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uv 1d
When the gloom weighs down heavy
Your presence becomes my story
Your love is my shinning glory
Everything else is transitory
When things dont go your way
And life is difficult, no way to sway
Those small blessings you forget
That mistake, you will forever regret.
  Feb 21 uv
Daniel H Shulman
Flayed and tattered,
Torn and shattered,
Bruised and battered,
Never mattered.

No consolation.

Bridges burned,
Lovers spurned,
Disgrace earned,
Nothing learned.

Heart conflicted,
Soul afflicted,

Hard discipline,
But genuine,
The only sin
Is giving in.
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uv Feb 21
As a mom..
you always need to be prepared
As a mom ..
you need to make sure your expressions are well read.
As a mom ..
you need your baby well fed.
As a mom..
lack of tissues is a subject of dread.
As a mom..
less is always more said.
Motherhood is a form of poetry
U learn and u teach
And you enjoy everything in your reach.
uv Jan 18
When we mimic nature,
using our skills,
It is in the nature of nature,
To bloom every where
it instill's.
uv Aug 2018
When i look across the horizon,
Through the beauty of the muddled illusion,
Even a puddle of water looks like the never ending ocean.
uv Jun 2018
I knocked on the door,
it was a silent night.
I knocked once more,
there was no one in sight.

The house was locked with the key inside.
I sulked and waited till dawn was to arrive.
Then the birds started chirping
and the hens with their sing
Woke every dozer sleeping, unknown to my sting.

But yet the door remained closed
outside which i strolled
I was sleepy, hungry
And my head spun like a web.
I cursed the person who defened the bell.

It was too late!

I couldnt wait anymore.
I held my head and walked away from the door.
As i did the milk man arrived
and the dear maiden inside
Opened the door to my heavens floor.

She was suprised!  seeing me outside

She began to question me in this mode,
"What on earth was i doing sitting on the road ?"
Now it did not matter to me,
For i was too delighted and at last at ease,
to see my way into a deep bright sleep.
uv May 2018
I went hunting on a summers day.
To find an animal that could lay
on my wall for a long long stay.
I saw zebras, giraffes and lions at prey,
I saw elephants and tigers sleeping, they lay
I aimed the trigger at the nearest i saw.
I saw a deer fallen with a broken jaw.
I wanted to help the poor old fellow.
Oh! how could i hurt the one in sorrow.
I got out of the safari van,
I came out and gave it a hand.
I aided it till it regained it strength.
I looked at it as it went.
It made me happy, you know!
May be my wall can wait some more!
Wrote this as an school assignment for my brother 2005..
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