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We can smile
And say we're fine
We haven't been sleeping well
We're stressed
Put on a brave face
But in the end
All we really want
Is to lay down
For a long time
No dreams
No wakeful nightmares
And rest
Until the stars fade out
And the sun grows dim
And we don't have to be alive anymore
I fell asleep praying for your soul
And when I woke, I prayed some more
He wasn't particularly handsome
No lovely dark hair
Or green eyes
The world didn't stop to stare at him
But I did.
He wasn't confident
Or proud,
He didn't spend his days
Being recognized or
Fauned over by the masses,
He didn't even love himself
But I did.
I can't say
That we were meant for each other,
Or the stars aligned
To bring us together,
But there was a
Of "maybe" between us
And no one else could understand it,
But we did.
I don't want to say I hate you
Or I regret what happened
I don't want to say I love you
Or I wish we could go back
So I guess I'll just say thank you
For all our memories
The good and all the bad ones
That led us to where we are
It hurts less to watch him fall in love with someone else
Than for us to live
knowing that what we both want
Is something we can never have
We are all
So in love
With destroying ourselves
I fell in love with the dark of the mountains
And the lights in the October sky.
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