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Sabika Feb 2
Why do I think that
I’m exempt from certain fates?
Why do I think
That I’m different from others
And separate from their struggles?
Maybe because you were here with me
And we faced the world together
And we made a home
With hard solid foundations.
But with a huff and a puff
Satan shook the skeleton
The very structure
The very innards
And I felt the shiver
And the dread that
Perhaps nothing,
And I mean
Absolutely nothing lasts forever.

So it is in moments like these
That I feel a pathetic kinship
To the most desolate
And The most desperate of man.
Oh how small I am.
Sabika Jan 25
Oh, I can't help but feel warm inside
When I think about
All there is to love,
All there is to fear,
All there is to see,
And all there is to hear.
I feel soft and gentle,
And I watch the waves of life
Flowing through me, around me,
And passing me by
With all there is to hate,
All there is to feel,
And all the scars that are left to heal.
And I love it! I'm alive! I'm living!
I can thrive! I'm floating! I'm swimming!
Oh I love it! I love it!
I'm alive, I'm living!
Oh why, I can't help it,
I'm dancing! I'm singing
With a smile and with tears;
The entirety of life's weight on my heart,
And I just fall so much deeper in love.

To be tied, to be linked;
Oh it feels so euphoric to be so connected,
So succinct.
And I would hate for this to go away,
For my swollen heart to shrink.
This playful love that I have
For a life filled with pain and grief,
For a life so preciously brief,
Oh God, please don't take this away from me.
I feel deeply blessed and gifted
When I truly don't mind how life gets,
No matter how joyful and lighthearted,
No matter how dark and twisted.
Sabika Jan 12
She wakes up and forgets what it means to be human.
Your expressions, your mannerisms, your tone,
None of them evoke truth,
Or what is really going on.
There's always something more,
Something far far beyond.
So when you are plain and clear to her,
She doesn't trust it.
It's best if you write it with a felt-tip.
If she doesn't have another sounding board to bounce off of,
How does she know what reality is?
She cannot tell who is genuine or who is a fraud.
She wakes up and says she forgot.
So she would rather sit in her corner
And observe how we interact.
She'll memories what works
To make up for what she lacks.
Sabika Jan 12
I wish you were a bit more daring.
I wish you would come and tell me how you feel instead of staring.
I wish you were bold enough to touch me.
You used to come close and smell me.
I wish you would have taken me home that night.
I wish you'd laid me down and kissed me
So that I could've felt alright.
Sabika Jan 12
To depict my utter confusion
Let me speak clearly.
I don't know anymore
What is wrong and what is right.
Perhaps I've never known
Exactly what separates daylight from the night.
And when I look into it
There are so many perspectives,
And time is spent on each
And each is compelling.
I've learned through experience
That to an extent, everything is true,
And I've learned that
No one is a villain of their own story
But they are all a victim of life's tragedy,
And I don't know what I know anymore when
I have empathy.
And I've been so deluded and mislead;
Made my own superstitions from my head,
And gave a character to life that was unfair,
So what am I really doing here?
Sabika Dec 2022
Here's to the girl who lied constantly.
To the girl who thought she knew reality.
She was onto something, definitely,
But this is the girl who reveled in stupidity;
To the girl who nearly sold her soul.
To the girl who was taken as a fool.
To the girl who was there for her friends,
Through thick and thin,
And didn't get the same back from them.
To the girl who knew everything about them,
Yet she was still the stranger.
To the girl who actively put herself in danger.
To the girl who became popular and was still lonely,
To the girl who never got to know me-

I'm here now.
You can stop crying.
I appreciate how hard you were trying.
Sabika Dec 2022
I don't just listen,
I accept it as reality.
As I swim through past oceans,
The oceans swim through me.
Why do I reminisce over a memory
That does not remember me?
Why do I long for a moment
That was fundamentally hostile?
There's always something to learn
From an undiscovered experience.
And my chest shakes and I am scared to see
What it was like to live back then;
Constantly calling to me in whatever language I speak in,
Constantly calling me to let the devil back in.
And I've grown confused as I've wandered in the grey,
As the darkness claims much of the light for itself,
Flawed memories portraying a false sense of self
Getting in my way.

So who am I
In this wretched kingdom,
where you must sacrifice your soul to live in?
Who am I amongst a people
With hedonistic intentions and self-centered ambitions
Searching for love and meaning in propagandas?
Who am I
Amongst a past filled with people, yet alone,
Among a community broken,
Among a religious doctrine
Bastardised by hypocrite preachers
Assuming hell has frozen?
Who am I
Among my satanic desires,
Within my own willful ignorance
And sinful longing?

Perhaps I'm being too harsh,
Too hopeless.
There's a light,
An innocence within me.
Above all
A desire for pure peace and harmony,
A magnetic pull to beauty,
A child-like curiosity,
A rebellious strength against established hierarchy.
You need to prove your worthiness for my loyalty.
And God has loved me,
And has gifted me,
And has taught me
All things good.
And I have to keep a balanced view of all things
If I could.
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