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uv May 10
It may all be meant well
Your love and caring engraved deep within
Your thoughts sure and your soul pure
All your achievements negation of sin.

It may all be in vain
If your actions are short of whats within
A wrong word, emotions stirred
All that earned will be just sent to the bin.

It may all be fine still
Understanding and empathy build it within
Do for others, be kind dear brothers
Let the heart be an ocean, someday you will win.
I wish we could all have hearts as big as the ocean.
My dad taught me that..i wish i always remember that..
uv Apr 25
Those days when you were told
These are the best, better behold

Those days when you were told
Learn the best, make yourself unfold

Those days when you were told
You are the best, be strong and bold

Those days when you were told
Take your rest, shelter from hot and cold

Those days when you were told
Do not test, patience is gold

Those days when you were told
It is not a jest, you will grow old.
                                         -by uv_poetry
uv Apr 5
With all the troubles around me
There is a pattern that surrounds me
At a point when it all weighed down
I couldnt breathe, it was a mind drown.

Then isnt life about the suffering?
Things that bring happiness also come blustering.
Fullfilments of Expectations are a fantasy
We hold too much on wants that are not thought rationally.

This world is a field of alchemy
Its in your hands to not make your pain into a tragedy
But it is in HIS hands to turn your affliction and give you purity
In ways you cannot concieve, just thank for eternity.
uv Mar 23
When the gloom weighs down heavy
Your presence becomes my story
Your love is my shinning glory
Everything else is transitory
When things dont go your way
And life is difficult, no way to sway
Those small blessings you forget
That mistake, you will forever regret.
  Feb 21 uv
Flayed and tattered,
Torn and shattered,
Bruised and battered,
Never mattered.

No consolation.

Bridges burned,
Lovers spurned,
Disgrace earned,
Nothing learned.

Heart conflicted,
Soul afflicted,

Hard discipline,
But genuine,
The only sin
Is giving in.
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uv Feb 21
As a mom..
you always need to be prepared
As a mom ..
you need to make sure your expressions are well read.
As a mom ..
you need your baby well fed.
As a mom..
lack of tissues is a subject of dread.
As a mom..
less is always more said.
Motherhood is a form of poetry
U learn and u teach
And you enjoy everything in your reach.
uv Jan 18
When we mimic nature,
using our skills,
It is in the nature of nature,
To bloom every where
it instill's.
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