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Winter Ace Sep 2016
I lost you, I killed you.
When you  died I went with you.
you would be 17 weeks today, I seen your heart beat, I seen you move.
you would look like daddy and mommy baby.
know we love you.
I will never be the same without you.
I will always remember
I will always love you baby...
Winter Ace Nov 2015
I'm never good enough for you.
Got a job,
still not good enough.
Get good grades,
Still could do better for you.
Killed myself..
finally good enough for you,
but it's to late I'm gone now.
Winter Ace Sep 2015
He broke me.
Now someone new is here to pick up the pieces.
All the lies and broken promises.
I'm broken.
Will never be whole again.
You broke me.
Winter Ace Jul 2015
Three boys who use to be family to me. Have now become strangers to me. And the sad part you see is there each there own enemy. The fighting is stupid and you all have been ****** in to an awful future. Your life became about drugs and money that you forgot the meaning of family and love and it's sad to me. Two of you have deleted me from Facebook so you won't see this but just know I still care and it hurts to see you all killing each other over something so stupid.
Winter Ace Apr 2015
Smoke this bowl
Get high
Be happy
Take a shot
Get drunk
Be happy
Being happy is the life goal
But seems an unreachable
So yet again waste the sorrows away
At the expense of your liver
Smoke this bowl
Get higher
Try to be happy
Take this shot
Get wasted
Try to be happy
No longer are you healthy
And people are worried
Your slowly dying
But people will never understand
So smoke this bowl
Get the highest
Give up and don't be happy
So take this shot
Get sloppy drunk and blackout
Give up and don't be happy
Just give up the chase for happiness
Cause when you finally find it
Your dead.
As I watch Whats around me i reliaze I'll never be happy
Winter Ace Jan 2015
Yes, these are my choices.
lately I've been choosing the wrong ones and there hurting me.
New friends I tell myself but to find friends where you fit in and are understood is to hard to think about.
smoking, drinking, pill snorting, all this to keep you off my mind.
Well you see I'm back to wanting to die and it's all because of me.
Back to the cutting and hiding my body.
these choices are killing me faster than life can **** me.
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