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Sabika Jan 25
I loved him wholeheartedly,
You cannot convince me otherwise.
He was good to me, kind.
He was strong, a mountain to climb!
He was handsome, a sight to behold.
His heart was made of gold,
And when he saw me, his love was mine!

I loved him, I will never forget that.
It was a short time, but it was so true,
It was honest, it was beautiful, it was the world against me and you.

I love him!

I want to shout it from the sky!
Refer to you in your full name.
And I'll love you, again and again,
All the same.
Sabika Jan 25
Sing! Oh people of the world!
Sing for the pain that brought you closer,
For the pain that taught you about trust,
Resilience, courage, helpfulness, love,
For the pain that taught you about God,
About the nature of the sword.
Sing louder, oh people of the world!
And rejoice at the pain,
So inhumane,
But it made you more human.
Cherish your cries,
Savour your tears,
Slay your fears!
And sing for a life lived in hours, days, and years!
Sabika Jan 18
How could I jeopardize
A moment of bliss,
A heart touched by your kiss,
A soul warmed in your hug?

How could I sabotage
This peaceful smile
A rewarding feeling that
All of my efforts were worthwhile?
Oh how stupid I was to have nearly
Let this all go
For something so flippant and transient.
There must be a sickness in the heart,
A disease in the mind,
But nevermind that
I feel healed in your love.
Sabika Jan 16
It's like the stillness of nature,
It is not calm,
Like the hesitation of a wolf
Who sees sheep led by a shepherd
In a distant farm.
Like the sound of a fly
That's too far away to ****.
You're hesitant, uncomfortable,
You prefer it this way but
It's still ******* your knees when
You're going downhill.
Sabika Jan 16
I can see the distant storm,
Its anger looming,
Its inevitability grooming me.

The sky is wide,
It makes no sense to run from its shadow.
It moves like the sea
and I float in its current.

I was moving forward but now
I must fall back.
I have no choice but I'll always
Come back on track.
Sabika Jan 16
"You are asking God to give you from his bounty,
And I ask, what makes you worthy?"
God's pool is pure,
And my hands are tainted.
What I ask for is for
The hand of one of your beloved.
Yet, will your servant want someone like me?

To be worthy of your bounty
And a man so great, surely
I must be tested?
I cannot expect the best when
The best does not deserve that which is
Far lesser than perfect.

I ask for a human,
Not a thing.
I ask for a man
Worthy to be a king.
I ask for a love so sweet,
For a mercy so complete,
But perhaps I must come equal to such a treat.

I thought I've come close,
But it's not enough.
I've learned that there is no love without knowledge
And no knowledge without love.
So now that this is acknowledged,
Perhaps loneliness wouldn't seem so tough.
I can see you want what is best for me,
And the best requires to rise up and above.

I am hopeful,
And I'll pray, everyday.
You promised I come in a pair,
You assure me that you are fair,
And when the time comes to receive that gift,
I must be ready and worthy of being there.
Sabika Jan 9
In every moment, in every place,
I must be strong;
Especially in the night
When the darkness blankets my eyes
And casts its shadow over my heart.

It's okay to be upset,
But the darkness speaks,
And I listen intently,
But I must not believe everything it says.

It looks into me and and sees
My past, my history,
It says treacherous things
About the people around me.

I recognise it now,
Now that I fight to be worthy of your love,
My Lord.
I see it now,
And how it can cause me to sting and sink
My venom into the people I love.
And when I wake it becomes clear,
What a horrible person I was.
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