Yusof Asnan Jul 14

Countless hours,
Sleepless nights,
He couldn't write any more.
As he opened a new page every time,
His thoughts got lost in the crisp air,
As nothing came out from his pen.
He kept thinking on,
When did he stop writing,
A moment of when it all start.
And then it hits,
It was always her,
She was always the poem.

Yusof Asnan May 18

I will kill the spiders,
And if you fear butterflies;
I will kill them too.
I won't kill humans,
But I will stop them from hurting you,
Same as I would patch your wounds;
Every single time.


Yusof Asnan May 12

It was a sleepy afternoon,
Heavy eyes brought in under the sunlight.
A slow day was just what is needed,
No more chaotic occurrence for the rest of the day.

A girl once unknown of her trait,
Been figuring her out from day one,
Thought of her as the shy and protective one,

A day like any other,
Same seat; same timing,
She would normally pass by,
As she always do,
But she came in through.

And then she smiled,
Giggled even.
A surge of aura came through my body,
lighting up my soul entirely.
I was so stunned,
It felt like forever

The silence broken,
She shattered it with a laugh,
But I was still dazed.
Let out only a smile.
A surprised smile.

And then she left.
To her it might me a little thing.
A friendly gesture,
Perhaps an ice breaker.

But it left me high,
Blown away through the clouds,
And still flying.


That I would be lucky enough,
To see any signs of trailing gaze.


A poem left open for several days looking for a way to express perfectly how I feel. And words still couldn't duplicate my feelings on that day. Oh sweet girl, why are you so shy?
Yusof Asnan May 10

Forgive me that I stare,
Tis something I couldn't resist.
Tis not just for your beauty,
But for how you hold your smile.

A smile to you seems so precious;
That you only give to those you trust.
The face you so much hid away;
To avoid any eye contact.

Tis not just the beauty I see in you,
Whether its innocence or a deep concealed darkness;
That I do not know.
Oh how I wish I can know.

You let out a low vibe around you,
Whether shy or sad;
That is your aura.
But confidence was always kept within.

You turned your head down,
I can tell those you judge,
With you;
I sense fear.


Yusof Asnan May 10

You are mine,

I am yours.

With this bond,

We bind with words.

You shan't leave,

And I shan't hurt,

That is the promise I give to you


Yusof Asnan May 10

If my presence,

Is like a cloud to your sky,

That dimmed your world.

I will walk away;

And rain on another.

Perhaps they would be waiting;

For the rainbow after the rain.


A piece inspired by Najwa Zebian's work
Yusof Asnan Apr 26

Because sometimes,
She forgets that she's shy,
And in those moments,
She felt happy.


Yusof Asnan Apr 21

In my canvas I drew her face,
With each brush stroke I drew her emotions,
Every dash of color paints her feelings,
And as the oil dries I caught her memories.

I framed the canvas as to keep her forever,
Or at least to keep her safe,
But even her portrait wont stay still,
She needed to grow-
Out of her own life.


Yusof Asnan Apr 21

She was never one to grow wings and fly away,
She just can't leave her tree and be vulnerable,
She needed to be strong for herself,
Now she grow roots and became the tree itself.


Yusof Asnan Apr 19

He too needed help,
A miracle to pull him out of his nightmare,
One that could make it all go away,
But for he is a man,
Its just not possible.

He seeks from anyone,
Telling people of his misfortune,
That he needed a way out,
But for he is a man,
It all seems like a joke.

He ask not a ball,
A night with a stunning princess,
Nor a magical shoe to fit in,
But for he is a man,
Seeks only a story where he is supposed to be in.


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