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Regina Riddle Oct 2014
His eyes are growing dimmer
He doesn't romp and play so much
Although he is still a beggar
His eyes are growing dimmer
They're almost the color of azure
He does still love my touch
His eyes are growing dimmer
Now his paws don’t seem to clutch
My angel dog is 14 years old and I am more crazy over him every day. This poem is a triolet
Regina Riddle Oct 2014
I saw you looking in the mirror again today
You can’t seem to go past one
Without taking a second glance
Your own image seems to impress you
As if you were really in love
With the one staring back at you
You never seem to notice me
Watching you as you pass the mirror
And you seem almost a narcissist to me
Who only sees how you prance and primp
Staring long and hard at your appearance
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen
Another look so long or endearingly
Into that looking glass where we all see
Ourselves staring back at us
Could it only be me or are you actually
In love with what you see
Looking back from your reflection
And it is a little troubling to me
When I see you speak to yourself
Long moans of yearning
Puppy, I know you long to believe
That puppy in the mirror
Is your brother or sister!
Regina Riddle Oct 2014
Autumn colors of gold and orange
Uninhibited by the emerald charms
Touching hearts with amazing ease
Uniting minds who long to please
Miracles floating through the sky
Nurturing feelings that simply pass by
Acrostic written for a contest on Poetry Soup
Regina Riddle Oct 2014
Drenching rains fall on
A colorful leaf lined lane
Leaving clear liquid puddles.

The silence of fall
Beckoning through the naked limbs
That reach, waving, for the sky.
Sedoka Written for a contest
Regina Riddle Aug 2014
He whispers to me inside my dreams
A familiar voice with love that brings to me
All of those feelings that were so common when
It was just him and me, our dog and our bliss

I find myself talking to him of every day things
Just like when we used to be the best of friends
I say that I’m cooking our favorite meals
And then going to watch a movie entitled “Ghost”

It was his movie, the one that touched his heart
And it could send shivers through anyone’s spirit
All about a couple who were forced to live apart
One in the world and the other in the world to come

Now when I dream and awake with a start
I feel him near me, almost like a soft touch
But what truly sends shivers along my spine
Are the words dido he speaks from the other side
Regina Riddle Aug 2014
Faint stillness of the night falls swiftly down
and masked raccoons now pillage darkest night.
Fluffed owls with sparkling eyes are flying free
and rabbits, gently moving, sniff the air...
The hounds - from hunter lost - do bay and whine!
Marked deer with spots or racks go pawing trails
and bear cubs ramble near a sparkling stream.
Uncommon moths blink near the lights outside
and possums scramble up the hillside earth.
Soft light of moon obscures the beauty there
and adds romance to this nocturnal scene.
Amid the forest’s trees of pine and oak,
these charms display the gift of God’s design!
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