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Isaac afunad Feb 20
The love I have for her pushes me from my friends
And yet I'm scared to lose her
For she holds the keys to heart
Unlike all the romantic stories
Ours could be defined as Pip & Estella in the Great Expectations
Rosie Oct 2020
A love that is pure
Is the only thing that can lure,
And cure a broken heart,
That’s for sure.
Aneesh H Jan 2020
Am I to be blamed,
your alluring eyes
Captivate mine
And my mind

And angels in Heaven
Unleash their wrath upon me
For ignoring them?

Your eyes have already said
What your lips struggle to withhold

Your eyes betray a sense of victory
Yet, little do you know
What my heart has won!

Or perhaps, it doesn't matter...?
Madhu, in many Indian languages means honey. Madhura is the feeling akin to honey, sweet, ageless, pure love. It is not a love that wants to barter for a gain or an aim. It is natural and selfless. Like Meera's love for Krishna.
True love is perhaps true salvation. It is rarest of the rare. It needs not validation by tradition nor a certification by custom. Yet, it is not immoral. It is pure. It is rare, hence sweet: like the nectar created by countless honey-bees through the labour of day and night.
Anita Daniel Sep 2019
I look through your eyes and I see our future
I see our love
I see our goals and aspirations come into life
Then reality hits me hard like my bottle of chapel sweet red wine crushing the floor
That our love is "non licet"
Against societies expectations
Against family beliefs
Beliefs that have been sown into my magnificent brain
**** that!
I broke the barriers
I don't live up to meritocratic expectations
I live for love
You are my love
I love you
Our energies coincide with one another
You are my "forbidden" soul mate
Just as these words flow
So does my love for you
Meu rei
I am in love with my relative.
Paras Bajaj Jun 2019
his head is a complicated place
where the thoughts of her never leave,
but only the thought of her;
reminds him to breathe.

his soul is empty and dark
or all alone will he ever be
but only the light in her eyes;
reminds him that he is free.

his heart is as black as night,
yet he always fails to act blind
cause' only the warmth of her;
reminds him to be kind.

Instagram: @mr.parasbajaj
shanika yrs Nov 2018
come, sit by my side
darling will watch the rain falling
I am mad I was your man
so your touch I have known for a lifetime
thus remember I crush thin air around us
so now the  world has wine
it is what keep all gods and lovers alive
darling this rain
this rain is our bequest
that why this fall is so **** pretty
come, sit by my side
remind of us together watching the rain
darling - us - we
we worth living another million of lives.
she wasn't known to me for this many of years yet her sudden appearance, it yields my heart. It made me so mad. These feelings are too real to restrain.  love - you are too real to keep my hands off from tapping these keys. much love.

© shanikayrs
Sakif Hossain Aug 2018
My sweet fairy, my only one
The one owner of my heart..
Why my heart feels so warm,
U guessed right, it's her..

Well sure she's far away,
But hey it's only distance,
I know she thinks of me every day..
Though we can't talk for days,
But that one hour with her worth waiting...

They say there's a day for love,
For me every moment is for love..
I love her innocence,
I love her every cute antic..
Cause she's the one,
The one fairy of my heart...
Declan Quinn Jun 2018
In a room full of people there you were.
Two hundred eyes all seeing something different,
And there you were, seeing just one pair of eyes.
A solitary tear escapes my grip and tumbles onto the cold floor.
The tear is pride and affection.
I looked up again and there you are,
Being you.
HoneyPotter Jan 2018
She knows she's imperfect and full of flaws
Not the one that would make the crowd applause,
She doesn't like to wear heels and **** dresses
Just a pair comfy clothes but not to look like a mess.

She's not the one that blushes in every pick up lines
Rather, she'll throw you joke you'll be needing your lifeline,
She doesn't have expensive things every woman dreamed about
But she's a real and grounded woman you can never doubt that.

She wanders to places to see our beautiful nature
Instead of shopping and clubbing it isn't cool,
She doesn't have her own car like it's a majority rule,
You'll see that's not her case, unless it's a carpool.

She might not be the perfect woman you see in the drama
Nor the beautiful one in every angle of your camera,
But I'm telling you when she loves she knows it right
To give it all and she'll do that with all her heart.

She endured her bitter past that made her more matured
and imperfections doesn't feel her insecure,
You'll never have to worry you can be rest assured
and her feelings of love are genuine and pure.
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