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zero Aug 2018
Sandbox giggles and seesaw chuckles
echo around the park.
Little ones pitter patter on tarmac and grass,
oblivious to their age.
All they know is the sun is shining
and they're going to feel like this forever.

Rubber throwing and hushed whispers
echo around the classroom.
Schoolkids adding and subtracting,
oblivious to their age.
All they know is that they hate math
and they're going to be an astronaut when they grow.

Cheesy pop songs and girly giggles
echo around a bedroom.
She's curling her friend's hair and smiling,
oblivious to her age.
All she knows is that Jake is a cutie
and she's going to marry him when she's 21.

Birthday wishes and lots of love!
echo around the dinner table.
He's having his first beer as an 18-year-old and loving it,
oblivious to his age.
All he knows is that he's going out tonight
and staying up till dawn.

Baby rattles and first words
echo around the house.
The baby is mumbling its first word,
oblivious to the meaning behind it.
All it knows is that its mummy is warm
and it's daddy smells nice.

Memories of sandboxes and summer nights
echo around their heads.
They're laying in a bed in a sanitary place,
oblivious to the current situation.
All they know is that their time is up,
but they had such fun whilst it lasted.
I found out my cousin is 10, not 8 as I remembered.
I held him when he was born...
Time is such a weird thing,
we're oblivious to it's passing,
but in the end, we notice it more than ever.

Wide Eyes  Jun 2014
Almond Eyes.
Wide Eyes Jun 2014
Come spring, she leaped across the grassy dune,
Beaming with sheer joy as she hummed a halcyon tune.
Her beauteous almond eyes- the biggest, the brightest.
A bonnie spotted doe in her warm, homely forest

Come summer, by her gushing little lake she played.
When upon a solitary, pensive buck her eyes she laid.
Eyes met across the smiling lake; too soon gazes parted.
While his eyes curiously lingered, hers wandered on ahead.

Come monsoon, he adored her eyes, her gilded coat, her bushy tail.
The passionate warmth in her eyes with affection made him frail.
Yet, she went on with her blissful life- devoid of any care.
Oblivious of the buck who always stopped to stare.

Come winter, by his side chattering happily she grazed.
Soon, his feelings faded; by almond eyes no longer crazed.
Like currents in the water, apart they drifted and drifted.
New lake. Nonchalant silence. No words were said.

Come fall, she found that he still leaped through her mind.
The emotion she once scoffed in her heart now enshrined.
Eyes met across the smiling lake; too soon gazes parted.
While her dull eyes wistfully lingered, his wandered on ahead.
GreyJunebug Apr 2014
He strutted down the hall with confidence.
His crooked smile reverberated goosebumps along my bare arms.
His deep soothing laugh drew me to the heaven light.
His blue grey eyes held secrets of pain that made my heart scream for him.
His foolish jokes made my frozen frown thaw.
It was not till his warm hand brushed mine that I knew I had oblivious eyes.
I had fallen for this gorgeous human being without knowing.

When you meet the person you will love, you won't know it is them until you realize that you had already fallen.
Malteser Fairy Sep 2013
I stood there on the hill,
Staring out at you.
Knowing you were there,
But knowing you didnt see
me, didnt know what you
put me through.

The sun began to set,
casting golden light out across
The land. You swept her into
Your arms, Her long blond hair
swirling around your arms.
You were oblivious to my love.
Oblivious to my heartbreak.
How could you?
I felt myself began to fade,
My life becoming worthless.
Styles  Sep 2016
Styles Sep 2016
Bound by flesh; we are,
      oblivious to our minds,
      chemical reactions.
      Enamored with desire,
      our bodies collide,      
      driven by our actions.
      Engrossed by lust; thirsty.
      The primal rush;
      the absolute of attraction
      Prisoners of our passions.
      animal instincts
      of human nature; our habits
      we fashion.
Oblivious is the man who claims decorum of extrapolated omnipotence.
The man who has ossified rationalism into an inexplorable ruse.
An attempt to transmogrify inchoate minds, characteristic of apparitions.
Providing illusion as the answer to an obsequious concrescence of naive followers.
Oblivious are the men who follow this decorum.
Their leader keens to their needs.
Clive Blake  Aug 2017
Clive Blake Aug 2017
Mankind seems oblivious
To Nature’s pleading cries,
Mankind seems oblivious
When Nature ups and dies,
Mankind seems oblivious
To its carcass filled with flies,
Mankind seems oblivious
To God’s wrath above the skies.

Man can only think of seeking treasure,
Man can only think of funding leisure,
Man can only think of his own pleasure.

Oblivious to Nature’s sighing,
Oblivious to Nature’s crying,
Oblivious to Nature’s dieing ...
Lady K Milla  Aug 2017
Lady K Milla Aug 2017
Heedless of the web hanging from every corner,
I ventured into your space.
Oblivious me
Again I dangle from your weave
You always find a way to wrap me
in your promises so tightly
Oblivious me
I believed your invite
to be something I trusted
R.I.P. to the fools
who came to visit you so blindly
I see you hang their carcass like a trophy
from that thirsty tongue so proudly
Constrained in your devotion
The lechery scene of their bodies
You leave them suspended from a straight-jacket cobweb
As you drink from their seductive flesh
R.I.P. to the pests of your future meals
I sigh in disappointment to your habit
As I escape disheartened by the damage
For the docile creature I had once seen
Has lost all dignity and rationality
Oblivious me
I can no longer present myself to your attendance
The truth is now bestowed upon thee
and I've accepted the let down to your betterment
Matt Apr 2015
Oblivious Young Americans
Are not interested in reality

Our military prepares  for Martial Law

My sister ignores my warnings
She is oblivious

Tons of military vehicles
Being brought into our country

Young people like her
Are woefully unprepared

Terrible Times are coming
Martial Law is coming
A government shutdown is coming

My sister is oblivious...

— The End —