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Regan  Nov 2018
Regan Nov 2018
they couldn’t see past my smiles.
my hurt was invisible to them.
they didn’t see the blood drip on the tiles.
my wrists burning from the blades.

they saw a happy face,
but didn’t know my pain.
I would find myself pace,
with a gun rested on my lips.

they never heard my cries
or how i would scream for help
i was ready to die,
but you never noticed.

they were oblivious to my troubles
so i’m more dependent on myself.
even if the signs weren’t subtle,
i’ve moved on from my struggles.
Mark Edwards Jr Apr 2013
These thoughts so wicked, course through our veins, like riding a stallion and losing the reigns

They come down upon us, like an angel of death, the taking of life before its first breath

An act so unhinged, wild and free, like the death of a star, it’s a sight to see

Both horrid and gorgeous, you stand awestruck, never turning away, yet full of disgust

Yet you shun these feelings -- having been taught, but in a moment so pure, you’ve likely forgot

Loosing a display that's most unfitting, your peers be ****** ‘cause you’re unwitting

And so they say, you’ve no self control, shaming you back into your dark, damp hole

Thus denying yourself, due to what they say?  More than a pity, it’s a crying shame!

But I'll not be burdened by these pretentious *****, for I'll see them in hell, and goad their disgust

With a species so elegant and beautiful as ours, to shun our emotions is like shutting off stars

In a night sky, once "oh so pretty", remains nothing but space and a white noise emitting

So let yourself go and shine once again, giving no headway to those who pretend -

That they're on a new level -- beyond comprehension, paying their true selves no ******* attention

While they die of a death, so silent and slow, they'll take their last breath, and not even know

original:  07/16/2011

edit:  03/10/2012

Edit: 10/01/2018
OC  Jul 2018
In a while
OC Jul 2018
Soon I will forget
and soon after
I will forget even remembering
For the world is several
times my size
imprinting its pieces in me
as fading images
The raindrops that pool to a puddle
forget how they once were an ocean
and the tree trunk loses sight of
its humble stem origin
Just like those
I’ll forget in a while
what was once
where I head
who am I
piece by piece
past and future break from the
knowing nothing but grief
and not knowing
for what
Sorry for the lame translation. Proper English just could not capture what I was aiming for.
The sun sets,
But I lay awake,
Thinking about the last few days...
I wonder what it means?
Is it all in my head?

Replaying our conversations,
Thinking about your smile.
So many questions,
Not enough answers.

I wait for tomorrow,
Hoping to see you soon.
Waiting for another chance,
To be besides you.

The simple things you do
Mean the world to me.
Most people would overlook them,
But not me.

Hopefully you'll notice,
See how similar we are.
Notice our connection,
And give it a try.

Stop being oblivious,
Realize the signs...
I know you feel it too,
You don't need to compromise.

We can talk for hours,
From the simple to complex.
We don't have to do anything,
And be together all night.

You're so confusing,
Give me a sign.
Tell me there's something ..
Or if im waisting my time...
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