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Liam Hunter May 12
her top was yellow;
the same as my socks.
i noted that in my mind as fate.

reluctant to argue with divine intervention,
i told her that yellow was my favourite colour,
not necessarily a lie, but rather a brand new truth.
she smiled, and told me she liked baby blue;

the colour of my shirt.

our first child was given a green blanket by an aunt.
purely coincidence, i thought, or maybe this really was fate.

it was my new favourite colour.
LC May 1
the sun bids a farewell to the earth,
then waves at the moon
because it's her cue.
she always comes  
at the perfect time,
and she helps the night
whisper hello to the world.
#escapril day 30!
This was a wonderful challenge and an incredible way to celebrate April. Now we're saying goodbye to April and hello to May.
LC Apr 30
my heart spills its feelings
similar to how blood flows.
my cheeks turn scarlet
as my eyes take him in.
the hue of my thoughts
is the color of love.
#escapril day 29!
LC Apr 29
slash their words by
demanding obedience.
burn them by
shaming their dreams.
cut them to the core
by belittling their feelings -
say their feelings don't matter
as much as yours.
the result?
doubts bring them
to their knees,
constantly questioning
others and their motives.
they wonder if they're
too much and not enough,
if their feelings are valid.
their wounds scare them
into submission.
authority is not an excuse
for abuse.
nothing is.
#escapril day 28!
your feelings are valid, and you are enough.
LC Apr 28
her body froze over,
attempting to protect her.
it became a block of ice,
waiting for him to leave.
when he did,
she slowly, carefully
chipped at the ice.
some parts of her
are still frozen,
but she's walking
towards the sun.
#escapril day 27!
freezing is a common response to trauma, and what happened was not your fault. it was your body trying to protect you.
LC Apr 27
she didn't see him slithering.
her heart was pounding,
but everything seemed fine
until she felt him
coiling around her
tighter and tighter
until she couldn't breathe.

she clutched a pocketknife.
with the last drop of
strength she had,
she slashed him
and he slithered away.
after she caught her breath,
she realized he was a snake.
#escapril day 26!
LC Apr 26
when she was younger,
she thought growing up
was the extinction of
her younger selves
to create an adult self.

now she knows
these past selves
are living within her
and will always be there
as her new self keeps evolving.

she needs to host reunions
and invite her younger selves -  
for fun and memories,
laughter and spontaneity,
to remember her roots.
#escapril day 25!
LC Apr 24
she felt his gravitational pull
she thought it would lead
to another universe
one glittering with stars.

instead, she was pulled into
a vast, pitch black void -
one with no life to be seen,
in which stars were only a dream.

she could only hear her heartbeat
and his voice tempting her
she started to shiver,
wondering when this would end.

suddenly, she felt a pull
from the people she loved
that pull was strong, urgent -
just what she needed to leave him.

before she knew it,
she was back in her universe,
safe, warm, loved, lively.
the stars were here all along.
#escapril day 24!
LC Apr 24
whenever their words are sandpaper
that aggressively rubs her heart
and forms stinging cuts,
her hands always reach for
her soft, fluffy, warm blanket.
as it envelops her in its warmth,
her heart heals the cuts
and becomes soft again.
#escapril day 23!
LC Apr 23
the vibrant plants
and talkative animals
cleared a path for her.
she followed that path
for a while, then paused.
she sat at the bank of the river
watching the leaves go by.
she placed her fears,
doubts, and troubles
onto these leaves,
whispered "goodbye,"
and let them float away.
#escapril day 22!
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