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John Glenn Sep 6
there I was, closing my eyes
hearing what they couldn't see
voices as cold as the night
she was an old woman yesterday
a young girl today,
an old maniacal man tomorrow
apparitions and entities
with whispers so loud
images fetter me with dread
and as I try to cup my hands
unto my ears, the ears of a madman,
and stretch my blanket
over my cold feet and curled up body,
kick, and scream, and wail,
and cry for help
in the dark of night,
I am silenced by such fears
I've seen the nasty places
not with the eyes
but through my ears
I am not schizophrenic but God knows how horrible it must be to be one.
mer Jun 8
She covers the bags under her eyes with a face mask
and her split ends with conditioner,
her bitten ****** nails with pure white polish,
and calls her binge eating "treating herself"

She tells herself it's self care --
pretends she's doing herself a favor
by covering up her pain
so she doesn't have to look it in the face.

But face masks peel off
and conditioner washes away,
those perfect white nails will chip and wear off,
and eating disorders were never a treat
in the first place.
Anastasia Jun 2
I don't expect them to sympathize 
I know how twisted it sounds
yet for me
it was my savior 
from the start

From the beginning 
of when I lost myself
when he took me away from myself
when I had nothing else to let go 
or nothing else to willing give away

He broke me
every time I saw him
I lost another part of myself
just when I thought 
he'd already taken everything I had away

This ongoing struggle will forever remain
but as humans
we all suffer
and gradually
we thrive from it
it slowly builds up
a stronger sense of self
using the pain
to create a brighter future
CL Fjell May 20
Huge round drums beat within my ears
Flood my brain with debate of self hate
I sing my favorite song
They hate my favorite song
Screaming to shut down my mind,
Tempt me to hate my own voice.
It feels like I'm watching my life from-
The outside, and it's a horror show.
I just wish I was young again
Hannah May 4
I see myself
And I cry
And I cry
In mourning
In grief, the way Eden
Sank to grief
Dawn goes down
As I go falling
Between the borderline
And if you are
A borderline
You are everything
In one person
The blackness is murderous
The whiteness is deafening
The inbetween is
Defeating, they said.
as I lay
Thinking of abusing
Substances for I have lived
My whole life
Abused heavily with menace.
Isn’t it sad
To live your whole life as a child
being taught that love is myth?
In a malicious intent
My so called loved ones
I was surrounded by;
Trying to educate me
They thought they were
Enlightening me but in fact,
They were teaching me how to
Despise myself slowly
I have been diagnosed since years
I am a borderline case.
I wish it was my fault
But it was like a shrink in
One’s armour
An atrocious exhibition
Of young a young teen
Living her whole life
With a monster
A Bipolar case
I wish for oblivion
I seek death
Set me free.
TD Apr 20
I weary of my self-reflection
in the peaking light of morn.

As the tired strains of pale rays
filter through dilapidated shutters,
creating patterns on my form
highlighting a tentative resolve.

The blankets tossed about
proclaim a rest less than desirable.

Soon I’ll slip out of bed
shoulders drooping in defeat
as I battle what I fear the most
what to wear.

Hashtag #insecurities.
Hannah Apr 13
I am still alive
and that is all I know
about life and the
pursuit of living.
There is no meaning;
We are all floating
into space.
I am in one of these
lavender fields
scratching my itches.
I would love to be
tranquilized, for eternity
if not then I do not want
The hardest element I have
conquered in life is that
I have always been
fighting the living scrabble
out of myself each minute
to figure out the
And the dust I was made of- stardust.
The imperialistic house
should be burned
but I would rather
stay here
coated in substances.
More harm, less feel.
Hell is watching the people
you love; suffer.
Sam Maye Mar 9
on screens
will always be prettier than me
so that red button hangs in the air
until i press it
and I explode.
Sam Maye Mar 9
A glance out a window
every time I raise up
up into the air
from the ground;
a single push up
one after another
keep going
til your lungs hurt
and your back bruises
and then do some more.
Why am I set
to self destruct??
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