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Oskar Roux Dec 2018
Let the world be the rubber
And you be the glue
I'll bounce off others and stick to you
Catch you when you fall
Pick you up again in the winter
Even tend to your nasty splinters
I'll be the one that gathers your rosebuds in spring
And be your cooling shade in the summer.
And when
Sticks and stones
(Against you)
Will crack and splinter,
And words for your beauty will never leave me
Remember ravishing is what you are,
As I am ravenous
(How do I know)
Because it takes poetry
To know poetry

And that is just what you are.
Poetry in motion
Tried to make a spin on old nursery rhymes and how one needs to defend themselves in some cases. they way that some women do, inspires me and this is what that is about.
Stella Cleere Mar 2016
The material was stretched tight
deep furrows in the red and black
pulled across your shoulder blades so severely
but you were all soft edges.
The blunt edge of a 2B pencil
gently shadowing in the crease
where stomach met hip bones
and warm.
It was lovingly done.

— The End —