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As you are just get going for a talk,
Few queries I have please do not balk.
Is this  important , what do you speak?
People have issues, solutions they seek?

Or you have soapbox, desire to show,
What is inside , you need a window.
To ***** the all , which have been repressed,
For years days nights ,yet to be expressed.

It matters not whether, they make any sense?
Already so clamor , making  it intense.
What solace you granting, while making this talk?
Or you need someone, with whom you can walk?

Think just one opinion can make someone fall,
If treated with care it, may shape someone tall.
Not always a weapon which wins a war,
Words can often be lethal and fatal at par.

Wordings are blessings and your asset too,
So use them with wisdom and not just a boo.
You know It is foolish to go  for a walk,
Like Jackals in Jungle gather for  talk.

Ajay Amitabh Suman: All Rights Reserved
What purpose will it serve if your talk , instead of pacifying someone's mind, is creating ripples of worries? What is use of your thought if no one gets any benefit out of it? Just be watchful whether you go for a talk only because you need a companion while you walk, Or is your talk making someone happy . It is really worthy to talk only in case you making someone laugh.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2021
Rule 1
If you want
To love
"Pinch the soul"

I repeat

Rule 2
If you wished
To be loved

Read that again

Rule 3
If you want
Both of it
"Get ready"

You will
Genre: Observational
Author's Note: Dedicated to your good future, what live has to offer.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2020
And he said
I'm not 9 to 5 person
Sometimes I'm
7 to 9
Sometimes I'm
10 to 7
Sometimes I'm
Round the clock

But while I rest
I just neglect
The **** time
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Diary || And what about yours?
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2019
He/She asked her/him
"What is the thing I need to change?"

All of the sudden
She/He replied

"Obsession with me"

In silence, he/she thanked
For reminding
A reason
Genre:Dark Abstract
Theme: ******* soul
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2019
Tell them

Mostly HE/SHE stays silent
Sometime HE/SHE has something to say
And sometime HE/SHE has to behave arrogant
And sometime HE/SHE has to turn the back
To keep distance

HE/SHE has to do
All this
Just to keep alive
God in HIM/HER

Tell them
HE/SHE is different
Not everyone understands
And, they don't have to
What is going on
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Virtue || Essence || Being Human || Better Human Project
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
प्रेम छ कतै, कतै दुःख, आक्रोस, निरासा
दयाको खानि कतै, उत्खनन गरे कतै धोखा
झुटैझुटका कहानीहरु, कतै दुःख निरासा
कुसलताले झिक्न सकिन्छ सम्मानका भाषा
ज्ञानको छत्र चढाउ, अस्त्र बुद्घिको
कतै मुर्खका फणहरु, कतै स्वच्छ राह
कतै सृजनाका झरनाहरु, कतै उर्जा, उत्साह
दुबिधाका रुपहरु, कतै नीरस अन्धकार
लिलै लिलाको देख्छु यो संसार
कतै दानव मान्छेहरु
कतै मानवहरुभित्र इश्वरको वास
कतै मौनता, कतै छ मुस्कराहट
करुणाका कथा कतै, कतै कर्मका रुपहरु
उल्झन आरोप कतै, कतै संर्घष, समस्या
अविश्वास कतै, कतै रुखोपना
कृतज्ञता कतै, कतै प्रसंसै प्रसंसा
कतै संबेदना, कतै सद्गुण
प्रेम, मायाको खानी कतै
कतै निष्ठा, कतै बैराग्य
सत्य, सेवा कतै, कतै सर्मपण
लिलै लिलाको संसारमा
रहश्यै रहश्यको मुहान ।
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: अर्को प्रयास
Lucius Furius Dec 2018
This desert is our life.
From the dry earth we gather roots and melons.
Over the endless sands we hunt the gemsbok and the springbok.
Sometimes the ga roots are shriveled and bitter.
Sometimes men are sick with thirst and hunger.
When there is water we drink and sing and clap our hands.
When there is food we eat and dance and clap our hands.
The eland does not come to us and ask to be eaten --
one must know how to make the arrow and poison it
and where to look and how to hide and shoot. . . .
What man is so foolish as to expect more? To expect
the rain to be always falling, his eggs full of water and
his stomach full of meat?
You have strong animals to carry you.
You have much food and water.
Your digging sticks are hard and sharp.
Your shooting-sticks are like lightning.
You are a powerful man and a good man.
I can see that in your eyes.

But what you offer is a dream.
You can give us water and meat.
You can fill our hands with tobacco and perfect beads.

But you cannot give us happiness.

A man can only drink so much and then he is full.
If a man is always eating honey, he tires of it and becomes sick.
And even if all life were sweet --
what man is not food for lions and dogs?
A man who has tasted in his life no bitterness will find death very bitter.
My mouth longs for sweetness
but sweetness brings bitterness
and in the end they are one.
So I ask you:
Take your digging sticks and your shooting-sticks.
And do not leave them behind.
Go to the green lands you came from.
We shall walk in this desert as we always have.
(The occasion for this speech is the arrival of an expedition
headed by a European in a Bushman werf around the year 1900.)

Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem: .
Note: This poem is part of the Scraps of Faith collection of poems ( )
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
By default
He is

If He enjoys, He'll
If He have to, He'll
If it keeps harmony, He'll

If it needs fake smile, He'll not
If it disturbs his mind, He'll not

Extrovert 100%
To the closed circle
He is
Introvert 100%
To the rest
He is

By default
He is
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: You may know who i am, I only know who I'm not, nothing else matters.
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