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We are all intertwined like a beautiful growing vine that makes an impeccable glass of wine leaving us all feeling Devine...
Dreams are memories....

....Memories are dreams....

....everything else, F
             In between
Collecting data
Unscrambling our mind
To help us remember
What is pretend
What happens in
#dreams #life #memories #poems
I have a problem
I hope you're not
Too fed up with me
And my never ending
Sadness and self loathe

But I have a problem
Not with anyone else
Or anything
But with myself

You see mirrors
Aren't my problem
What I see
When I walk pass is

I'm not talking about
The fatness and the
I'm talking about what
I really see, everytime
I walk pass a mirror

I have a horrible problem
I hate the person I see
I am disgusted with
The soul I see
I am disappointed with
The ******* human
I see.

I have a ******* problem
I am my own *******
I hate myself way more
Than anyone else can...

I beg of you to set me free
Remove these bricks upon my feet
Weighing me down
My feet our bound
Sinking slowly
Into the ground
One step
At a
Firzaana Mohamed Dec 2019
I've lost my father more than a year ago
It should be enough time to mourn, no?

I loved him with all my heart
And just like that he was taken out of
The only realities I've ever known

Yes, death is indeed inevitable
But is it fair to make us love something so ever dearly
To just rip it out of our grasp
In such short notice and in such swift torment

I loved him with all my heart
And my eyes will never shed enough tears
For a man that created a spectacle of all the other men
that had, has and will ever enter my life
And I'm unable to show my mother
This pain I feel

She's sitting in her room listening to the old
Warmth and lovingness in Michael Bolton's voice
As she cries to her heart's content and
She reminisces all the glorious times they've had
Ignorant to how I'd feel hearing the agony in her throat

I loved him with all my heart
To be selfish and to be selfless at the same time

And I love her with all my heart
To let her see the strongest and the most resilient
Version of her daughter

I won't let sleep  come
Because  you are near
You crossed the path
Trampled the dead
Ripped  out hearts
And stole our generations souls.
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