A time will come when days are dark
Your lantern will not light a spark
The devil, then, will leave his mark
And night will sweep toward us

The darkness will blot out the light
And every hour will be as night
All of mankind will be a'fright
When the devil comes a'callin

But there is hope inside this tale
The sun will wipe away the vale
And then all wickedness will fail
We'll hear a brighter story

The Lord will come in chariots bright
He'll banish blackness, greet the light
His righteousness-oh what a sight
When He will come again

Like a warrior He will come
Into His loving arms we run
His brilliance is like the sun
He'll banish fear and sadness

The devil He will send away
In all His glorious bright array
We'll go to heaven where we'll stay
And live with Him forever

And when all things are said and done
And when the dark o'r takes the sun
upon the golden streets we'll run
And live with Him in glory

So take hope then, He's coming soon
To have the sun, wait out the moon
He sings a sweeter, richer tune
Hallelujah what a King
I keep hearing
Everyone say
"Drop people
Who bring negativity
Into your life"
And that's all well and good

But everyone
Brings some kind
Of negativity into
Your life
And following
That rule
Will only make you
And alone

And at the end of the day
True friendship
Is about
And second chances
And damnit if I'm not going to give
All the love
And second chances
I can

Because in reality
The only people that matter
Are the ones who do the same
To you
Give as many chances as you can, as much love as you can handle, and as much forgiveness as there is to give. You can always cut someone out another day, but once you do, there's no going back.
Jesus keep me safe tonight
And stay my wandering soul
Just because I hate the city
Doesn't mean I want
I long for the powerful armored ocean
To pound at
My feet
Entreating me
Begging me
I dream
Of the quiet
Misty green
In their solitude
And mighty
In their sustaining of
I hope for
The soft, strong
Air of sailing
To beat against my face
To lift me
Into it's blue embrace
My heart beats
For the pines
And great in beauty
I don't want a quiet life
I want a wild life
Take me to the ocean so deep I cannot stand, bring me to the mountains where I feel the urge to climb, whisk me away to the magic of nature, to the unnatural side of the trees.
When you asked me what was wrong
I told you I was tired
I am tired
I'm tired of always
The broken one
I have felt the pull of mountains
And the rush of roaring seas
Yes, I have tasted freedom
And it's where I long to be
It kind of hit me the other day that a year ago, I was considering moving to WA state. I miss the cold mist and green pines of the mountains, and all the life in the silence of solitude.
you, I
dark nights, starry skies
silent smiles, loud cries
long road, worn car
heavy music, healing scars
twisted thoughts, big dreams
hearts bursting at the seams
lost hope, warm embraces
full moon, astray faces
four eyes, two souls
untamed emotions, no control
deep talks, moonlight
just us, and the night
Inspired by a song I started writing a while ago. But, I'm much better at poetry than songwriting so I rewrote it and I very proud of it! Please comment thoughts an feedback. <3
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