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Diana May 2015
I don’t like those good boys
Fresh faced, bright eyes
Chewing on their  white lies
I like the rough lips
Rugged on his cheek bones
Who would have known
I don’t belong to anyone
I held him captive
In my skin
My whiskey lips
Held him in
And exhaled his ghost
Where’d you go?
You’re somewhere in the body sleeping next to me
But the left side of the bed is cold
Who would have known
I’d break the bad boy
Boy, you should have known
When you saw me drinking straight out of the bottle
When I smoked all your cigarettes
I’m nothing but bad news
When we first met
You asked for my name
I said it was trouble
It wasn’t a challenge
It was a warning
That you didn’t head
And now look at us
Broken and bent
Shattered pieces on the bathroom floor
But I’ll get better
I’ll put myself back together
I don’t think you’ll be so lucky
Because I can see the look in your eyes
You’re used to breaking
Not getting broken
And I can tell you won’t be getting over this soon
Diana Jan 2015
I swear your love was like second hand smoke
Because it wasn't my choice to take it in
But it **** near killed me
Diana Jan 2015
So now you've gone on with some other girl
Last week you told me I don't even try anymore
But what do you want from me?
Maybe you're right
Maybe this is all that I can be
But it should be enough
You said
I was enough
At least for a couple of months
But ****
This really is all that I can be
You want more
You go find her
But you have to leave me be
Delete my number
My pictures from your phone
Delete the memories
And never speak to me again
Diana Dec 2014
I never really knew what I wanted in a relationship
Because I always had this distorted vision of what romance is
I thought it was Stanley standing in the middle of the street yelling

I thought it was a love so strong
You would die for it
Like Romeo and Juliet did

I thought love was supposed to hurt
That your partner was supposed to be your other half
And without them
You would be torn apart
And broken
On your own
You would be not whole

All of this is false
Love should never hurt
You should feel complete and whole
Withing yourself
And your partner
Should just strengthen that
Diana Dec 2014
You're a drugstore Romeo
Cigarette in your lips and hearts in your hands
And I really should have known
By that look in your eyes
That you never really cared at all
But I thought you did
I swear I thought you did
All you wanted was a bit of fun
And a hand to hold for a little while
And that's all I was to you
Diana Nov 2014
Sueño de tus ojos
De tu sonrisa
De tu voz

Sueño de tus carisias
De tus abrazos
De tus besos

Sueño todo de ti
Mi amor, mi cielo
Te amo
Diana Oct 2014
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs
I can't ******* breath
My chest feels tight
I'm suffocating
I'm too far
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