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I'll drive down
Country roads
With the tall trees
Dips and curves in the pavement
Wind reaching through my hair
And the sun warm on my face
I can almost imagine
I'm home
It's so peaceful here. I still have many struggles, but God has granted me so much more peace in the last 3 months than I've had in a long time.
Things didn't turn out
Like we thought they would,
But that's okay,
We make
New cities
From the ashes
Of the old
August 4 marked the 1-year anniversary of my moving here. Things...are so wildly and completely different than I thought they would be. I've lost old friends, gained new ones, and learned to trust that God knows what He's doing and that He does it for my good, and for His glory. Nothing here is what I thought, but it's pretty **** good.
I always wanted
To believe
That there were only good things in my future
That life would be smooth
Like an ocean
After a storm
But You ******* me up
You broke me down
In my heart
And my bones
And I spent so long
Waking up
Inhaling sobs
And exhaling
And being alive
And not wanting to be
It's peaceful now
And I wake up
And I can imagine
Good things happening
Inspired by the series Unbelievable. But these words are so much understood by thousands in different situations. Good things do happen. But you'll only see them if you look.
The dark returns
I know someday
The sun will shine again
I write the best when in misery
It hurt at first
It hurt so much
All I could think of
Was pain
And you
And I thought
That the rest of my life
Would be
A rollercoaster
A typhoon
A hurricane
Of never being over you
I never thought
I'd be here
Typing these words
But it's a cool September night
There is a warm breeze in the air
Whispering of the coming fall
And pulling red leaves from their branches
I live in my own home
I love in my own way
And I can finally say
We don't belong to each other
And that's okay
And it doesn't hurt anymore.
I never thought I'd be able to say that I'm over you, because it hurt so much when you left. Time after time. But I am. I am happy, I am never alone, and I surround myself with people who would never make me feel as low as you did. I can finally say that I wish you the best of luck, but we don't belong to each other anymore. I'm over you. I'm finally free.
That He will give you
Great blessings
In His own time.
Waiting on blessings is hard, but it's worth it. I need that reminder more than anyone.
It took me a long time,
But it was in the calm of the morning
With the sun shining through my window
On a warm summer day
That made me realize
Maybe I'm okay with being alive
And for the first time in many years
Maybe I want to be
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