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julia May 2018
i wasn't born
to not put up a fight
  Apr 2018 julia
tumelo mogomotsi
next time you see me slit my throat
let my blood gush like it did on american streets
mute my screams like i did while the news got old
let your knife **** the silence and ignite the need for equality.

next time you see me pull the trigger on my foolish mouth
shut me up while i complain about my silver spoon
while children die of empty stomachs in the south
let the gun sound wake up people like me to reality.

next time you see me lynch my body
let it hang like decoration to show people that
the silent are like the violent
the mute are like police who shoot
the ones who are quiet while they feast on a meal
are like the crooked politicians who steal.

let my silence be the death of me
and my new found voice be the death of the thoughts of our enemy.

- t.m
julia Apr 2018
i've been to hell and back,
and every time, you start to slack,
but you are my prozac,
you are my soundtrack,
and nothing sounds the same without you.
late night realizations.,
  Apr 2018 julia
This isnt a poem but it is a REALIZATION. A realization that most of everybody, every human being has their oen imagination. And each of us human beings use our imaginations almost everyday of our lives, now most human beings like me who have been bullied 24/7 almost everyday of the week.... Tend to use our imagination more than the average human being. You see I use my imagination everyday, in everything that i do. I use my imagionation as an escape. An escape from life. An esape from the bullies. And every other thing that ever happened to me. But after getting bullied so badly, now it seems like no matter how far or how deep I go into my imagination I go, the bullies are always there and now its to the point where i've turned to other things like drugs, I know thats a bad thing but its not bad to the point where im addicted its just that I use them to numb the everyday pain of life away. But as I continue to use the drugs the numbness from the drugs is starting to numb away and now im starting to feel all the pain from life again and now im realizing that I need help before its to late because I keep thinking these crazy thoughts. And they truly scare me. If your reading this please. Help me. Before its to late.
  Nov 2017 julia
i’m never going to be your dream girl
i have sharp edges
and bones too strong from all the breaking they did

but i like that you still try
i like that you still hold my hand
i like that still you look at me
and when you do
i sometimes see what i could be
julia Apr 2017
i feel safer with you,
but i know i'm safer
without you
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