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muteD Dec 2020
do you believe in haunted dreams?
not nightmares
but haunted dreams..
because I do.
and that’s because you haunt mine.
every moment of them.

and you haunt my reality.
every waking second is filled with the need to reminisce.
even when I run your scent just seems to follow.
to escape into any type of solitude would grant my unspoken wish.

so I sleep.

but even then my dreams are tinted with
the feeling of nostalgia.
yet it is not from anything I can recall..
to be missing something I never had at all
is a special kind of hell.
you’ve tainted my dreams
as though you’ve put me under a spell.
and it’s weakened me.
leaving me
screaming upon deaf ears
I wonder if my voice will make it out of this fog
you’ve brought.

everything is clouded with
the abyss of you.

you’ve tinted my dreams
in the color
of you.
drugged me and got me hooked.
now if my dreams aren’t tinted with you,
they’re nothing
but bare black walls.
“ That was insane how you ended it 🤯 from start to finish I was intrigued and steady wanting to read more, although the person was expressing themselves, the vivid imagery you presented through your careful choice and placement of words painted a clear motion picture I could truly get lost in, hella deep and very impressive no bap, you snapped...”
- a response to my poem..
muteD Jun 2020
not a flicker, nor a flame.‬
‪always invisible, unknown by name.‬
‪so now it is up to me‬
‪to leave a mark,‬
‪to go out with a bang‬
‪and leave my art.‬

There was this tweet that told us to write based on the picture that had attached .. it was my first time ever doing something like that and I only did it to see if I could.

Honestly I wish you guys could see the picture. Nonetheless, I’m really proud of this especially since I haven’t written any poetry all month.
muteD May 2020
what a mess
in the flesh.
and i contest
you to confess
that i am in fact
a pest.
Written Feb. 15
muteD May 2020
I wish you loved me as much as you hate my depression
and if we’re confessing
I wish for your words
to caress me.
Touch me,
I wish for your actions to translate into symbols
my half blind eyes will see coming from miles away.
even when
I leave my glasses at home.
I wish wishes equaled more than just a wish.
I wish a wish would wish for me.
Written Feb. 21st
muteD May 2020
I feel my body,
The tension
is there,
this anxiety
is pumping
and it’s bringing
the Calvary.
the one I can always count on..
Welcome Home.
i feel like I’m falling.
muteD May 2020
Who knew it would be the silence that would get to me?
Seeping all into my skin
and slithering its way through my veins.
Pulling built up pain along the way
and bringing
A cold blanket that stole my warmth,
Darkness was what I was used to.
Then, he brought the light.
heartbreaks bring pain and my pain manifests into poetry.
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