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And with light wind blowing
I fell asleep to the sound of rain
covered in a cozy blanket
in my lover's arms...
Simran Guwalani Dec 2019
I have seen this before
I am seeing it again
There's a guy that you adore
God help you, Amen!
You melt at the mere sight of him
You love the way he smiles
And that he never looks grim.
But you don't know
What his smile hides
He will never show
Yet make you abide
And you definitely will
Because you love him so
You are ready to ****
The moment he says 'go'.
You go beyond and above
Don't you dare deny
You are a Fool in love
But then, so was I.
Simran Guwalani Feb 2019
You are the reason I smile,
For you I could walk a mile.
You are the one who gives me strength,
Even when situations are intense.
You are the one who manages to make me laugh,
When it seems like my world is cut into half.
You are my happiness, you are my Sunshine,
You are my soulmate, my goddess divine.
Simran Guwalani Feb 2019
Tackle the power
with a golden flower.
Just to be sure of what you did
Never let anything in the world be hid
Go out there and be yourself
Never on the past should you delve
Heave a sigh of relief
Never loose faith in your belief
Be the person you always wanted to be
Accept the world as you shall see
Turn the page, start the next chapter
Keep moving on, never falter.
Simran Guwalani Jan 2019
Sometimes at night
I think of you
Thinking of what might have been
If only I had the guts
To tell you how I felt
To ask you about
How you felt about me.
But that's over now
It's way in the past
My feelings are gone
And so are you.
You were my first love
And I'll always remember that.
But now when I think of you
I just can't help but feel
That we could have had something.
This poem is about the first guy and the only guy I ever liked.
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
I want someone to listen to me
To understand me and also agree.
I just want him to lend me his ears,
Neither his mouth and nor his tears.
I've finally found him, it is the wall,
It's not living, but has an ear after all.
This poem goes way back....I wrote it when I was in 10th standard as an assignment.
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
The way she smiled
The way she lied
on herself she always relied
All her emotions, bottled up and denied
Sleepless nights, she always cried
everyday on the inside, a little she died
She felt tied
but nonetheless tried
Every moment was a roller-coaster ride
Strong she stayed, to keep her pride
but it was necessary to hide,
Because maybe somewhere, deep inside
she was getting a little paranoid.
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