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Cameron Banowsky Apr 2018
You want to believe
That you own this part of me.
Well I'd like to see
What makes think you own anything?

I got an ace up my sleeve.
It's gonna make you bleed.
Trust the words I speak.
You don't want to **** with me.

I just want simple things.
Money, and *** aren't too interesting.
Just let me be free.
Just stop ******* with me.

Remember now
I got an ace up my sleeve.
Remember now
It will make you bleed
Remember now
I don't concede
So tread lightly.

So step the *******
You've done enough
You're a *****
And you're playing rough.
But you aren't too tough.

Step the *******
Don't push again
Unless it's the end.
a draft from awhile back
Michael Pham Feb 2018
how can you call yourself a king
when you're not even living in a monarchy?

how can you call yourself a king
when you treat everyone like they're peasants?

how can you call yourself a king
when your heart is made out of fool's gold?

and how can you call yourself a king
when you don't even know what it takes
to be one?
a.k.a. fuckboys that think they're the **** and call themselves kings because of their overly sensitive lookin *****.
nabi 나비 Jan 2018
once upon a time...
god that's such a cheesy way to start out a tale
i mean
it could be a reasonable way to start this out considering we are no more
but it is just too fairy tale esc if we take in the fact of how we ended
well we were once very close
and I at one time thought you were my best friend
then our friendship ended...and then it started and ended again
and today i got an anonymous message
and i just deep down knew it was from you
you claimed to be shocked at how we once were close and aren't anymore
and that you don't even know me anymore
but this is how life goes and you hope the best for me
i don't know why i was so shocked by this
it might be because of how much time has passed
and how i've avoided you quite successfully
or it might be because of the hell you brought into my life
today i was reminded of you and i don't really know how to feel about it
i'm not particularly filled with hatred when you are mentioned
but i don't really wish to ever befriend you either
Brianna Sep 2017
I'm sorry, but,  I think I lost the set of rules that said I wasn't allowed to pick up the phone and call you when I felt like It.
I'm sorry, but, I think I lost the rule book that said I was only allowed to text you every two days or so.

We are in the new.
We are the modern dating - the **** dating- the "I like you right now but maybe not tomorrow" dating.
We are in the "I think I'm in love with you but don't actually know you" dating.

Maybe I'm a little pessimistic and sad and a little *******.
Maybe I'm just tired of my heart getting destroyed.
Maybe I just want someone to really get to know me instead of asking to see my ****.

I'm sorry, but, maybe you didn't get it when I said I wanted something real- no games, no playing around.
I'm sorry, but, maybe you didn't hear me when I said I want to get to know you or maybe you just ignored that part.

We are the new.
We are the Modern.
We are the ******* "Millennials"  everyone talks **** about.
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