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nate1990 Aug 2016
It's been a while
Boxes upon boxes
Of unorganized ponder's...
Day dreams......
No hope to sort through it all
A lit cigarette smolders
tangles It's compelling scent
throughout the void


A single match teasing it's unparalleled aptitude, as it dances between my fingers.
By the stoke of a single feathery touch
All is erased.
nate1990 May 2016
I don't write poems
I live through words
I don't know how to haiku
How about you?
Do you even stanza bro?
I don't.
And I don't really care
Get lost.
Out of here?
See its complicated.
I live through words.
I don't write poems.
Picture this as a mirror
Your reading a reflection.
Past tense representation.
A thought " selfie"
Tomorrow I'll look back
Probably find something I lack
I don't stanza bro.
I just live.
Through words.
I don't write poems
nate1990 May 2016
You couldn't tell by looking
Or even asking for that matter.
That I'm not alright.
Every day is the worst day of my life.
It's just a cycle
I think.
**** everything.
For the most part.
I mean. I do smile
When I see someone **** up.
Satisfaction comes from sadistic reaction.
That's just me.
I hate me.
Who really likes themselves anyways?
Even the most narcissistic animals
Bathe in self pitty from time to time.
Though I've seemed to have drowned in it.
I like the smell of it.
It's hell.
That's just me.
A selfish ****.
But you could never tell by looking..
Or asking.
nate1990 Mar 2016
It always changes
Never stays the same
Left in the dark
Force fed the blame
Locked in prejudice tides of emotion
Drowning in the swell of your ocean

It always changes
Never stays the same
Painting the white to grey
Painting the white to grey.
Sickness works it's way in
Keep praying to these demons within
Born into misery
It loves my company.
Hanging around my throat
Bringing me down to lunacy
crawling through the seams.
nate1990 Feb 2016
I've built these flames so high
With passion that's eating me alive
They once served me
With their warm
Graceful licks
And angelic light
Guiding me
Comforting me.
Becoming so out of controll
I can't stand within one hundred miles
How I wish I didn't work so hard
To gain everything at once.
I just want it now.
I just want it all.
Consume me and take my body
Leave the ashes as proof
Slow and steady wins the race.
You will get there.
Don't let greed's vicious-
Serpent like tongue
Taste upon your motivation
It will rob you
Of everything.
  Feb 2016 nate1990
When people are searching for god
The very often look to the skies
They very seldom look inside their minds
nate1990 Feb 2016
It can't
Ever be
Like before
Before it was
Was before
And before it was
Was it ever be ?
So it is.
When it's gone
It goes
Before it was
Ever be
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