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A thousand wishes of mine
were left estranged,
A thousand wishes of mine
were never entertained.
Some by others,
Some by me,
They still remain unattained.
There were times I had in me a fire,
To fulfill any desire
but now I'm just torn
and at times remain forlorn.
The wish was made by the child in me
which the adult me could not fulfill.
Oh how I wish I could be
like the child, who dared to dream
And at least try
to erase the line
That limited these
Thousand wishes of mine.
I'm walking the tight rope,
holding on to the stick
like it was hope.
That is how we get through life,
walking all alone
with just that one person
constantly giving us hope.
Simran Guwalani Dec 2020
What you desire
is what you seek,
you'll play with fire
to reach the peak.
Simran Guwalani Dec 2020
We yearn to be understood
by those who don't understand.
we explain to those who don't even want to listen,
let alone lend a helping hand.
There are only a few who get us truly,
only a few who understand what we say.
And even fewer who understand profusely,
what we don't say, what our expressions don't display.
These are the ones who know,
that the times when the quietest are we,
the time when silent is all we can be,
isn't the time when our voice is lost,
it's the time when we are actually screaming the most.
Simran Guwalani Aug 2020
That flat or apartment you live in
Is called a house,
That someone you live with
Makes it home.
So if you wander with that "someone" by you,
You'll be a wanderer with a home.
Simran Guwalani Jun 2020
And with light wind blowing
I fell asleep to the sound of rain
covered in a cozy blanket
in my lover's arms...
Simran Guwalani Dec 2019
I have seen this before
I am seeing it again
There's a guy that you adore
God help you, Amen!
You melt at the mere sight of him
You love the way he smiles
And that he never looks grim.
But you don't know
What his smile hides
He will never show
Yet make you abide
And you definitely will
Because you love him so
You are ready to ****
The moment he says 'go'.
You go beyond and above
Don't you dare deny
You are a Fool in love
But then, so was I.
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