014
I saw you looking in the mirror again today
You can’t seem to go past one
Without taking a second glance
Your own image seems to impress you
As if you were really in love
With the one staring back at you
You never seem to notice me
Watching you as you pass the mirror
And you seem almost a narcissist to me
Who only sees how you prance and primp
Staring long and hard at your appearance
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen
Another look so long or endearingly
Into that looking glass where we all see
Ourselves staring back at us
Could it only be me or are you actually
In love with what you see
Looking back from your reflection
And it is a little troubling to me
When I see you speak to yourself
Long moans of yearning
Puppy, I know you long to believe
That puppy in the mirror
Is your brother or sister!
Starlight Jul 2018
He is narcissist of highest character
is sunshine that is so smug
with its
wide smile
and rays that

yet sunshine is
still your happiness

he is holder of many hearts
he likes to clutch them like
soft baby skin
to his soft chest
and feel the
beating and
warm gush
of blood

it feeds him
some say
like your eyes
never could
like the spark
like the
breath never could

never could

like you
never could

he tells you that he has always loved the sun
you believe it is because he
sees himself when he
stares at it
in the reflection of the
car door

it slams behind him
as he steps over the

he does not whisper
of how your lips
were the key to his

he does not let his tongue
trail across your aching chest
as he murmurs
of how

you are the sun
you shine so bright

your skin is so soft

sometimes you believe he has forgotten
that he was once you
was once the boy who lied
beneath the hungry tiger
and let its jaws
wrap upon his neck

and squeeze

gentle narcissist
is he,

he likes to hold you to his chest
to feel your heart
and whispers about how
you are
and how he

doesn't care

a pang shoots through your chest
and you feel tears leaking from you
you feel as if he has betrayed you

and then he

puts down your heart
looks you in the eye
and says

I don't love you for your beauty
I love you for the fire
that spurs my wind
darkness that
sets my
skin aflame
Kari Jan 2014
Mirrors telling lies    makeup
         Painting illusions,
Making caricatures from my face, a
Character in its place, playing
Narcissist    every    day.
If I love me they will come,
If I love me they will stay.
This part masks insecurity,
If I say I love me, won't they?
Pretending to love myself so others love me.
Jake Taylor Nov 2011
the niggly nasty narcissist
who keeps you off the road insists- to stay in all your thoughts he sits and strips your magical mind to bits with all his games and all his grifts a punch a preach consider the junk he's ******* sift, mist or haze
send him away
cause your wisdom yo its better than this,
so think - the ways to rip this spit
im a free man now
peel the author away from this
blow your mind !
just to see the way that i can outline this
and keep myself a verse afar from all your ****
Saint Ozz Apr 2014
Echo and Narcissist

He stared into her life
It enveloped him, metamorphosing his reality
Sometimes we are changed until we dont remember
those quaint things that we pretend to adore
and lose ourselves in the Medusa’s gaze
of a life
trans-formative and different.
Human connection changes us sometimes for better sometimes naught
The shadow we cast is ours but ever changing
We are changed by those we enter and leave
We are amalgams of those we change and those
who change us for better or worse
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2012
Un-veiled Narcissist

         THE             POET
   WHO                      TALKS
    AD                            INFI-
Nitum                             About
  Ones                            Self,
     What                      Low    
          # is                  S/he
Duchebag Rabbi aka p. *****, aka Arlo ***** mouth
wolf Spirit, aka sychophant ( aka the WEEKLY POET ) and attention seeker, panderer supreme
Ryn aka awful, writer and poser
Aka ad you own
To the growing 'PANTHEON of HP POSERS'
Devin Weaver Feb 2013
Life knew it would be hard
So it hard-wired its many children
With a self-serving fondness
Life was well aware of the darkness
And for fear of objectivity
Man was subjected to instinct

Life knew of loneliness
So it made us laugh down
Through our bellies and slap our knees
Life was well aware of heartache
So it drove us toward pleasure
And made us forgetful

Life made us forgiving
Resilient, blissful
Life, the narcissist
Knew of limits
And made us to imagine

Life watched me balk its efforts
And gave me to you
Perched before the mirror,
my eyes open to see
the greatest of loves there in front of me

With a smile, a chuckle,
a nod and a wink
I’m falling in love above my bathroom sink

My ocular captions
are fixed in a gaze
and neither denies
our lust-worthy ways
Never before
have I seen such a marvel
Brought almost to awe
yet I recant such sparkle

For my status is equal
or better than such
I say with full modesty
(as if I must)
The greatness exuded
Displayed on both sides
It is something that I
and the other can't hide

All of those who now know
and all those who shall see
will admire and greet us
down on bended knee
Consternation displayed
only to be outdone
by illustrious gestures
to this royal son

But enough of the rest,
there is just you and I
“All of those poor, poor people”,
we say with a sigh
They will truly not know
what it is to be us
When you don't have to worry
And don't have to fuss

This supremacy life
is a difficult one
My heart would feel pity,
(If I had one)
Instead it’s disgust,
disdain and the like
The fuel that's propelling me
forward with blithe

Still across from me now,
a reverent sight
Another near equal
and one who just might
be the only one worthy enough possibly
To stand here beside me for others to see

They think they all know
but know nothing they do
It's the jealousy had by them
for I and you
They’re like chlorophyllic plants
Dripping in so much envy
They try and they try;
They try to prevent me

From being the greatness
I know I can be
If just given a chance
Then perhaps they would see
But alas, in the end
it doesn't mean ****
What I care for is me
Only me
and that's it

Except my love for you
It's so deep can’t you see?
It is real
I can feel it
I truly believe
Only you I can trust
The one person who matters
The one I turn to
when life breaks and it shatters

All others are pawns
I can move on the board
Sacrificial pieces
for falling on swords
No dispute; I am king
Come stand here with me
It’s us versus them
And trust me they will see

It might not be today
It might not be tomorrow
But it will be soon
when they join me in sorrow
Make all of them pay
For what they’ve done to me
For the pain they’ve inflicted
Their fault, you will see

Anything that I do
Even though I will try
They keep holding me down
No idea; Don't know why
They are all out to get me
So plainly can see
But one thing you won't see
is not the last of me

Here, take my hand lover
and come with me now
We'll go out in the world
and together show how
Their pathetic existence
can benefit us
We may step on some ants
But there's no need to fuss

The hole that is empty
That is our damnation
Use things superficial
Instant gratification
It's a short-term "fix"
But will make-do for now
In our path, leave destruction
This much I will vow

Happiness, thoughtfulness
or concerned empathy
Some examples of words
unfamiliar to me
Therefore, no one can feel it
Must feel like I do
Only then I'm complete
Feeling I belong too
Written: August 31, 2017 (revised February 3, 2019)

All rights reserved.
JaiJai Nov 2014
He build me up only to tear me down
With words that hide behind a laugh, "I'm only playing"
But I can see through you and feel what you're doing to me
Breaking my confidence, my strength
Questioning my character
And for moments you had me
Under your manipulation
Consumed with the gratification when something was pleasing in your eyes
Inside I become wary of what I might say and how it'll be perceived
I can't live up to your perfect "image" of what a woman's suppose to be
The truth is it's too exhausting pretending to be okay
That somehow you'll change, when I've been exposed to your true self
The self that finds fault with almost everything
The self that refuses to love blindly
The self that is domineering, controlling, deafening
The self that is cold and calculating
The Narcissist in you
Seán Mac Falls May 2014
Un-veiled Narcissist

         THE             POET
   WHO                      TALKS
    AD                            INFI-
Nitum                             About
  Ones                            Self,
     What                      Low    
          # is                  S/he
Ishita Jan 2017
She was a full bloomed flower
Poised,grateful and gentle
Brimming with love,selfless and secure
But you plucked her petals,one by one
Slipping by the hands of trust.
And now she's engulfed in a web of lies
Broken,bruised and burnt
She was your admirer,once and forever.
For you were the sun.
And she was the earth.
Just stop questioning her,
Over her self discovery.
For you've made a narcissist recovery.
Don't take anyone for granted.
Lorraine day Nov 2013
He does not think before he speaks
Wounding all with words he meets
A trail of destruction left behind
Oblivious of his dysfunctional mind

Never wrong he's always right
Insecurity is his plight
An enemy to himself within
Everything always about him

No middle ground
No compromise
He'll twist the truth
With articulate lies

His ego grandiose
As he stands tall
His aim to watch you
Retreat and fall
Emotionally void
From the human race
Defiance etched upon his face

Your life now fraught with  pain and worry
As he does never intend to say
I'm sorry
Cuba Dec 2014
My little flame haired narcissist
My little blame game arsonist
Match filled scarred fists
Lighting fires on the night shift
Making money out of cat calls
Beating down your glass walls

I know you’re sorry
But you don’t know how to say that
You don’t know how to apologize
For the war cries or the lies
For all the times you ran the rinse cycle on these eyes and left my head spinning
Because to me it was never about who’s right or who’s wrong
and to you, to you it was always about winning
No matter what it cost, no matter what you lost
Dry mouthed and on principle denying yourself water
Singing to the world about being a single mother while denying your daughter a father
Why would you ever ******* bother
Why bother trying on these shoes and shouldering the weight of your own problems when I was always there, ready and willing to try and solve them
Why bother confessing your sins when I had already absolved them
You’re not a single mother if someone else pays all the bills and makes sure your daughter is fed.
Your tongue was always sharper than knives but you could never be bothered to break bread

My little flame haired narcissist
My little blame game arsonist
Match filled scarred fists
Lighting fires on the night shift
Making money out of cat calls
Beating down your glass walls

I know you’re sorry
I just don’t care
Why don’t you go find where I’m not
and you could stay there

My little flame haired narcissist
My little blame game arsonist
Match filled scarred fists
Lighting fires on the night shift
Making money out of cat calls
I see through your glass walls
Ashton Jul 2016
They turn even on the closest in their lives
They lie.
They are blameless.
They are "perfect".
They belittle you
They tell you youll never be good enough
And you're just a huge disappointment
They strike fear in you to make you hush
They strike you down when you refuse
But you're her child so you must obey
You're her child so whatever she says goes
And no one will ever step in to help
Because you are her child
And you must obey...
Your mother
The Narcissist
Wolfgang Blacke Feb 2014
Look up at the beautiful people
As he looks down on you
From his shaky pedestal
Sparkling eyes cite celestial

Loathing a godly view of self
Is surely blasphemy
Rip open his chest
See where his heart should rest

Hear the angel's forked tongue
Spit poisonous words
Protecting a shell like ear
Harsh words he can't stand to hear

A man that thinks himself better
Never thinks much
Perfect in every, foregone conclusion
Mirrors crack and shatter the delusion

Look up at the disfigured wretch
A victim of his own venom
Turn away from those milky pupils
Devoid of love, life and scruples
Jessica H Nov 2015
She professed she'd die for him,

Not realising he wasn't even living for her
Àŧùl Feb 2015
There are categories....

Positive: Narcissists think they are better than others.
Inflated: Narcissists' views tend to be contrary to reality. In measures that compare self-report to objective measures, narcissists' self-views tend to be greatly exaggerated.
Agentic: Narcissists’ views tend to be most exaggerated in the agentic domain, relative to the communion domain.
Special: Narcissists perceive themselves to be unique and special people.
Selfish: Research upon narcissists’ behaviour in resource dilemmas supports the case for narcissists as being selfish.
Oriented towards success: Narcissists are oriented towards success by being, for example, approach oriented.
I'm a 'Positive Specially Oriented towards success Narcissist'.
It's okay to be so.

Actually it's good and needs no medication.
Setenance Aug 2014
breaking away
from all these

plodding away
i drift
dreaming of death
and endless rapture
shedding this flesh
that binds us
to the stone
rook Oct 2014
you're an idiot to believe
And a heartless ******* to conceive
Or rather to ignore
What happens, thinking
About repeating
Your troubles mean nothing.
There's not a **** thing wrong with you so
Blind are the eyes
That stare deep into their own reflection

Dead is the mind
That worships thoughts of its own creation

Even the angels are made for more.
Humanity is frailty we mustn't ignore.
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
Veronika Jan 2017
I am your mother
I will make you feel incompetent all your life
You will always seek my approval
I will reject your individuality
I will know what is best for you
What you should wear
What you should eat
Who you should be
Who your friends should be
Who you should marry
I am your mother
You will be grateful
For raising you
Feeding you
Teaching you manners
Allowing you to have an education

I will bully you from the bottom of my heart
But you must accept me as I am because I am your mother
You only have one
UHG Nov 2013
You know I fell in
with you Once.
But I was A little bit
Too Late,
Because You fell in love with

— The End —