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Sep 2016 · 569
My Baby
Winter Ace Sep 2016
I lost you, I killed you.
When you  died I went with you.
you would be 17 weeks today, I seen your heart beat, I seen you move.
you would look like daddy and mommy baby.
know we love you.
I will never be the same without you.
I will always remember
I will always love you baby...
Nov 2015 · 838
Winter Ace Nov 2015
I'm never good enough for you.
Got a job,
still not good enough.
Get good grades,
Still could do better for you.
Killed myself..
finally good enough for you,
but it's to late I'm gone now.
Sep 2015 · 523
Winter Ace Sep 2015
He broke me.
Now someone new is here to pick up the pieces.
All the lies and broken promises.
I'm broken.
Will never be whole again.
You broke me.
Jul 2015 · 417
Big brothers are gone
Winter Ace Jul 2015
Three boys who use to be family to me. Have now become strangers to me. And the sad part you see is there each there own enemy. The fighting is stupid and you all have been ****** in to an awful future. Your life became about drugs and money that you forgot the meaning of family and love and it's sad to me. Two of you have deleted me from Facebook so you won't see this but just know I still care and it hurts to see you all killing each other over something so stupid.
Apr 2015 · 410
Winter Ace Apr 2015
Smoke this bowl
Get high
Be happy
Take a shot
Get drunk
Be happy
Being happy is the life goal
But seems an unreachable
So yet again waste the sorrows away
At the expense of your liver
Smoke this bowl
Get higher
Try to be happy
Take this shot
Get wasted
Try to be happy
No longer are you healthy
And people are worried
Your slowly dying
But people will never understand
So smoke this bowl
Get the highest
Give up and don't be happy
So take this shot
Get sloppy drunk and blackout
Give up and don't be happy
Just give up the chase for happiness
Cause when you finally find it
Your dead.
As I watch Whats around me i reliaze I'll never be happy
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
My choices
Winter Ace Jan 2015
Yes, these are my choices.
lately I've been choosing the wrong ones and there hurting me.
New friends I tell myself but to find friends where you fit in and are understood is to hard to think about.
smoking, drinking, pill snorting, all this to keep you off my mind.
Well you see I'm back to wanting to die and it's all because of me.
Back to the cutting and hiding my body.
these choices are killing me faster than life can **** me.
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Big Brothers
Winter Ace Dec 2014
There a pain in my *** yes, but you cant explain the love you  feel for them
we may not be family by blood.
but were family by fate.
They yell at me when i **** up but they mean well.
They ****** up in their life time and can't stand to see me do the same.
these 3 boys mean the world to me and have helped me through so much
the world without them is unthinkable now
So even though we aren't blood were still family always remember that in your hearts and minds.
I will help you through thick and thin and whatever makes you happiest will be my goal to help you achieve it.
My three big brothers arn't blood but they are my family no matter what anyone says and they always mean well even though they can be so mean sometimes they will always find room in my heart for them
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Copy cats
Winter Ace Nov 2014
You follow me around like a little puppy dog.
Don't understand the concept of space
laugh like me, talk like me
wear all my clothes, wanna STEAL my family right from under me.
when you invite yourself over i wanna shot myself in the head
you're annoying as ****.... and im over this *******
**** my life no way to get rid of you obviously
So you know what just fml
Nov 2014 · 685
I see.....
Winter Ace Nov 2014
I see the pain in your face.....
But the tears are in my eyes.
I see the blade in your hands....
But the cuts are on my wrist.
I see all the pain in you.....
But feel it all in me.
Aug 2014 · 13.5k
Winter Ace Aug 2014
You said I was worthless.
That wish u could go back to the act.
And get less drunk and unsmoke that joint
Maybe I would be less of a nuceuse if I would have been born in a another life.
Different mother. And a more involved father. An a+ student and no scars on my wrist to show the pain in chest. Broken hearted and opened scars. Sometimes I think being worthless to you insisnt so bad because then sleep could be forever and life so much prettier.
Aug 2014 · 460
2 months clean
Winter Ace Aug 2014
I was clean until today.
I got caught smoking, and could no longer bare the pain.
So I slit my wrist.
the blood begin to gush.
The skin so neatly seperated.
I suddenly remembered the pain I was once in love with.
I fell in love all over again.
so many tylonal but the headache stayed.
this was my breaking point.
I could no longer live this life.
things began to fly. The suddenly my eyes drifted closed and my heart beat came to a close.
and before I could stop what I started my life was at a flat line.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
I'm that girl..
Winter Ace Aug 2014
I'm that girl your parents warn you about.
the one who steals and smokes.
the one that sleeps with many men.
im that girl that no matter who it will hurt will drink and pop pills till she feels death arising.
And the only way ill find a way to love again is if it starts to snow in the hottest parts of hell.
My heart has been beaten and broken but this time all I got were the shakes.
I think I'm that girl your parents warned you about
because no one warned me.
May 2014 · 333
Winter Ace May 2014
We are just scared children.
Who don't understand why were in this world.
we have the blade in our hands.
and the scars on our wrists, from previous hurtings.
Sometimes we just need to let go.
One cut.
Two cuts.
Three cuts.
God only knows when we'll stop
maybe when were dead?
Winter Ace May 2014
Steady and slow.
pace your self down the hall.
smile from ear to ear.
they'll never figure out that everything is wrong.
whisper in one coner from girl to girl
then girl to guy
then guy to guy  
Your the talk of the halls
hell that's where your at
where the mean girls and horney guys are the devil
Where lies come to feed and grow
never ending
life's hell
rightfully angry at the world
understandably wanting to leave
but fight because life not worth dying for
so young.
May 2014 · 1.5k
Close Your Eyes
Winter Ace May 2014
Close your eyes go to sleep.  
Hope to never see sun rise.
Create a picture of a better place.
Where size sixteen is okay.
Where troubled minds come to peace.
And lovely souls come to lay.
close your eyes and rest in peace.

— The End —