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Darling Darling
You are not okay
Your eyes are wet
And your wrists are stained
Darling Darling
You are not alone
These thoughts are not yours
You don't have to go home
Darling Darling
You can run away
Not to danger
But a place to stay
Darling Darling
Don't you see
You don't need to go
You're safe here with me
Darling Darling
Don't you say it
We won't be better off
We won't celebrate it
Darling Darling
Don't you cry
I know it's hard
So just close your eyes
Darling Darling
I'm right here now
I will love you
I think I know how
Darling Darling
You're alright
Look at you
Living another night
Darling Darling
You're not dead
I'm so proud
Now rest your head
Darling Darling
Look at the time
You're fast asleep
And you'll be just fine
Darling Darling
I wish you'd see
I love you
Just as you love me
No disclaimers
Ellis Holden Feb 2020
Oh darling I'm in love
Oh darling I'm in love with you

Oh darling the way you smile
Oh darling your smile sets everything a glow

Oh darling my heart to you
Oh darling fully yours to crush

Oh darling you know nothing
Oh darling what I feel for her

But oh darling I do feel
Oh darling the love between us

But oh darling you don't know
Oh darling you just don't know what stands between

Oh darling I do hope
Oh darling I do hope you won't leave me

But oh darling you do hate
Oh darling you do hate those like me

Oh darling to you those girls are ****
Oh darling they are objects of desire

But oh darling they aren't people
And oh darling i'm just like them

And oh darling to you those boys are hazards
Oh darling those boys are wrenches in God's great machine

But oh darling those boys are my brothers
And oh darling I'm just like them

Oh my dear darling  we're going to have to let each other go
Oh darling I'm going to have to let you go
#lgbtqia #bi #lgbt #love #valentinesday #valentine #sad #darling
Diana Jan 2014
I think I saw you in my sleep, darling
Darling, you were in my dreams
You never seem to leave my mind, darling
Darling, why won’t you leave?

There’s something about you, darling
Darling, I just don’t know what
I’ve never seen someone like you, darling
Darling, you’re unique

I love the way you smile, darling
Darling, your laugh is divine
Your jokes are kind of corny, darling
Darling, I still love them

I love how awkward you are, darling
Darling, you’re oh so shy
But that’s ok, darling
Darling, we’re just the same

I know you don’t notice me, darling
Darling, I’m invisible to you
But you take up so much room in my heart, darling
Darling, I love you
My darling, my darling, my darling,
I writ this that you may be seeing,
I'd writ a poem, a rhythm, a song,
I want you to come and dance along.

My darling, my darling, my darling,
My heart has so much more to say.
If I had all the stars in the world,
Would it have made thou love me first?

My darling, my darling, my darling,
If I were thee and thou wert me,
Would thou have undone the story,
And rewritten my whole love poetry?

My darling, my darling, my darling,
All is dark here and sunlight is gone,
But you live and love there too far away,
I shan't see you tomorrow and today,

My darling, my darling, my darling,
I miss you much and I want you too,
I want not anyone else but you,
To embrace you with a love so true.

My darling, my darling, my darling,
And you'll always be my Immortal,
The one I'll seek for endless nights,
The one I wanted, this morn and last night.

My darling, my darling, my darling,
I want you here to sleep by my side.
Sofia stunned me yesterday once more,
I've loved thee again like never before.
CD Oct 2014
Darling, Dear Darling; What if I was to tell you?

What if I was to tell you nobody's really real; Not the Barber, Not the postman, Just you and me, Floating in space on the spinning rock called earth. And if I was to tell you, Darling, that they were all inside our minds, Would you take my side and face it all, just us?

Darling, Dear darling, what if I was to tell you that the animals are none aswell; Flicker in, flicker out, they're fading away, The image is weakening. Darling, I fear soon it will just be me and you, trapped in our minds, side by side, floating in Space on a spinning rock called Earth.

Darling, dear darling, What If I was to tell you that the trees are dimming too? We're losing them, the pines, the oak, the cedar; They were never real either. All inside our minds... But it's okay now, it's alright little darling; We'll face the world hand in hand, floating in Space on a spinning rock called Earth.

Darling, last night, when I looked upon your shadow, It flickered unsuspectingly.
Now, darling, dear darling, Isn't that absurd?

Dear, dear darling.

Now, what If I was to tell you that you've lied to me along? What If I now said that you were a part of it all, aswell?
What If I pronounced that perhaps it's just been me, Floating all alone on in Space on a spinning rock called Earth.
Dear, you're flickering out. You're fading. You're leaving, to somewhere; to the place where the things that don't exist go.

Take me with you, darling.
Let me escape my mind.
Shower Thoughts.
J Lohr May 2013
Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
I’m so sorry for this;
I’ve done you wrong so many a time,
Finally babe, it's my victimless crime.

Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
Need to apologize,
Realize I’m mad and bound for decay,
Need to tell you; the fleeting light of the day.

Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
I’ve lied, through these, my guilt,
Kneel here repenting, hugging your hips.
Start to break down, what was sobriety dips.

Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
I’ve done it all again;
You’re already aware of my past,
Your fears they will continued, here I relapse.

Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
I’m back to it, the past.
These scars and old wounds fester again;
I’m back in the dirt, like a dog in his chains.

Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
You’re forced to know this now;
I fought, and I fight, it’s gotten bad.
I broke, then killed a man, giving all I had.

Oh Darling, Oh Darling,
There was that look again!
You my rock, my only salvation;
Gone, apartment empty, at the bus station...

Oh Darling, you’re no longer mine!
I cry into a mirror, cursing my name;
Sorrow turns to anger, these fists to blame.
A crash, broken mirror, a home inflamed...

Oh Darling gone, Oh Darling gone,
I can only apologize with my life,
A true sacrifice to never enshrine...
Curlan Eiruc Dec 2018
Darling I write to talk to myself as a self reflection
for the affirmation
to have a bit more clarity
for the stagnant jeopardy
I get myself stuck in

Darling I write these poems as love letters
like an omen
for my eyes to remind myself
I'll always have me and only me

Darling there aint ever gonna be a darling
that will stay forever
because everyone hears stories and they dont neccessarily want to bother

Darling you can be
amazing and beautiful and talented
but only you'll know where you've landed
and where you're landing
and where you're standing

Darling it may be a ditch of depressions
or an anxiety suppression
making you always feel caged by somethin
and there's no sight of the way in

Darling you love quiet drives on an empty highway with someone by your side,
soft music playing in the background, your lover breathing away your sighs
but everyone likes that until the dreaded realization

Darling you can paint skies and broken lies and make broken ties into beautiful dyes on a blank canvas,
paint your dreams,
your real emotions
people will stare and say amazing but they wont stay for the ending

Darling you can tell all your sad stories, words, artwork.
But in the end you will care for yourself more than others will,
because for them there's a bill at the end from consequences that depends
some will deal some wont
there's no real winning cards
dont hope for a support
just dont

Darling your heart has been broken by the world,
told there's and entity up there that cares for your soul
until you grow and you learn and all you can do is survive
what's the worth of their oath just to have a good last goodbye

Darling you only have yourself,
there is no one else
No guy with twinkling eyes
or parents with truly loving goodbyes
no guidelines to survive your loneliness
no way to tell if you'll die from this lie of a world
you find your own worth
you are your own earth
you love your own birth

Robyn Oct 2012
Darling, you are in the masks I wear
I wear to hide myself
Darling, you are in the songs I sing
I sing when I'm alone
Darling, you are my skipped heart beat
I beat the ground in anguish
Darling, you are the kettle drum
The kettle on the stove

Darling, you are the seat filler
But I can't look away just yet
Darling, you were just a corner figure
But now you're always in my head
Darling, you're never bright or loud
But now your voice is like cold thunder
Darling, I hate to say it but
If you're the sea, then pull me under

Darling, I was alone until now
Now I finally understand
Darling, I've been pushed away
I've pushed myself as well
Darling, of all the times I've cried for love
Love's never cried back to me
Darling, you're right, and I hate to say it
But I've pulled you under, for I'm the sea

Darling, I've heard my heart beat
A million times before
Darling, I've heard the birds sing
A million times before
Darling, I felt the warm breeze
A million times before
But you are new
and you are welcome
Welcomed like you've never been before

Darling, I wish your face would turn
My face to turn as well
Darling, if you do not love me
Then love is like a jail cell
Darling, if we occur
At all like I have written
Darling, I'll welcome you to me
But first welcome me to heaven
my darling
my darling
you are a dear sweet girl

my darling
my darling
you are the prettiest pearl

my darling
my darling
ever you'll shine in my eyes

my darling
my darling
you'll always light my skies

my darling
my darling
you put beauty in my days

my darling
my darling
I love you in so many ways

my darling
my darling
you're my heart's melody

my darling
my darling
I'm so blessed to have thee
Ariel Taverner Nov 2013
My heart is under a pile
My heart is a pile
On top of my heart there is a gun
The same gun I wanted to use to **** myself
The gun of redemption
On top of that there lies boulders
Boulders with names upon them
These boulders protect me at the core
Wrapped around the boulders is a mirror
To show lies
To hide the truth
To protect my heart from hungry eyes
Strewn around the boulders Lie bullets
Millions of bullets
upon bullet there is a name
I have not found my name yet but time runs out
Around the bullets there are chains
Chaining my heart to ground so that it will never be swept away
So that even a tidal wave will not affect me
Around that there are rags
These rags stink
They arex *****
They are disgusting
And finally around that is my heart
My fake heart
The one I show a girl whom does not love me
This is the heart everyone sees
This is my protecting heart

Please darling go to my heart
For me please darling
Go to the fake one and see through it
Remove it darling
Then after that look at my rags
And use them to clean your tears
And clean my rags
And fold them up and pack them away
Then my darling the chains are there
They are strong
No person has broken them
Please be stronger than the chains my darling
Break them and fix me
Break them and sweep me off my feet
Then my darling I will kiss you and care for you
My darling please do not stop
Go to the bullets and find mine
Put it in your pocket and never lose it
Then my darling look in the Mirror
And use it to see beauty in me  
Please my darling tell me I am beautiful
Please My darling
Then roll the boulders away
Show me
Show me you are willing to work for me and my heart
Then my darling take the gun and load it
Load it with the bullet you found then
Shoot yourself in the leg
Make me a part of you
My darling
Do this and I will love you
My darling please be my darling
People alwayd depict a girl being saved but men only seem like they are fine
jade May 2021
darling, i wish you hadn't lied when you said you loved me
darling, i wish you hadn't broken all your promises
darling, i wish you loved me the way i love you
darling, i wish you'd considered my feelings
darling, i wish you didn't make me so sad
darling, i wish we could've lasted longer
darling, i wish you cared more about me
darling, i wish i didnt love you so much
darling, i wish we were something again
darling, i wish i made you happy enough
darling, i wish you didn't like someone else
darling, i wish we could have been even more
darling, i wish you hadn't hurt me the way you did
darling, i wish you'd been more careful with my heart
darling, i wish we could have done everything we planned to
thank you for reading<3
Katie Williams Apr 2015
Darling, where are you going?
I thought you said you were staying...
Darling where are you going?
I thought you said you would try...

Darling, why are you leaving?
I know I can change
Darling why are you leaving?
I know it doesn't have to be this way

Darling why wont you come back?
I thought you loved me true
Darling why wont you come back?
I can't help I'm falling apart

Darling I'm better, can't you see?
I'll be sane to keep you
Darling I'm better, can't you see?
I'll make the voices stop

Darling will you love me?
I can't handle being alone
Darling will you love me?
I need you to stay

Darling wont you save me?
I'm forgetting how to breath
Darling wont you save me?
The voices don't stop their screams

Goodbye Darling
I can go on no more
Goodbye Darling
Waiting isn't worth the pain
This is my first poem on here! Please be gentle, but helpful. Thank you!
Marisa Lu Makil Aug 2017
I am not in love with you
The way you are with him
I don't get butterflies
And goosebumps on my skin
I don't want to touch you
I'm not haunted by the might-have-beens
But darling, oh my darling,
I love you

I don't want to share our beds
In dark hotels at night
I just want to watch the stars
And hold you oh so tight
I don't want to kiss you
I just want to give you my whole life
And darling, oh my darling
I love you

I love how your lashes sweep
Over your sleepy eyes
I just think you're more lovely
Than all the sweeping skies
You don't have to love me
I just wish there was a compromise
*** darling, oh my darling
I love you

I love you as I love myself
And often even more
If I am every ocean wave,
Then you must be the shore
There's something in your eyes
I just love the way I am done for
And darling, oh my darling,
I love you

My best friend, I adore you
And yet, you adore him
He is the lover of your life
And I am just a friend
I don't want you to leave him
I just want you to let me in
*** darling, oh my darling,
I love you

And when one day you remember
The days when we were forever
Darling, oh my darling,
I'll still love you
Lexie Jan 2014
Darling if you love me
You have to be brave
Darling if you love me
Don't let go of my hand
Darling if your love me
Hold your head high
Darling if you love me
Don't you forget
Darling if you love me
Don't ever leave
Darling if you love me
Kiss me sweetly
Darling if you love me
Tell me you need me
Darling if you love me
Say so now
Darling if you love me
Let the wind knock us down
Darling if you love me
Lay in the cold snow
Darling if you love me
Let everything else go
Darling if you love me
Tell me what I need to know
Darling if you love me
Don't you ever ever go
Gabriela Torres Apr 2012
Harmonic strums of an old guitar
Endless interpretation nights
My Darling, My Darling, looming far
Flashbacks; reminiscent timely old sights

Darling, darling, may you sing along?
Sadly, just the the same old song
the gloomy melody heard much before
the same expression you once wore

A past buried deep underground
Trained fiercely not to make a sound
But Darling, darling, those cuts are much deeper
Than my broken wings, or your shattered mirror

So here I am, trying to kneel
Pretending as if you can’t feel
Continue lurking in our past mistakes
Darling, darling, how long will it take?

So I'll keep pretending and apprehending, my emotions that “don’t exist”
While you keep lying, I’m complying, dragging my feet in this supossable “bliss”
So please, this once, just grant me my release
Darling, darling, return me my peace
Cheryl Wang Jul 2016
​My darling, my darling, my sweetest of sweets
With roses for lips and plump peaches for cheeks
My darling, with ringlets of gold on their head
My darling, who now lies cold, still, and dead.

My darling, my darling, most beloved of loves
With the heart of a lamb and the mind of a dove
My darling, who loved the world in my stead
My darling, who now lies cold, still and dead.

My darling, my darling, my dearest of dears
Who smiled of pleasure and knew not of fear
My darling, whose footprints I now tread
My darling, who now lies cold, still and dead.
Earl Jane Apr 2016

Wake up my darling,
Your eyes I want to behold,
Empyrean turquoise.

Wake up my darling,
Your ears I want to whisper,
Listen to my love.

Wake up my darling,
Sway with me as I kiss you,
Your lips I'll indulge.

Wake up my darling,
Feel me as I enfold you,
Feel my warmth, dearest.

Wake up my darling,
It's another new bright day,
To show you my love.

Wake up my darling,
Let me lock figers with you,
Jointly, we stride brave.

Wake up my darling,
Let me sing my love to you,
Feel peace in my song.

Wake up my darling,
Wake up and savor my love,
This bond we relish.

Wake up my darling,
Yesterday, now, forever,
Our love will not end.

Wake up my darling,
Together let's praise our God,
For blessing this love.

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3 <3

wake up peaannuuuttttt !!!!! ♥ ♥ I miss you a lootttt !!! Aaaaa lloootttt !!!! Thinking of you lots !!!! I love youuu ssoo ssooo mucchhh!!! God bless our love.. I cherish you a lot !!!!! A looottt!!! I am patiently waiting for you!! I love youuuu mmmoosstt!!! Mmmeee mmmoosssttt!!
kurvalmedia Feb 2018
Funny how guys take girls and make use of one out of many of their talents, gifts and uses.
Darling come near I see your hurt let me carry some of your bruises.

I understand you just want love and daddy wasn't there so you're stuck running after the wrong dudes.
Darling come near let me help and have some of your wounds.

Why you catching feelings? He doesn't care if you're breathing, probably doesn't even remember your name.
Darling come near I'll comfort you in your pain.

You and him had *** but to him, you were nothing more than a toy that he could play.
Darling come near I'll do whatever I can to help you make that memory go away.

He treated you to dinner just so he could get your three deserts.
Darling come near let me help remind you not all guys are perverts.

He took you to a movie just so later he could watch you get naked.
Darling come near remember we all make mistakes we've hated.

Addicted he treated you like a cure to his *** addiction, but really your beauty and uniqueness is a drug.
Darling come near I'll hold you or even just give you a hug.

For guys who have mistreated girls, you're all going below earth because you failed to see her worth, girls are all a blessing and you're all a curse, a real man can treat all woman right, whether she is or not Mrs right, don't judge, love and give hugs, stop thinking life's a game of hustle, you don't know their struggle.

He left you in fear.
Darling come near.

We can talk and dry up your tears.
You're all queens, you'll find someone who sees that sooner than the next few years.

He left you in fear.
Darling come near.

He helped you just because he had an alternative motive, rode you're feelings like a wave in the oceans.
Darling come near, I'll listen to you talk about your emotions.

He left you broken at the end.
Darling come near, I can be a good friend.

For he left you in fear.
Darling come near.
Rebecca Scull Sep 2014
When he calls me darling,
his hand is holding mine.
When he calls me darling,
my anger lasts a short amount of time.
When he calls me darling,
all my sadness slips away,

Except when I realize he won't be mine,
all of those things replay.

But when he calls me darling,
I desire for just his touch.
I desire for him to hold me,
he does not have to say much.
And when he calls me darling,
the world is suddenly alright.

But when he calls me darling,
I remember he isn't mine.

But it still means the whole world to me,
and he still means a whole lot.
because he was the first and only one to know me,
with all my weaknesses or not.
He recognized my strength,
but caressed me for my weakness,
He recognized my reality,
its fatality and its craziness.
He saw all the walls I had built up,
and had painted to show how I felt.
Except my side of the wall was real and the other side was not.
I showed the whole world what I was capable of,
What I was faking and breaking up.
He recognized me for my flaws,
and accepted me for all.
He recognized all my mistakes
and took me by the hand, and showed me this place.
This place he was never capable of living in,
but that he had shown to many.

He took me by the hand and said,
"Darlin' here I am. And here is this place,
you can live here if you want to,
but not within my embrace.
You must choose one or the other,
eventually but not now. I will stay
but only for a while,
until you sleep safely in the clouds."

I chose not long ago,
to give up and release them both.
But he took me by my hand,
and told me darling,
you must go home.
That place was meant to be
the one thing that kept you going.
I'm here only for the moment,
and to keep your memories floating.

So go back, he cried,
and be happy.
Because I cannot give that to you.
But I brought you here my darling,
Let your sorrows wash away and disappear.

When he calls me darling,
his hand is always in mine.
And when he calls me darling,
I am reminded of that time.

When the whole world had wanted him,
but only was he mine.
I didn't mean to upset you darlin'.
Allison Jan 2014
Darling is it bad that I don't feel the sun anymore?
I'm afraid I've broken myself again.
Afraid that someday I'll lay down and feel the need not to push myself to wake up again.
Darling is it bad that I don't see the stars in the sky anymore?
The ones I use to lay in the grass and look up to.
The ones I use to make the same wish on every night they somehow disappeared and I can't seem to remember that wish.
Darling is it bad that sometimes I think the walls are screaming at me when I'm alone?
I don't do all that well in the quiet green room I have when no one is home.
Maybe that's why I found peace in a razor to block out the quiet
Darling is it okay to stop and not think for awhile?
Just lay in one spot and forget about it all?
Darling can I stop and think about you for a while?
I think your the only thing I like thinking about.
Being okay for a little feels good.
Feels like those walls can move and breathe around me.
Darling I'm afraid I'm not good enough anymore.
I can't fix myself like I have been trying too.
It's hard putting the pieces back together when I can't find them.
I would search my soul and my heart for these pieces that I lost but I get so tired, I gave up.
Darling is it wrong that I want to be prefect?
Prefect for you and myself so being alive doesn't have to be a chore anymore?
Darling. Don't leave.
I've already gaven up on myself that I can't have one more person write me off.
Darling would you be mad at me if I leave?
I would never leave you but if one day I disappear you can look up in the stars, that's were I'd be.
I've always found peace in stars.
Maybe I'll be one one day.
Maybe one day you will be looking up at one and it will be me.
Darling maybe you will remember the wish I always wished while looking up at me.
Much love Darling,
But not no love for me Darling

Ignorance can sometimes take over the population of our young people
Like one time a girl asked me
"How the hell does a girl get ***** when she's there too?
How could she let that happen to herself?"

And I responded
it's not always so easy
Some people like to think that if they were put in a position of ****
That they would be able to push the guy off of them
Punch him in the crotch
But what if the man is stronger than you?
Would you expect him to listen when you repeat

"No.. Stop"
"No.. STOP"
Over and over again

But he will not listen
He will instead
****** until there is nothing left of you to ****** at
He will grab your arm
Or pull your hair
Until you no longer care
Because this is the norm' for you now

What happens when your ****** is someone you know?
Someone you love?

When you were younger an told tales of ****
You imagined being grabbed by someone you don't know
A complete stranger
You imagined yourself screaming and hollering at the scene of the crime
But people won't always hear your protests

Much love, Darling
But no no love for me Darling

No love just *** on his end
But you don't completely realize that's all it was
until it IS the end

Oh, you want to be friends still?
Why would someone ever want to be friends with a thief of virginity
You took something all the screams in the world could never get back

You bottle it up for weeks
Before you let someone know you tell your mother
She says
Being a ****** is overrated"

She still loves you
Doesn't judge you
Dear God, Dear God
How did you bless this Earth with such an angel?
She stands on holy ground
While your ****** is the constant flame that surrounds purgatory
Literal Hell on Earth

Darling don't blame it on yourself
Because no angel
No angel
Could ever be capable of committing a crime so hellish
Your are an angel,

Much love darling,
But not no love for me
Meka Boyle Jan 2012
Your bottom lip is quivering,
As if the moment is weighing down upon it.
Hold it in, darling.

Your hands are intertwined with your tattered sleeves,
As if the more you fidget, the less you will feel.
Hold it in, darling.

Your eyes are taking on that glassy look,
The one always followed with silent tears.
Hold it in, darling.

Your voice is beginning to waver,
As your words run into each other, fumbling out of your mouth.
Hold it in, darling.

Your gaze is fixed upon an insignificant crack on the wall,
As if staring at it long enough will give everything less meaning.
Hold it in, darling.

She's telling you that there are people who care for you, that you aren't alone,
As if they could ever truly understand.
Hold it in, darling.

She's asking you how you feel, she want's you to talk about it,
As if saying how you feel would make it any better, it won't.
Hold it in, darling.

Somewhere between the onesided conversation, some sort of closure was reached,
As if you even opened up in the first place.
Hold it in, darling.

Now you're all alone in the cold, small office, getting ready to leave.
As if you had been present in the first place.
Hold it in, darling.

Don't ever let them see you cry,
Save your tears for the middle of the night,
And until then,
Hold it in, darling.
Gary Gibbens Dec 2011
Key of E

Darling, darling, darling
Don't you think the sun will rise today?
Darling, darling, darling
Don't you think it'll rise today
Oh, don't you see it shining
Don't it make your mind feel okay?

Travelling in the darkness
Yeh, travelling in the rain
Travelling in the darkness
Yes, I'm travelling in the rain
I can't see where I'm going
But I've got to leave again

Walk me to the corner
Tell the man about your soul
Yeh, walk me to the corner
We'll tell the man about your soul
If he don't give us money
We're bound to leave this hole

Darling, darling, darling
Don't you think the sun will rise today?
BryceEntice Mar 2014
My dear darling
Put on a pony tail with a pink shirt and some blue jean shorts and is happy as a flower in the sun

My dear darling
Went to school everyday
Shes getting picked on
She wounders why they judge her

My dear darling
Gets called names and judged
She has no friends
She changed her clothes from pink to black

My Dear Darling
Foundout how to deal with this pain she has
She started cutting
In hopes to bleed to death

My dear darling
Looks in the mirrior and wants to change
She is starving herself to death
She thinks that by starving herself she will be beautiful

My dear darling
Listens to different type of music than the others
She has fainted now on to the hospital quickly
They saw her cuts how tragic this is

My dear darling
Has returned home from the hospital
She still gets judged and bullied by the others

My dear darling
She has cut too deep
Shes bleeding to death
Foolish girl

My dear darling
Has died she couldnt take the bullying anymore poor girl .. All she wanted was to be accepted and make friends ...
My dear darling
Oh darling I am free
Oh darling I am Croix Rey
Finally I am out of hospital
Despite my brothers still
Being there
Oh darling mighty me
I get to be with my mummy and daddy
Waiting to hopefully see
My new brothers slowly following me
Oh darling the only healthy one
I remember my garbage bag pants
Oh darling I am having fun
Finally home with my parents
Oh darling Out of hospital
Oh darling let me pray
For ezrah and daxon to come out soon
Oh darling let them out
Oh darling oh darling
Pray for my brothers to be free
Oh darling I am glad I am out
Hopefully darling my brothers
Follow soon
bb Dec 2013
Darling, I'm afraid I've broken the coffee maker again.
Darling, I'm afraid that all the orange bottles are empty again.
Darling, I'm afraid that sometimes walls remind me
of either the ones you threw me against or the ones I put up around my heart
so that no one can love me ever again.

Darling, I'm afraid that I don't see stars in the sky anymore,
just a lot of eyes staring down at me,
scrutinizing me like interstellar councilmen,
knowing about every disgusting thing that I have done
when I thought it was just me and you and the peeling wallpaper.

Darling, I'm afraid that I am woven around your ribcage
like the beads of a rosary
are wrapped around the fingers of a sinner who has sold their soul
to the devil for forgiveness from God
one too many times.

Darling, I'm afraid I have to pause to talk about your fingers.
I am not wrapped around just one, but all of them.
I was hoping to bind you like a book so I could read you a little better,
but I'm afraid I've just entangled myself in a giant mess
and I'm afraid that you're a little too amused by my demise.

Darling, I'm afraid that guns shoot and so do stars,
I'm afraid that wishbones break and so do bones,
and I'm afraid that feathers float and so do bodies.
Darling, I'm afraid that I'm sorry that I cannot fix you,
because I don't think I can even fix myself.

Darling, I'm afraid I'm just

- b.b.
Tivonna May 2015
For you My Darling,
I would give you My Heart
but it's not ready to be received,
Your hand is not held out.

For you My Darling,
I would do cartwheels,
But my aged body
would not support me on my hands.

For you My Darling,
I would climb the highest mountains,
But I'm tired of those climbs,
I would rather live in My Beloved Valley.

For you My Darling,
I would sing to you in the afternoon,
For now.....I'm leaving my voice
for our mornings and  night time.

For you My Darling,
I would dress for you,
Allowing only you to see
both my inner and outer garments.

For you My Darling,
I would let only you to look
into my ever changing eye colour,
To look deep into My Soul.

For you My Darling,
I would whisper to you at night,
Sharing my deepest
and hidden secrets.

For you My Darling,
I would caress you tenderly,
As we lay intertwined with
 eventual advanced aging bodies.

For you My Darling,
Time would continue to stop
with each minute and each second,
Even across our many miles of filled up space.

For you My Darling,
I would meet you half way,
In all and everything we do,
If only you would.....put out your hand to receive.

© Copyright 2015 by Tivonna.  All rights reserved.
LayaRoses Mar 2016
"It doesn't have to be black or white, the gray area of us is most certainly comfortable why discuss details about our dark souls that anyone could runaway from, darling my darling you wouldn't like it if my demons come out to play so let us be where we are now with no tears or promises to keep, be your kind soul that makes me laugh when I'm about to shade a tear be the light in our forgotten space, be the star that we would run to when it's all cold and gloomy, darling my darling I crave you deeply and hopefully that wouldn't change, you wouldn't stay if you know that my naked corrupted soul you wouldn't want to take my hand and walk through hell, I'm not the kind to believe kind sweet words you see so darling my darling don't take a chance with me, stay in our gray area believe me it's better in between, I won't cry on your shoulders I won't tell you my deepest secrets I won't want anything less or more, don't wish for something that could **** you my darling oh my darling"
SP Blackwell Jan 2015

Do not be afraid, my darling
I see you.
I see your tattered spirit
and stripped flesh
wandering in darkness.
we are kindred,
you and I,
for I too have been
I have died a hundred times
and I have lived a
hundred and one
We, who are dead
but still breathing,
are kindred.
I have been poisoned by
the nectar of lust. And
this nectar was
sweet and it was
intoxicating and it was
addictive and it was
******* lust.
It was fed to me by
a man posing as
a god and he kept
my goblet full and
I was paralyzed.
He was not a god
nor a man.
He was a snake,
a false prophet.
The nectar was
venomous and
my blood,
my body, and
mind were
laced with
paralytic venom
I could not move
and died waiting.
We are kindred
you and I.
We who have died
waiting and paralyzed.
We who have been
murdered by false
prophets and snakes.
We are kindred with
Eve and the apples of
Eden, we who are
poisoned but  
still alive.
In this paralytic state
a surgeon came
and he said unto me
“I will let you be free”
and he cut into me.
He entered my chest
so delicately and
so eloquently he
whispered to me
“ Darling, if I cannot
keep you I can’t let
you be free.”
He wanted a
keepsake, a piece
of my heart.
Something which I
would never just
willingly part.
He took a small
piece though I
screamed to
his claim. This
was not my love,
just blood,
muscle, and veins.
We are kindred
you and I.
We who walk around
with pieces that will
never be found.
We who have filled
the empty cavity with
other objects to
replace what can
never mended.
Do not fear, my darling
we are still pumping
blood and we
are still alive!
An artistic healer
found me wandering.
He said unto me,
“ My love, I see your
rough edges and you
are flawless to me
with all your perfect
I was his canvas
that could be remade
to what he wanted
me to portray.
He molded me,
bent me,
folded me,
painted me.
He chiseled away
at places that
were already weak
places that were
untouched by people
like He. I was his
muse which he
misused, abused,
and attempted to
create and sculpt
art, which I was,
to his vision
of what I should be.
He coated me,
plastered me,
froze me in time but
paper machete is fragile
and I never asked to
be molded or painted.
Slowly I broke free
from thee. Death by
art was not meant
for me
My darling,
do not be afraid.
We are kindred
you and I.
I see you in all
your molded glory
upon the altar
which he built
to display a creation
which he did not create.
I am the one
who chiseled
at the cement
and the plaster
and the paper
and the alter
so that we can
escape a different
type of cage.
I see you broken
but uncaged.
A builder of dreams
approached me and
he said unto me
“ You are a rarity
in a world full of
mediocrity. A rare
bird like you should
not be caged.”
He built me a castle
made of sand and
deafened me with
promises which
were lies. The tide
rolled in and castles
made of sand were
taken back to sea
and i was deaf
and I could not
hear the rumbling ,
the crumbling,
the mumbling as it
was all swept away.
I was asphyxiated by
the sand and sea
of empty promises
and lies
and expectations
that I found myself
chocking on.
Do not be afraid my darling.
We are kindred
you and I.
We have
and choked
and  inhaled
the dirt which
posed as sand.
We who have been
drowned in lies.
We who have
been buried and
have touched the
ocean floor at great
depths have come back
to the surface.
We are still swimming.
We are the ones who
saw the shore and
returned to land
with our feet firmly
planted on sinking sand
and unsteady ground.
Hush my darling, and do
keep our secret safe.
Hush and never let them
know that we, who are
dead but living, are the
ones who created the shore.
We have a multitude of
little deaths. Deaths which
showed us life, joy, and
My darling,
we are kindred
you and I.
We are the masochists.
We invite the murders in.
We who see the axe in his
hand as he knocks and
yet we still allow the
murderous aftermath
to begin with no regard
for the clean up.
My darling, we take with
us a piece of our killers
as they have taken a
keepsake from us.
My darling
we have taken
we have learned
we have observed
we have seen their
surgical precision as
they have taken us
apart. We have
mended and
stitched and
sewn and
glued and
filled and
Oh my darling
do not fear for
we who are
still alive
still fighting
still breathing
still living
still pumping blood,
we have taken
their murderous
intent. We who
were victimized
by batting eyes
and lies that left
bitterness as an
aftertaste have
have learned to
lace honey with
arsenic. We are
kindred, you and I.
We are different
now. The stichting
and filling
and sewing
and gluing
has changed
We are not afraid,
my darlings.
We see you.
You who have
caged and
trampled and
opened and
taken and
broken and
killed are no
longer feared.
Be afraid
my darlings.
We see you.


I am a serial killer.
I have ravaged
empty vessels
which once upon
a time were
filled with ideas
of what could be.
I am innocent!
I slay the murderers
who murdered me.
Those who murdered
I and we have
perfected the craft
which you,
and you,
and you,
and you
have used as
weapons of
mass distraction,
mass destruction.
I am the one
who distracts
and destroys.  
I have ingested
sufficient venom
to become
arsenic laced
I have let a
man drink
from me ‘til
he could drink
no more. He
drank himself
to insanity.
Oh dear!
I fear I did
not warn him
of the venom
that’s within.
What once was
just plain honey
is now
to him.
I am a serial killer.
The killer of
cervical slayers.
But again
I am innocent!
I once sheltered
a wretch and
he sought
inside of me.
He never looked
at my eyes.
Only prayed at
the church that
he made betwixt
my thighs.
Oh dear!
I fear
I did not mention
that this was not
his church. It was
my sanctuary which
was now covered
in his dirt.
Death by exertion
was his end.
I let him die *******
but I did not let
him win
A tragic death
for a stallion
like he. Because
I am small he
underestimated me.
Like Helen of Troy
I brought
upon thee.
I am a serial killer.
The killer of
terrorizers and
verbal mesmerizers.
I have linguistically
lobotomized men
who thought they
could philosophize
the origin of I.
I have sown the
seeds of doubt
within the halls of
confidence which
have lain within his
I have broken
fortress walls
that were built to
withstand the  
wrath that fell
upon *****
and Gomorrah.
We have cut out
the tongues of
our verbal
betrayers and
left them befuddled
in Babylon.  
Oh dear!
I fear I forgot
to mention that
Freud is my Father
and Jung is my
Your mommy issues
do nothing for me.
I am not her!
I am a child of
Rationally you are
weaker than me
I am a serial killer.
The killer of
egotistical thrillers.
I have paralyzed
and anesthetized
men who have been
thrice the size of me.
My scalpel is sharp
and my steady hand
cuts as deep as my
verbal violations.
This is my body.
This is not your nation.
My dissection was but
a brief vacation to
your annihilation.
Your internal organs
were similar to an
egotistical colonoscopy.
You thought your
insides were different
from me.
You required proof
that we were the
I said
“Let me cut first”
and you did not
Oh dear!
I fear I failed
to mention I’m
quite skilled and
I have killed before,
far better men and
even their ******.
I am a serial killer!
A killer of killers!
You are a cheap
thrill as I reap
and I sow.
I plant the seeds
that I know will
not grow.
You will stay frozen
and will get old.
I need not a keepsake.
I own your soul.


We are naked.
Our flesh is worn
and our spirit torn.
The garments which
once kept us warm
are now just eaten
and tattered.
We have silently
and waited
and paced ourselves
and learned hatred.
WE have come
back home where
board games and
Barbies wait.
I have broken
all my favorite toys
just like you
and you
and you
and the horse
you rode in on
have taken all
my simple joys.
You have all
taken away
a piece of pink
and replaced
with a piece of
grey. A piece
which will never
be the same.
Oh Darling!
Do not fear for me
do not fear for we.
We have become the
porcelain women
which watch
and wait.
Our pink colored
kingdom shall
never be invaded
because here we
are waiting.
Not even shoots
and ladders or even
the Madd Hatter
can lead you to
green pastures.
Oh my!
You failed to notice
the malicious
twinkle in
my eyes.
I fear this was
your fault
for you created
a steeple
betwixt my
Silly rabbit,
we were never
I was always
This is
not revenge.
This is a warning
before the rhyme.
morgan Dec 2017
i can not realize
if i am dying,
you may find me dramatic
but i have a twisted obsession

sometimes it makes me want to run
far and fast
instead of having this trapped feeling in my chest
causing me so much internal pain
making me feel like its pain is mine
its problems are mine
since my problems are suddenly its now.
i do not know how to help
because everything i do to try to fix this
makes things worse.
i feel as though
i do not deserve it
because it gives me so many things
that i can not give in return.

i am crumbling underneath this pressure
to fix what is broken
to fix it without wanting to change it
because that is wrong.

when i try to reach out i am pulled back by such regret
since it is so kind to me
and it does everything it is supposed to
and gives me so many things i do not deserve
so why am i still sad.

i love you
but i think that's my problem
i love you but you are like a slow acting poison
i love you but you are a ticking bomb strapped to me
i love you but i do not believe in love
i know you are killing me, but i love how you **** me.
when i want to be alone,
darling you miss me
i can see from a distance i'm dying
and i know you want to try to help it
and i know that my better is your worse.
darling we are a match
we make a huge fire
and we burn each other out faster.

you accept me for who i am
even when i don't
and when i want to change
and improve upon myself
you are the molasses stuck to my feet
seeping into my skin
leaving me still
dreading who i am
unsatisfied because i know
i can fix my problem
but you think i am lovely right now.
i embrace change
but darling you dread it.

this isn't me breaking up with you
because you may never see this, darling
this is me telling you that despite all this
i'm still here
because i'm still invested
in every extending branch of your life
darling this doesn't mean
i won't go down swinging
because i can fan our fire
until we burn down forests
and then some.

i am not always sad
its just often
often i'm sad
often i feel little to nothing
but you don't accept nothing
you accept sad.

darling you warned me
you told me that you would get boring
and i couldn't believe you
but these days it seems like
you've told me everything
and its all the same
you try to help my problems
all the same
you answer trivial questions
all the same
i keep digging
but i feel i'm at the core.

i'm the "right here right now" girl
because there were girls before me
and there will be girls after me
and you may forget me
and i may break your heart
and you may act like its the end of the universe
but it isn't
and you'll move on.
you aren't the "right here right now" boy
you are the first
and i don't want you to be my first mistake.

i wish we moved slower darling
so i could get to know the real you
before i volunteered
for something i didn't understand.

this isn't goodbye
because i'm at the core
but ill keep digging
i will sit through this
until i can't,
because i'm alive
and i believe i can be happy
with you, darling
this is just the hurt
written down
so i could know
when someone finally says goodbye
when i found out
that i'm dying.
a compilation of poems
Beckawecka Aug 2015
Oh darling
You Thought You always had me
i thought you'd sweep me off my feet
oh darling
i was only second best
oh darling
i never matched to your test.
i guess i was second best

oh darling
your blue eyes seemed to stare right through me
but we were just friends i guess I couldn't see
and now we're friends
but we don't have to pretend

oh darling
you're such a bore
oh darling
you whine and you snore
oh darling
you're not my baby no more
oh darling
you're not my darling
Emily Fay D Feb 2011
There are countless words I can use,
        my darling,
        an infinite number,
to describe my adoration for you,
        but none are adequate.

I would build up a mountain for you,
        my darling,
        using only dirt and a spoon,
and I would tear it down again,
        if only you asked.

I would fight for your freedom to choose,
        my darling,
        if you so desired,
and I would create countries in your name,
        just say it is so.

I would create new words for you,
        my darling,
        for none truly can describe my love,
and you are so worthy of new and beautiful things,
        only wish it so.

I would write encyclopaedias for you,
        my darling,
        containing pages of my admiration,
and my devotion toward you, to tell the world,
        simply order me.

I would create an altar at which to worship you,
        my darling,
        made of gold and ivory and dazzling gems,
you are worth all expenses, worth all my faith,
        just deem it be.

You do not even realize it,
        my darling,
        but you are so perfect,
so utterly gorgeous in action, so kind and gracious,
        but so small
                in confidence.

If only, my darling,
        if only you could love yourself
the way that I do, so utterly and completely;
        just say the words, my darling,
                and I will follow you.
Written February 20, 2011. Because there will never be enough poetry on love.
Jeni Nov 2015
You can do anything darling, if you accept yourself.
Open your heart to possibilities
And accept yourself.
You can do anything darling, if you can accept yourself.

You can do anything darling, if you accept yourself.
Open your eyes to the sky
And accept yourself.
You can do anything darling, if you can accept yourself.

You can do anything darling, if you accept yourself.
So take a deep breath and wipe your tears away.
And smile because you know everything will be okay,
And accept yourself.

You can do anything darling, if you can accept yourself.
This is what's come of me trying to motivate myself... I was sitting in the dark narrating a story, a story that may have been about myself (but I'm not sure), in the company of a candle. I don't know how this word pattern came up... it just did.
Somya Wadhwa May 2017
Somewhere along the way of scrutiny and time
I have been taught how to despise myself.
Look pretty, darling, so that you can belong to someone someday
Because that's what a woman really wants, right?
Oh, sweetheart, look pretty but don't feel pretty
Meet your skin and bones, hair and face
With conceited egoistic chorus
Sweetheart, self solicitude is a sin
Knowing how to wear joy is nugatory
If your body cannot wear that dress
Darling, you're the type of woman people don't look at
But they will stare at you if you don't follow their established echoic narcissistic accusations
You should mistake eyes for hands
Darling, why is your skin darker than an 'ideal’ for a woman
Why are your hair shorter than your dignity
Why are your thighs fatter than your brain
Why is your bra strap showing
Darling, why are you, you
You are made up of metaphors.
Darling, why is there a face on your pimples, don't let hormones fingerprint your face
But don't worry we'll get it all fixed
You haven't seen the actual you in years but
It's not about you.
Sweetheart put on some lipstick
But not that red one, it's too pretty for you
Put on some perfume
But not a strong one, you don't want to attract attention
Put on some eyeshadow
But not that bright one, doesn't suit your skin tone
Change this physicality
Oh, and that one, too
But don't you dare show yourself
You don't want to insinuate the term beautiful in regards to
A victim
Or a snack
A woman.
Darling, how old will you have to be to realise
You need a 40+ skin miracle cream and not a 30+
How old will you be till you look like a skeleton who pulled on some skin
How old will you be
Till you realise being a woman does not make you a man to be seen like a man is
Are a woman.
Because we are taught to live in a world where media pulls us out from the womb and and teaches us our first words
Fair and lovely
Fair and handsome
Pinched pretty pinched pretty
Female thin calm pretty
Male manly bold pretty
Darling, you
Are not a constant
You, are a variable
But, darling, you are not looking for a casket of fortune
You don't look for a diet to slim your passion down
You don't look for a mirror to examine your dreams
Are a thought
You're an idea
A proposition
An abstraction
Or maybe that's what everyone else is looking for.

— The End —