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Ashton Oct 2016
You dont have to prove yourself to everyone
Not everyone understands your situation
Not everyone can see your view on things
And not everyone knows where youre standing
So just make sure you understand where you're standing
Know your view
Know it well
Thats all you need
Is your assurance
No one elses
Ashton Oct 2016
I make mistakes
Im not perfect
Sometimes those mistakes are big
And they hurt people
But i never intentionally mean for that to happen
Im a good person on the inside
If you could see my heart
And feel the pain i feel when i cause pain
Youd understand
Ashton Sep 2016
I miss your voice
The way it calms every ounce of fear in me
The way it soothes all my aches
The way it feels my heart with this warmth
The way it gives me a sensation like no other
The way I know its yours
I miss it
Ashton Sep 2016
Sometimes you have  to show what makes you different
Ashton Sep 2016
Without rain
And rainbow could never exist
Without pressure
Diamonds would never be made
Without saddness
Would we really know when we were happy
Without pain
Would there be joy
I guess we have to have pain in the world
For us to understand when things are okay
Idk im just not in a good mood and im thinking about a lot
Ashton Sep 2016
One day
They are gonna look at you
And they are gonna regret
Ashton Sep 2016
You just want to be accepted
For who you really are
But everyone around you
Makes you feel as if
Who you really are
Isn't okay
Or is weird
And just unacceptable
So you have to goo through life
My family
My life
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