Because sometimes,
She forgets that she's shy,
And in those moments,
She felt happy.


In my canvas I drew her face,
With each brush stroke I drew her emotions,
Every dash of color paints her feelings,
And as the oil dries I caught her memories.

I framed the canvas as to keep her forever,
Or at least to keep her safe,
But even her portrait wont stay still,
She needed to grow-
Out of her own life.


She was never one to grow wings and fly away,
She just can't leave her tree and be vulnerable,
She needed to be strong for herself,
Now she grow roots and became the tree itself.


Yusof Asnan Apr 19

He too needed help,
A miracle to pull him out of his nightmare,
One that could make it all go away,
But for he is a man,
Its just not possible.

He seeks from anyone,
Telling people of his misfortune,
That he needed a way out,
But for he is a man,
It all seems like a joke.

He ask not a ball,
A night with a stunning princess,
Nor a magical shoe to fit in,
But for he is a man,
Seeks only a story where he is supposed to be in.


Yusof Asnan Apr 10

Over encumbered by burden,
She finally breaks down.
Screaming every pain and sorrows,
That had cling to her very soul.

Now she lay there helpless,
Feeling as vulnerable as she could ever be.
With questions of how it should be ...
Easier to just die.


Hang on mom, we're gonna help you get through this.
Yusof Asnan Jan 6

Such beauty glowing with the sun set,
The last rays of light lingering through the skin,
As her beauty slips along these jagged heart.
Almost as if a sweater was worn covering arms but its just hot as ever to wear those types,
She just wore it because it's comfortable.
Just a few feet away from her,
Yet I couldn't sound a single word,
As if watching a sun setting with no words needed to express the feelings.
I dare not to look long as I'm scared it will only hurt myself.
Why does such beauty exist yet I'm still unable to express it?


Yusof Asnan Dec 2016

Don't blow the flame out,
You know it's not too late,
You may be down now,
But it's not the end.

The moment you feel like losing,
Know that you haven't lost.
Take another breath,
And give it another shot.

One last shot.

It's not such a bad thing.
I want you to know that,
In order for you to get high up,
There will be more reasons to stay down.

So give it another kick,
Push your self above the limit,
Because even when you end up going down,
You'll be glad that you have tried your best.

Your only best.


Yusof Asnan Dec 2016

The wind does things differently,
It patiently rubs off the sand castle's wall,
Slowly approaching it without intent to break.

Time was his friend,
He would give up his life time to enter the castle,
Showing only warmth as his effort to let her open up.

But the wave is different,
It would just come crashing on the walls,
Immediately breaking down the walls.

Time was never an issue,
He would do everything now while he can,
Shaking her world to show her the real world.

The beach knew how the wind loves the sand castle,
But the beach also know which one the sand castle will fall to,
I guess we all know how the wave will always win.


It may not be easy for everyone to get the one they want, especially when you've just dedicate your entire life for that one. It doesn't matter how many times or how long you have been holding your hands above her head from the rain, someone can easily come in with an umbrella and protect her entirely.
Yusof Asnan Dec 2016

He was never one with words,
He have those in his head,
But not in his voice.

He believed in waiting for the right moment,
And time will reveal it all,
Without ever changing what already is.

Another hero came rushing in,
Shaking her world,
And of what she knows.

He was there first,
But he was not the one to claim,
Years of effort has gone to the drain.


Sometimes it doesn't matter if you were there for them first and that you were by their side the entire time.
A new hero will always come and change what you know about them, and as fast as waves that the new hero will be the one for them.
Yusof Asnan Dec 2016

No such things as good dreams and bad dreams,
Dreams are dreams,
No matter how much it could shake you,
Your reality is what matters the most.
You're gonna die from the inside from those dreams,
But you're gonna show them that you're still alive.


been a while since I've been writing, so here is my random thoughts
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