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Luisa Nov 2019
What should I do to help me sleep?
Carry on counting those blasted sheep?
I count them in a field but just get frustrated.
On my much evaded sleep, I am fixated
I’ve tried counting the ewes jumping fences
My brain is still alert and so are my senses.

The reason I fail to fall into a much needed slumber
Is a deep rooted fear, my problems encumber.
The Narc fills my head and my heart, though I try
To forget what I feel, move on and not cry
It’s hard, I won’t lie, I must forget what I feel
It hurts me so much I honestly thought it was real

The love, the connection felt so true to me
His lies and his cheating proved that it couldn’t be.
I went back and gave him chance after chance
and all he’d did was lead me another merry little dance
The situation gave him power, he’s a narcissist you see
That’s why he’s moved just along the road from me

He enjoys causing turmoil and drama in peoples lives
Almost as much as he enjoys seducing other men’s wives!
I fell under his spell and walked straight into his lair
The were red flags galore but I wasn’t aware
Of the destruction he’d cause and the havoc he’d create
Heartache and pain, he wasn’t my fate.

I gave him two years of my beautiful life
Yet in the end all I reaped was trouble and strife
I love and adored him, I gave it my all
Then I found out about all the others, how could he be so cruel?
I gave him my soul,  the love of my life, my universe
Luckily I escaped alive, it could’ve been in a hearse!!
  Dec 2017 Luisa
night shade
You can't recycle wasted time
You can't fix mistakes
You can only make amends
Mistakes come with time
Mistakes come with love
You write your future
Mistakes rewrite your future
You can make amends over time
Mistakes will last
Time will not
Time is limited
But there are infinite possibilities on how you use it.
Just something
Luisa Dec 2017
That’s it, I’m done
You don’t deserve my time.
That’s it, I’m gone
You’re not worth a dime.

That’s it, I’m free
I have walked away
That’s it, I’m rising
Every dog has their day.

That’s it, I’ve deleted
Both your Facebook & Instagram
That’s it, I’m smiling
I feel sorry for your newest fan.

That’s it, I’m feeling better
That you’re no longer in my life
That’s it, I’m ******* grateful
I never became your wife.

That’s it, I think I’m healing
I’m starting to feel more like me.
That’s it, I’m no longer interested
In what you’re doing Lee.

That’s it, happiness is coming
Only to me & not to you
That’s it, your door is closing
I no longer love you Lee, I promise you that’s true.

Be with Liz, be with Ria
or be with old Jill Cole,
No matter who you’re with though
You’ll always be in your hole.
Luisa Dec 2017
He didn’t love me, not really,
He just didn’t want to be alone.

He wasn’t prepared to wait for me,
He enjoyed watching me hang on his every word.

He never intended to be faithful,
He always had another ******* the go.

He never felt a soulmate connection,
He beguiled me into believing the lies.

He never wanted “us” the way I once did,
He just wanted to bring me down into his darkness.

He wanted what all narcissists want,
Adoration, Affirmation and a new member of his harem.

He will one day realise that I was everything and he is left with nothing. I will rise, my heart will again be free. The way it’s going to start is by learning to love me.
Luisa Dec 2017
You are the only one who made me feel whole,
I gave you my heart, my body, my soul.
All of your promises turned out to be lies,
I’d been gazing into the devils eyes.
  Dec 2017 Luisa
You are so much to lose;
and for how I've gained
I'll accept all your burdens,
sorrow and pain;
but is it worth it for you?
with all my mistakes
I know they've caused you

melancholy and disdain.

It's mid-December,

but it feels like spring
such as the world, we are an
odd, complicated thing.

I just can't see you seeping
anything useful from me.
I am the raging forest fire that

mercilessly swept across the trees.


I don't mean to burn you,
I simply try to breathe

I can't help that it's within my nature
to destroy everything I meet

in time
with a heavy laden heart
my love

you'll fall to ashes at my feet.
I don't know what's wrong with me... I don't know what I do wrong... Maybe that's what's wrong with me?
  Dec 2017 Luisa
Brent Kincaid
How do you sleep at night
All the stuff you did ain’t right
You cheated and you lied
It’s known about far and wide
Every day more comes to light.

How do you hold up your head
You should be ashamed instead
You’re the cause of many quarrels
You have few detectable morals.
Your honesty balance is in the red.

We all know all we get from you
Is promises that won’t come true,
You don’t care about any one else
All the matters to you is yourself.
You’re outrageous trash in all you do.

So how do you live with yourself
As Santa Claus’s very nastiest elf?
Every rule you choose to break
Is based on whatever you can take
Regardless of hurting someone else.

Wishing you bad usually isn’t cool
But in your case I’ll break that rule
Since you so often serve up hate
What you deserve is that same rate.
I’m polite, but I am nobody’s fool.

So, I hope you get exactly what
The people you have cheated got
That you end up with just a stone
And spend your time all alone
With your hopes and dreams all shot.
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