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Luisa Dec 2017
That’s it, I’m done
You don’t deserve my time.
That’s it, I’m gone
You’re not worth a dime.

That’s it, I’m free
I have walked away
That’s it, I’m rising
Every dog has their day.

That’s it, I’ve deleted
Both your Facebook & Instagram
That’s it, I’m smiling
I feel sorry for your newest fan.

That’s it, I’m feeling better
That you’re no longer in my life
That’s it, I’m ******* grateful
I never became your wife.

That’s it, I think I’m healing
I’m starting to feel more like me.
That’s it, I’m no longer interested
In what you’re doing Lee.

That’s it, happiness is coming
Only to me & not to you
That’s it, your door is closing
I no longer love you Lee, I promise you that’s true.

Be with Liz, be with Ria
or be with old Jill Cole,
No matter who you’re with though
You’ll always be in your hole.
Luisa Dec 2017
You are the only one who made me feel whole,
I gave you my heart, my body, my soul.
All of your promises turned out to be lies,
I’d been gazing into the devils eyes.
Luisa Dec 2017
I write this with an open heart,
Even though I have no where to start.
My pain & heartbreak know no bounds,
A body so weary & a head that pounds.

I’m drowning my sorrows every single night,
Barely managing to function by saying “I’m alright”.
I was the one that ended our affair,
You told me you loved me yet don’t seem to care.

I’m lost & I’m broken without you here,
Yet every day with you I lived in fear.
I hope by day 57 I’d be feeling better,
Instead of crying in bed drafting a suicide letter.

“Lee, I love you; I hate you” in the same breath,
I feel like an addict and you are my ****.
I don’t actually know how to move on,
How do I get over this entire love con?

The start of the healing process is in closure, don’t you find?
Not getting that is messing with my mind.
The overthinking & obsessing each and every day,
I need to know what you really felt in each & every way.

I wish I had an “off” button,
Or at the turn of a key,
Something as simple as flicking a switch,
And immediately forget you Lee.
Luisa Dec 2017
Why is it you’re so empty,
What is it that you lack?
I started to dissolve my marriage
Whilst you got other women in the sack!

It’s been 8 weeks today
That I last texted you
To say it was over
I was sick of your lies & the constant queue

Obviously there’s Liz
She’s such a dope it’s unreal
It’s heartbreaking for me
That there nothing for her you feel

You messed us up
For her & a few more
Yours lies caught you out
What was it all for?

So in the 8 weeks
You’ve put it about
Liz up in Leeds
& Ria with out doubt

Then you stayed at Jills’s
On the second of December
Did you **** her
Or the daughter, remember?

Yesterday you went home
Down to the south coast
I hope your family is well
But wonder who’s your Weyman’s Avenue host?

Was it Tracey Rose
Or someone else you’re trying to hit on?
Remember I know you well
There’s so many women you lovebomb.

I need to move on
I need to forget your scheming ways
I wish more than life itself
You’d vanish in a haze.
Luisa Dec 2017
I wonder if Stella knows
The extent of your lies & deceit
I wonder if Stella was aware
Of the depths of your conceit
An arrangement with Emma
She was a 17 year old child
As a 38 year old man, a report should’ve been filed.
At the same time you were with Tara
not an arrangement but a love affair,
She fell for you hard, giving birth to your baby
but it was a life you didn’t want to share.

Still living with Stella but struggling with life,
A lie like that hanging over you is bound to bring strife
A whole year Tara endured having you deny your daughter,
By sending the birth certificate to Stella she knew you’d be a lamb to the slaughter.

So you moved out the house and into a rented flat,
Announcing you were single and getting back in the saddle just like that.
There were lots of other women before you met me,
Mandi, Nikki, Anne, Becs & Molly plus another 33!

The pattern in your behaviour is narcissistic - it’s plain to see,
Except to all your victims, that’s including me.
You have never ever had a proper relationship gap,
You move on to the next one so that they all overlap.

I’d like you to be happy, to properly settle down,
To stop the lies & cheating, stop being such a clown.
I wish you’d have an awakening & see the hurt you’ve caused,
Instead of jumping in another bed I wish you would’ve paused.

Now that we are over you can’t be my concern,
You’ve abused my heart so badly now it’s someone else’s turn.
Running back to Liz, your story you’ll have to tweak,
She’s so easy to manipulate, she is so ******* weak.

Day 50 of no contact and at times I feel quite strong,
Educating myself of narcissism shows me you are wrong.
I still have times I cry and scream, the hurt will take time to fade,
Especially the memory of the babies that we made.

Friends whisper words of comfort in my ear,
Some of the things I don’t want to hear.
Hating you is helping it’s hardening my heart,
To the love I feel for you & did from the very start.
Luisa Dec 2017
The monster inside you reared it’s **** head,
The day you decided to take other women to bed.
When I found out the truth behind all your lies,
You stared at me blankly, no reaction to my cries.
That’s the moment I realised how evil you are,
And just how low I’d set the bar.
Still I fought for your heart and our dream,
You made me smile like the brightest sunbeam
At moments like that I dismissed the hurt and the pain
Believing your lies when you said “it won’t happen again”.
Well, predictably it did & I finally said “that’s enough”,
“No one deserves to be treated this rough”.
I plucked up the courage to say goodbye,
“I’ll always love you” was your last lie.
I have to be strong, I have my life to save,
If I’m being honest I wish you were in a grave.
Only when you’re dead & gone is when I’ll find my peace
That’s the day my love for you will actually finally cease.
Luisa Dec 2017
Flushing your poison out of my veins
Trying my hardest to break free from these chains
I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul
For nearly two years I dug you out of your hole.
You used me for my money, to the tune of three thousand pounds
Lying, cheating and faking, oh how the deceit mounds.
The hurt I’m feeling is crucifying me
& a change in my daughter that I don’t want to see
You promised to empower us and love us both forever
I thought it was us against the world, the three of us together.
I was wrong to place my trust in you I was wary from the start
I tried to ignore the red flags I saw, I was determined to follow my heart.
My daughter is so hurt and angry, a furious teenage mess
She’s proud of me for walking away, she knows you deserve much less.
It looks like that’s what you’ll be getting, by being up in Leeds
Misery, sadness and distress as well as Liz’s STD’s
Luisa Nov 2017
A poem on your birthday because I’m thinking of you,
It’s day 50 of no contact & I’m still feeling blue.
I was hoping it’d get easier but you still dominate my thoughts
I’m so bereft you continuously lied, I’m all out of sorts.

So it’s your Birthday, you turn 44
I hope it won’t be long before karma knocks on your door
I guess you’ll be waking in your bed all alone?
The first thing you hold onto will be your phone?

Heading into work for your early morning start
Then heading up to Leeds to break another heart.
You just don’t want to be alone, I know that I am right.
Getting older & not settling down has given you a fright.
I KNOW you don’t love Liz, you are using her to suit
Once you’ve secured something better you’ll give her the boot.

It makes me sad that you can’t be on your own
Forever you’ll probably wander, never settling only roam.
I would’ve been your everything you’d never have wanted for more
Except you’re a narcissist with a need to bed any *****.

I think you are angry that I found the strength to leave
All your cheating & drama, a web of lies you did weave
I finally found my pride and even though it hurts like hell
At least I’ll never have to listen to another warning bell.
Luisa Nov 2017
I always ran from everyone
Thought love was just a myth
Then you walked into my life
And set my marriage adrift

Yes we were rocky, yes we were on bad ground
But you came into my life and ruined what you found
Is it because you’re selfish or have a need to destroy?
Or is it out of jealousy and I was just your toy?

I hate people who cheat I think it’s so unnecessary
So my opinion of myself isn’t low it’s actually very very
I didn’t know what was happening, you swept me off my feet
Speaking about our future, obligations you’d never meet.

I fell in love so quickly & deep
So many promises you never intended to keep.
I think you wanted to ruin a life to make yourself feel better
You made a mess of yours which is why Tara wrote the letter.

I wonder if you are aware of the damage that you’ve done
I wonder if you actually care to you it’s probably just fun
I know that I have to shoulder some blame - I’m not an innocent in this,
But Lee you manipulated me right from the start & bewitched me with a kiss.

The blame I have taken and I’m paying for it now
The hurt & the pain caused by breaking my vow
He is so angry, betrayed and confused
And now both of you have left me battered & bruised.

I know what I did was wrong, I wanted to be with you
But I was stuck in purgatory because you couldn’t be true
I didn’t know whether to give up on my dream
When we were together Lee we made an awesome team.

I decided to give you a chance to prove that I was the one for you,
Your actions then told me what I needed to know - you took the opportunity to *****
So many women when you said you’d wait for me
I couldn’t risk leaving him if faithful you wouldn’t be.

So now I’ve left you, I’ve walked away
It’s not like you made any attempt to make me stay
You’ve broken my soul and all feelings for Mr. B
Whether him & I still have a future, I’ll have to wait & see.

I have told him he deserves better than me, I’m a poor excuse for a wife
I’m a co-dependant empath who got wrapped up in another life
Only someone trapped & abused would understand how I fell for Lee
He listened to my woes & pretended to be a man he’ll never be.
Luisa Nov 2017
The runner & Samaritan, your depression an attention plea,
Now your mask has fallen, it’s very clear to see.
I now know that person is a fraudster it’s true,
Every time you are nice it’s a fake version of you.

This knowledge is causing me trouble in processing the fact
You obviously never loved me, it was all just an act!
I’m overthinking everything wondering what I did wrong
Why did we stay together if you hated me for so long?

I know I did nothing, I’m not the one to blame
You cheated many times yet you feel no shame.
Well run back to Liz you sad, broken boy
It won’t be long before you’ve got a new toy.

Then Liz will know I’m not the toxic one
That you’ve been cheating on her all along
Trying to message Ria from the Newton bed in Leeds
Well she isn’t interested you’re the last thing that she needs!
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