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Axle Avatari May 2016
I know
I'll never be
Cup of tea
I am me
Some things
I can't change
I know
I'm strange
Off the beaten path
Never been a follower
Except of my heart
But can we be
Just friends?
It's nice to have
Someone to share
Someone who cares
I don't mind
If you're
A thousand miles away
I just want to
Take the time
To brighten your day
An electronic smile
A thought or two
Just to know someone
Thought of you
When you're down
Someone who
Listens to your tears
And when you win
Someone who cheers
In the end
I only want one love
But there's no limits on
And sometimes
Even I
Need someone
To say
Are you okay?
I have officially jumped into the dating pool. Dating sites seem a little different. It's like all or nothing? I don't think they undertand my intentions.
Axle Avatari May 2016
My god
I’m amazed to this day
That you let me pick you up
Let alone touch you
Oh, it took some coaching
I had to pet you for a while for you to relax
I had to prove that I was good
To you
Everyone else was terrified of you
Told by their parents to stay away
That you would scratch and bite them
But you never did
At least not me
We were true friends
I loved you
You and I knew what it was
To be outcasts
To be unloved
Even at that early age
I knew I was a stray
Just like you
Playing in back alleys
And empty lots
You were old
Bones sticking out
But you wanted love too
Just like me
Maybe you were once an indoor cat
Fed twice a day
Maybe your owner died
Or moved away
No one knew
You were just there
So was I
I remember you
Purring on my lap
As I pet you
Something to love
For a boy who could love
No one
Not even himself
That’s not true
I loved you
We called you Kiddo Kat
Axle Avatari May 2016
Like the Man on the Moon.
See me rise.
See me fall.
See me shine bright.
Or not at all.

Like the Man on the Moon.
So far away,
An' all alone.
A lonely place,
I call my home.

Like the Man on the Moon.
Through dark emptiness,
I seem to drift.
The light of another,
My only gift.

Like the Man on the Moon.
That's who I am.
The Man on the Moon.
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