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Dream Caster Sep 2014
Sadness rips through your heart.
It didn't end, why did you start?
Crying tears of reddest blood,
pouring out like a crimson flood.
But then the tears go away and
your face cracks a smile again.
The blood is washed away when
your body is cleansed by the rain
Dream Caster Sep 2014
Like a drop of water are you.
Separate from the great sea.
You are you and not like me.
But join the ocean and
become one of us!
It is something you gain
and not really a loss.
Little drop falls into the sea
Then alone never again
you shall be.
Dream Caster Sep 2014
I'm not myself.
I am someone else.
I talk to me, I converse,
but my thoughts shatter.
They disperse.
In the mirror I do someone see,
but that person just isn't me.
I see this man with coal black eyes
And always he tells me all these lies
But I have to believe in lies that are true.
There's just nothing else that I can do
Dream Caster Sep 2014
You have nice teeth he said
Yeah, I replied. I've got these
thoughts in my head that I
never get sick, that I'm big
and strong and that my life
will be long.

Yeah, you know just what
to do. You've got the wolf in
you. Your friend is different.
He's not the same,
kind of meek and tame...
And I've seen the trolls,
some that are big.
Looked at their feet, tried to
touch 'em and I almost did.
But you know many things and
smart are you too.
You've got the wolf in you.
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Rise narcissist, rise!
Your life is built on lies
A star on your own stage,
though your locked in a cage.
Rise narcissist, rise!
Facing truth is your demise
Always need what they supply
Fighting life until you die
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Inside thou art empty now, all hollow,  
and the dark thee soon will swallow.
To me, to the night, thou art a slave.  
Thou mayest live for a short while longer...  
Then to the pit with thee, to the grave!  
Beneath the blackest earth shall thou reside.  
Oh, how thou then wilt wish thou hadn't died.
But alas, for thee it is far too late...  
Die now my friend,  
and walk past Death's gate.
Dream Caster Apr 2014
Is it right to take a life?
To slash a throat with a knife.
Is it wrong to **** just for fun?
To blow someone away with a gun.
Gotta keep silent about this...
This is a big secret I must not spill.
But I have always know that...
I've got the right to ****.
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