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uv Mar 25
I am not social
I am scarse
I dont need to show up
If my heart does not ask

I am not available
I am not a farce
I dont need attention
Atleast not by the vast

I say i dont care
I say it, again.
Again and again
Till it feels like a mask

No need to follow
No need to like
I can grow, i can flow
I can be a social dislike

My talent is mine
It's whispers are mine
For me, for me
For me is the rhym.

You can leave me
You can, you can
Leave me you can
But i still love the best i can

I love the best i can.
Just pause, pause this race, you are more important than what others might think.
uv Apr 2022
As I scroll down hello poetry
Why do I read so much grief , pain and unpleasantry?
I understand life gives its blows
But stand up tall, let bad's be lows..

The sun shall shine another day
So write with joy, so you forget the pain
Be a guide, show other's a way
The laughter you lost, will be back again.
I was just scrolling down the latest page of he po and realised there is so much pain...
Life is tough ..and rough ..I have had my share ..let's write something happy , to make the stree go away..
uv Apr 2022
If a pen could relay all my thoughts
All those tiny speckles and threads that get often lost
My eye would like to describe the tinest details
And my hand would want to draw all its artistic tales

If my heart could realy what it thinks
All those flutters, its strongest strings
My beats would tell those feelings,to share
And my touch would make the world watch and stare.
uv Apr 2022

A cold windy day.
Your palms are shivering
Under the gloves you wear.
With you are your loved ones
Laughing with play..
You sit down on those chairs
Chatting away...
Or may be waiting for some one
Who has lost their way. .
You look around and smile
You have had a wonderful day
May be you drink cofee
To keep the chill astray.
You click a photo
To remember someday...

To remember someday. 😁
This write goes well with a photo.. To see the photo
Chk my Instagram page :
uv May 2021
Once again we find our selves in a spot.
Where eveything outside looks rosy
And all dark within.
We find ourselves locked and caged
And the moving world moving with all its gait

Once again we hear the sounds of despair
When everything was just on the brink of being glorious and fair.
We find we have more to bear and be aware
And the part where we learn still has a humongous share

Thankfullness and humbleness
Emphathy and hope
These are few friends to make
They will pull you along just like a strong, unbreakable rope.

Hold on, just hold on
uv May 2020
The places we cherish
The moments in those
The people we share it
Who's doors are never close.

The horizon is what we choose
It could be a mile it could be a pool
Bringing light into darkness
Can be one's greatest tool

Sailing has never been easy
The wind takes its share
Being steady in all weathers
Is a drift so fair and rare.
  May 2020 uv
Kathryn Heim
The deepest joys
The purest thoughts
Are things that
Can't be sold or bought.

Gifts of faith
The simplest kind
Seem to evade
The worldly mind.
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