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mark soltero Sep 10
man was the first to preform suicide
natural born martyrs
too sick to bring themselves to eat their own filth
our strongest are easiest to fall
men were not made to survive
but sequential installments are in
follow suite in order to remain on top
in order to fall farther
mark soltero Sep 10
mark soltero Aug 17
do you read my cowardly letters still
the pain in my fingers i felt
time spent to tell you the love i have
it's fair to say that i can't be away
unhealthy longing to hold you
i wish things were better
your wounds are closing up
i noticed it the other night
thank you for holding me
when you touch me
everything feels fine again
i hope i'm healing your head too
i can't stand to be away from you
mark soltero Aug 7
please fix what's broken inside me
i've tried a hundred times
and i can't seem to make it right
there's nothing inside me that shines anymore

i killed off yesterday
so there wouldn't be today
yet i woke up again this morning
mark soltero Aug 7
there's no kindness in my eyes
fleeting emotions of grandeur leave
my body always feels broken after i feel alive
who's that stranger looking back at me
the reflection in the mirror lies
mark soltero Aug 7
exposed myself
my true form
present in a moment's time
glimpses of me
rushed sequences in your mind

we stayed in
just like i planned
my heart doesn't ache
please don't put your hands on me anymore
i know that this is only momentarily

nothing you do can amount to what i felt before
mark soltero Aug 7
down the pavement
we're moving fast
the sun is coming up
my whole world has been turned upside down
nowhere to go
you tell me to relax

the sense of hope fills me
little did i know this was the start of our life
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