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JaiJai Jan 2015
The wind blows through me
Filling me with memories
Of the past I left
JaiJai Jan 2015
I sit on the edge
of loneliness and listen
will he ever come?
JaiJai Jan 2015
I tried to call tonight
As usual your phone is disconnected
That is exactly why I broke up with you
You're never there when I need you
Available.... yet, unreachable
I had hoped that you would get it together
Be the reliable man I neeeeed you to be
For our future, our family
The hypothetical one of course.
I'm sorry that I needed more from you
I'm sorry that your half-*** wasn't good enough
Because it's ruined my life as well as yours
Here I am growing up
There you are stuck
But I'll save my apologies
No use in trying anymore
I've walked out that door
I'm having trouble closing it
JaiJai Jan 2015
I find myself missing
Missing his calloused hands
The smell of his sweat
JaiJai Jan 2015
Death is but the sweetest sorrow
To be lost and gone the 'morrow
Til' the soul it finds an end
Who to those don't understand
Let it be, as must it should
To find peace within the gloom... it would

Oh, how justly it is aught
God's great hand which is sought
Angels held his air like structure
Bring about no pain or destruction
Let it be, I must say
That we shall go another way
JaiJai Jan 2015
The break of dawn has come again
To resurrect us from our pain
With flowing tides of ivory
We shall see what the world
Was meant to be

Do not weep tears of sorrow
For today is lost tomorrow
Count your blessings, everyone
The day the Lord hath done

Miraculous are his works indeed
Restore in us a brand new reed
To be strong, Full of Joy
Until the day, Alas!
The day we shall rejoin
JaiJai Dec 2014
I wish I had words to express
Words packed with hidden metaphors and allusions
Words that lifted hearts and transcended consciousness
Words that accurately portrayed what I feel at this very moment in time
Yet all I have are ambitions, wishes
A mind that jumbles emotions into labyrinths of secret desires
All I know is I miss it
Miss what once was
And deconstruct because that time has past
Gathering what's left
To build again
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