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How far will you go
To get labelled as a giver,
Till there's nothing left to give
And you mutate into a taker.
Tradeoffs for a chance to change
Might just make you strange
There's a reason we don't normally walk backwards. Train yourself, focus on what's ahead of you and take action.
Just a reminder♡
Yenson Mar 21
I have been hoping
that the visible invisibles
of Keystone Solidarity Republican
will soon come and tether a black horse
in front of my front door
to put their famous Doubt in my mind
that I am actually a horse
and not a human being
Why this simple act is taking so long
baffles me given they are specialists
in formatting doubts
perhaps they doubt horses have our legs
as I have three legs myself
though the middle leg
is not usually used for trotting
Memories of my funny friend linger like a faded folded photograph
browned, bent, and battered by time and time zones abounding
but even that origami polaroid doesn't exist
cause my friend says it's probably haram to take pics

I re-live it
as if you moved away just yesterday
but I gotta admit
your heart moved away yesteryear
or 2 or 3.
deserted me here
with not even a single stinkin' crumpled picture of our rumpled relationship
capsized and cannibalized by re-repeatedly over-granting over here,
and you over there re-repeatedly over-taking
taking me for granted

How much of me have you forgotten...?
ever since you moved across the nation,
with no notion nor appreciation
for the fact that unlike the Nile
communication ought to flow both ways

But I still miss our tangential exchanges
I'm nostalgic for former years, dancing wild
your ad hoc turbans and button nose
So I open up the app
and I ransack
google photos:
seasons and ages of pictures, snaps,
But there are no pictures of you in here
Just like in my life, I can't find you nowhere.
We were best friends for 24 years.
People don't talk about the heartbreak of the friendships that grow toxic over time.
Sharon Miedema Sep 2020
Broken soul over and over.
Still expected to be fighting.
No peace at all or sleeping.
It hurts to be a magical demon.

Unable to escape the noises again so a headache and the magic is gone.
Unable to sleep from the discomfort and sounds, bed on its side.
Stuck in pain, stuck in feelings, stuck in thoughts.
Magical magical demon doing the most.
To fight off the ghost.

But nothing matters when everything is wrong so the ghost and ocd can all come triggering me.
Whatever, eat me, break my soul all over again.
Even though I tried to maintain myself in this plan.
Apparently nothing works so let me be a magical demon.

I stare at the moon, standing on a bridge singing.
Somebody tells me not to keep on looking.
Too late, I was already hawling, my eyes were already hurting, head was already burning...

Sometimes when I look back it’s all so magical.
That’s why I’m a magical demon called Syonide because I tried and I tried and I tried.
I just see everything falling and I only hear a young woman screaming.

A young woman who I was never able to save from everything happening.
So it had to be happening cause nothing is fair.
You are such a strong young woman but there’s nothing you and I can do.
Nothing to protect you or me from horror, terror and not being able to live but always be trying, trying, trying, crying, dying but not really, but trying, trying, trusting, caring, breaking, shaking, crying, flickering...

Magical demon taking Syonide.
Yenson Jul 2020
Group think in unison disarray
morons looking for Camelot in mob's dive
we spoil for mind war but pray lend us our minds
in cloudy storms of magical red rains our brains were washed
to pristine white

Our masters tell us
its a remote affair so show us the moat
we will swim float and jump
masters says its a revolution
we are revved up but spare us the elocution

Some are saying this is mindless but we could not care less
though those wenches were careless
when they stole from the Moor
who was not from the moors in North York

A bright spark said its a vendetta of thieves
they cut of his tongue and said his brains had not
been washed proper
that he was calling a ***** a *****
yet the masters had taken our pitchforks and cudgels away
them dumb masters keeps on saying remote remote
and then control, control, then, power, power

now if you ask me fellow hicks in unison
this really is no time for **** roll
neither is it a time to go to the moat, what's it with this re moat
then they say its tower, tower
in Cromwells' name
are we being told to go via the moat for a **** roll in the tower
don't blame me they washed my brains a while ago.....
SATIRE.....What's wrong with you, have you lost your sense of humour, When asinine s say they are doing heads in, does that not make you roll on the floor in helpless mirth. Lighten up man, this is serious stuff we're talking about. Though I find it all incredibly hilarious,  people hang themselves when they are given this treatment, this is heavy stuff I have you know!
giving not taking
that's the joy of living
Sharon Miedema May 2020
Why don't you take this key and stop taking life so seriously?  
Open the box of surprises, you'll find so many great fun prices.
Careful but not too careful,  and life won't be hard but never dull.
Stupid old soul taking life way too seriously, why why?
Haven't you learned it's all a fun try try?
Oh what a relaxing fun surprise.
If you don't take it seriously it can be a little nice.
John Darnielle May 2020
I went down to Lloyd center
Looking for you
But a mouth full of anger
Blocked my view
He took your hand
There in the skating rink
God will give him blood to drink

Saw the two of you leaving
I didn't want to follow behind
But I could see the rest of your evening
Burning in my mind
Sky's black
The moon's pink
God will give him blood to drink

I looked over the railing
The ice was white
On the north-east side
Where I saw you and your boyfriend
On a Friday night
I went mining for gold
I struck pure, fresh zinc
God, God will give him blood to drink
Another one from 1994, off a tape called "Taking the Dative". Later re-released on the Ghana compilation in 1999.
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