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Kenedie May 11
No one knows.

They never will.

They laugh at me and taunt me,

cal me names, bully me.

The thoughts are getting louder,

my sanity growing thinner.

Flashbacks become daily visions,

and dreams are thrown away.

Dreams come true,

but one will have to end in rue.

And though before the rainbow comes the rain,

there will also be that storm so vain.

And others hear but do not listen,

as the story goes.

But only a true listener,

knows this poem like I know.
Don't say you understand the pain, when really you don't even feel a pinch
ALC Jan 2019
I cannot run away from you
You're running straight into my heart
This pain is subsiding so slowly.
I can't breath this last breath
I can't weep this last tear,
You're everything I've ever feared.

When I think about those thoughts, I see nothing but fear,
I see nothing but you,
I feel nothing but a tear,
I  feel nothing but the perplexing pounding in my chest, my heart.
I do nothing but breath my silent breaths
Slowly, painfully, slowly, calmly, slowly.

I do nothing but hear the sweet clicks coming to me slowly,
I do nothing but it rises in me; the fear,
I do nothing but it comes more hastily; my breath,
I do nothing but feel so happy; it's you,
I do nothing but it pounds more rapidly; my heart,
I do nothing but they begin to appear; the tears.

I'd do anything to keep these tears,
I'd do anything to make you move more hastily; you're to slow,
I'd do anything to keep this uncontrollable heart,
I'd do anything to keep my hated fear,
To get rid of them would mean to get rid of you.
I'd do anything to keep these trembling breaths.

I want to feel your breath,
I want to wipe away your tears,
I want to be to close to you,
I'd stop being to slow,
I want to take away your fear,
I want to calm your beating heart.

They could be one; our hearts,
It could be ours; each breathe
We could tame it; our fear
They could vanish; our tears
Together we could be to slow
It could be us; me and you.

I love this world of fears and tears
I love the beating of slow hearts
I love the feeling of your breathing
This is a poem I wrote in 9th grade. Well before what I knew what it was like to love another person or before I had ever had a serious relationship. I rewrote this straight exactly the way I did when I was in 9th grade, mistakes and all. I can't quite remember what I was feeling or what caused me to write this emotional piece. Even with all its flaws it hold some hidden message to me I haven't been able to decipher.
Javi Claycombe Apr 2018
Today was the worst day of my life
Was I always destined for a life like this
The days are stirring, wildly unpredictable
Best part is, I get to do it all over again
Day after day it never seems to end
Of course, I never thought life could be this
My heart races with tomorrow coming soon
Life is short and this is the life I live
It's very common for many of us to get caught up in the stresses of life. We obsesse over the boring routine of everyday life and worry about what challenges might be thrown our way. A life that's constantly lived like that can be brutally overwhelming.

Life is short so you should try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.
Tiffany Scicluna Jan 2018
Round & round
In circles I go
An Endless cycle
That finally was gone.

After that,
What is there left,
Just an empty bottle.

A few dropplets,
Are only left,
Remains of what was,
And no clue of what will be.
gray rain Jul 2016
What Is this?
I didn't even say goodbye
I never wanted you to leave
I never wanted to let go
but you'll live on in memor**y
xenaphobic Jul 2016
Like you were in her
Only...only you said you never could be
Everyone lies I guess
Do you remember?
You promised you would
Outsider to our own relationship
Any comments, criticisms, or critiques appreciated.
gray rain May 2016
I live trying to not
exhaust myself by
keeping up. But trying
not to fall behind
as that can be just as bad.
Just sticking
to the middle and
remaining there.
Average. Inbetween
the top
and the bottom.
Unseen and overlooked.
gray rain May 2016
For a long time
I wanted to tell you
but I seem to miss
every opportunity
to tell you this
and every time I see
you I want to
tell you.
But I can't.
gray rain May 2016
I* love you
with a heart
only for you
and you don't
say it back
maybe it's 'cause
you know
the true message
of this
is only seen
by yo
Karmen Mar 2016
Tweaker Tweaker
Did you eat any dinner
And Have you showered
Tweaker Tweaker
How long have you been awake
When's the last time you had real sleep
Or is everyday maintained
W/ 10mins every half hr.
Tweaker Tweaker
Do the shadows still appear
Are the voices the only thing you hear
Is what you feel inside your skin
Even real or just made up in your head
Tweaker Tweaker
Do you even care
The ones you love miss you so much
Do you even care
You've lost your life before 25
Tweaker Tweaker
Please get better
Reach out for help
Put the needle down
Drop the pipe, hear it shatter
Blow away that line you just crushed up
Tweaker Tweaker
It'll be alright
Your loved ones are still near
They still care
Reach out for help
Don't be scared
Everyone only wants to help
Tweaker Tweaker
When you quit
The devil will shout
It won't be easy , count on that
It will be worth it
You'll get to live
So try your best
Beat past this, you'll get through this
Slowly but surely
You'll make to 100 days sober
Reunite with all your loved ones
Employeed with a growing family
Is what will come
When you decide  
It's time to end the Devils game
Tweaker no more,
but a lady or gentleman
Good for you
You've come far
Keep your mind positive
I'm proud of your sobriety
You're living
& now you see why
Sobriety was always worth it
Tweaker no more
Lady or gentleman
How was the meal you just had
Was the shower the best you've had ?
Did you finally get some sleep
Were you able to escape
the shadows and voices from in your head
Tweaker no more
Just admit
This is the best you've felt
Since your first time trying crystal  
You feel human finally
There's no going back
To tweaker island
You won't make it out
The second time around
So hide your very best
Keep yourself busy
And talk out loud
When you feel like
you Might relapse back
into tweakers land.  
With no chance to survive another night
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