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Annika J Oct 2020
I stare at her
the brokenness in her eyes
the emptiness in her heart

I offer her my hand
she stands
we stand
as one

I'm told
the only way to climb the mountain
is if I leave her
but she is me
and I will not lose myself

I embrace her
I take her hand
and we move forward
I need to accept my challenges, not work against them.
Annika J Sep 2020
"I have faith in you"
"I believe in you"
"I know you can do this"

Yeah, but what happens when I can't?
Annika J Aug 2020
May I catch you for my brother, little firefly?
May I catch you for my brother, lightning bug?
He loves your blinking light
Shining in the dark of night
And I’m sure he’d love to give you a hug
Annika J Jul 2020
My tears fell freely
Quickly fading away
They impact nothing
Nor can I, I say

My hand clenched tightly
Around empty air
Missing the hand
That should be there

The world burns around me
My heart is cold
This is the norm now
Or so I’m told

There was a bit of hope
Maybe it’s still somewhere
But the world blocks it out
The world doesn’t care
Annika J Apr 2020
maybe i don't want to be fixed

if i'm fixed
i can still be used
and i'll have to keep going
keep fighting

but if i stay broken
maybe i'll be thrown out
and replaced
so others can move on
and i can
Annika J Mar 2020
i wish you were here
to dry my tears
but because you're gone
my tears flow on
i hate this whole pandemic. i hate having to be separated from everyone
Annika J Mar 2020
i try to help
and send my love
but perhaps it only makes things worse

so i'm staying away
not entering the fray
lest i further spread my curse
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