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jade Jun 2022
i talk to the moon and stars every night
pretending it's you.

i wonder if you can hear me,
even if its a tiny whisper of the wind

i wonder if you know when im thinking of you,
even if its just a small suspicion in the back of your mind

i wonder if you still think of me, and all the fun we had,
even if it's just for a second.
thank you for reading
jade Jan 2022
they bullied you and called you names? poor little thing, i know you were only trying to play with them. im sorry dear, how about we take you a bath and braid your hair? you and me can play together after that, it’ll be much better than playing with them. it’ll be alright, darling, dont worry. i’ll make all your little cuts and scrapes better in a moment. please dont cry im sorry, i didnt mean to press down on your bruise.

wait here, let me get band aids.
thank you for reading :) its been a while, hasn’t it?
jade Jul 2021
go rot in your room, child.
mommy doesnt love you.
go on, lock the door and never come back out.
play with your crayons little girl, draw that monster in your closet.
oh? whats this? the monster's beginning to look a lot like you.
go to bed, its starting to get late.
dont sleep with the lights on, mommy'll get mad.
but if you turn them off, the he'll get you.
he'll come into your room at night, like he always does.
the real monster. the one that touches you in weird ways.
you're living a nightmare.
you cant get away from him, he says he'll hurt you.
mommy doesnt care, she never has.
go play on the roof and fall off, little girl.
maybe then you'll be able to sleep without worrying about monsters.
maybe then mommy'll care about you.
just one more step, little girl.
now jump.

thank u for reading
jade Jul 2021
dont stop hurting me, darling
i dont care
as long as youre still there
thnk u for readin:)
jade Jun 2021
you're a useless, useless child.
you cant do anything right.
go isolate yourself little girl,
maybe that'll make you feel better.
but oh look at that,
she's sliding the blade across her wrists,
and starts feeling light headed.
but what's this? shes smiling?
no, no, no!! she cant be happy!! she doesnt deserve it!!
but its too late, shes dying.
shes a useless, useless dead little girl
laying in a pool of her blood.
a useless, useless corpse,
that doesnt know how to do anything right.
now what about funeral expenses?
shes a burden even after shes passed.
she'll always be a useless, useless child
thank you for reading
  Jun 2021 jade
It was more like I was slowly sinking
deeper and deeper each day

You poured your love into me
And it drenched my heart
streamed through my veins
Soaking every single cell of my body
Leaking out of the pores of my skin
And dripping from my fingertips
To bleed into everything I touch

It flooded my chest
And filled up my lungs
Until it spilled out of my mouth
Trickling from my tongue
Saturating every single word I say

It flowed through every part of me
And eventually seeped into my bones
Making all that I am
Crave all that you are

I never fell in love with you
I drowned in it
  Jun 2021 jade
Why do I think you love me when you don't
Why do I feel you longing when you won't
Why do I feel ways I've never felt before
For someone who's never walked through my door
Why do I try so hard to believe
In a false idea that can only deceive
Why does my heart weigh heavy for you
Why don't you feel the way I do
How did you capture me like prized prey
How can you throw me back to the wild frey
How can I feel love for the idea of you
When the only truth left is you don't want me to
When my love feels light and blows on the wind
I find myself on your hook reeled in again
But you aren't throwing it out for a catch
You just want me gone, a bad batch
I'm sorry for loving you
But still I can't help it, I do
I cant explain
I can only exclaim
That your worth all the love I have to give
But my mistakes infuriate you to seeth
Well it is all done and blocked off now
Is it my turn to get over you somehow
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