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Setenance Jul 2017
the cold waves follow
in the wake of the warmth of the wind
and I, numb and wrestless
the warmth that once held me, gently
knowing that it never could be, for me
fearing that what I hold, will bury me
and the knowing
will bear my thoughts endlessly
beneath the sea.
Setenance Jul 2017
i am the sweeping grey
i am the cool mercurial rays
i am the fleeting warmth
before your shiver
the endless shades of silver
i am the gently listing fingers
of the over burdened sky

i am the rumbling locus
of depth and density
the softly meandering incorporeality
i am the dissipating shade
and almost
Watching a rain storm in the distance somewhere in the Midwest US
Setenance Jul 2017
within me
the door
the beckoning

i'm afraid
to look inside

i may just find
no thing alive

by consequence
by design

by my burdens
i'm defined

by my curses
i'm refined

my consequence
my design
Setenance Jul 2017
look deep
     and almost
secret eternity
Refrigerator magnet poetry
Setenance Jul 2017
illustrious soul
you are
a breathe of life
in my stillness

i long to hear my name
upon your lips
as a whisper
a seance
a summons

from soliloquy
my spirit

you are a beacon
in the darkness
shaping ghosts
into silhouettes

thus I am
and I fear
your nearness
for your radiance
by its nature
would banish me
My version of love poem
Setenance Jul 2017
your demons
it seems,
are your children,
your dreams.
(the meaning you see in things).
they have always been here.
needing you.
fearing you.
hearing you.

they are the yearning truth,
heed them and hold them and know them.
feed and compose and unfold them.
before the never they were golden

            a universe was inverted.
            they, were themselves, reborn.
            however, now, contorted

ever endless severings dwell in their untellings.
wanting for forgetting.
but beckoning an ending
for the shadows they are shedding

with your most tender thoughts,
touch them and love them and listen.
with your greatest truth listen.
with your compassion, affect them.
with your acceptance, perfect them.
Haven't posted here in ages. Hope you enjoy this one
Setenance Aug 2014
never felt
as when
i let
my body
my mind

let the animals
deserve to
no one can
what they do
listening to band 'animals as leaders' lol love em
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