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Luisa Apr 2021
I drink to remember
I drink to forget
The hurt in my heart
The fog in my head

My soul has been sold
Without permission or warning
I want to reclaim it
I’m all excuses and mourning

The alcohol in my veins
Keeps me in this sad, pathetic state
Needing to clear my mind, start afresh
Above all, let go of all of the hate
Luisa Mar 2021
An early Spring ray of sun
Reaches my office floor
I wish it could reach my heart & soul
I beg of it, I implore

My darkness now feels like home
A comfort so wrong, yet right
Maybe this fate is what I deserve
I’m ****** to an eternal night
  Mar 2021 Luisa
Inside a room somewhere in my mind
I sit alone in the darkness
I can't break through the bars I'm trapped behind
The beat of my pulse constantly racing
A panic rises as I cry
Blood drips down my chin
I stare out at the dark starless sky
all the beast are real
They stalk me in the night
I wait for them to come for me
This to be my last fight
I fake my smile
And pretend I'm fine
A mask so well displayed
Emotion they can't find
I hate this cage
The chains that bind
I scream for a savior
But they can't hear my cry
How do you see
The girl hidden inside her mind
Life in an exoskeleton... FUN TIMES
  Mar 2021 Luisa
No - don’t kiss me
unless you're planning to
start a new habit.

Don't borrow kisses
unless you can return them
with real interest

Remember girl
it's all fun and games 'til
someone falls in love
  Mar 2021 Luisa
Self love will always be
And will always be a struggle
It's the constant acceptance
Of you lacking, of your own flaws
It's the dissonance between
Settling for what's in store or
Trying to see what's for more

Self love is about
Answering the screams you hear
Inside your head once everything
Has settled and calmed

Self love is about
Addressing your fears, of what is
Keeping you awake at night

Self love is about
Letting your tears fall, letting your
Emotions take over every while
For self love is not about sparkles
For it is dark, painful, and tiring

It's hard, isn't it
Luisa Mar 2021
Maybe I grasped the wrong notion
A site meant for poetry in motion
Random musings are easy to find
One sentence isn’t a poem in my mind!

Not all poems have to rhyme
But some of your writings are a crime
A felony against art and words that wield power
These low effort attempts, hundreds each hour

I bet Sylvia Plath turns in her grave
At these pathetic bids some of you gave
Where is the rhapsody, where is the verse?
Your words should be in the back of a hearse

Where is the structure or composition?
Posting your crap was a poor decision
You might hate my words, though they are true
In my opinion, you have some work to do!
Who else is fed up of a single sentence being coined as a poem? Or something akin to a motivational quote being passed off as one?
Get rid of the low grade efforts! Post your **** on a blog instead!
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