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preston Mar 2021

There was a silence   within
the darkness of the cavern
broken only by a small,
splashing sound--

Rings, spread out  into the  clear,
and  in an instant, the chamber walls
are filled with light

My beautiful has been hurt  so badly
that she is  now only capable  of
believing in what is real..

And  as she skootches  out
onto the edge of the rock face..
she places her toe  into the water,

That everything she moves towards
will be from the purest parts of the spring

..And it is this very act of believing
that makes these waters,  so pure;

Causing  those who've laid hidden  
in the shadows
to want to come near

--Causing me  to never want to stop
being her friend.
.   .   .  

This is her magic.

It is like the greatest  of all gifts
to have found her.

M Vogel May 26

..Your name is Stands?"

#prairiegrassfriendships ❤️xo
You are
no doubt,   a relational train-wreck
because of the high level of unjust trauma
you  were forced to endure..   but

I promise you, young lady.. that is in no way
even close to being a dealbreaker.

Each of you three, have souls within you
that are of a caliber  
so  far  beyond  human  description
    that it almost defies all logic.

You more than qualify  to walk the halls
of only the finest of souls.

Eyes that see through feeling..
hands that hold, fully.. before ever touching--
These are of they who will forever,  open-armed..
receive you into those  ever so beautiful Halls.

--And fight it as you will,  you know exactly why.

You love me because of my ability to feel you..
long before you turn that one last corner;

Whose lone door leads  directly
into those deeply-cherished Halls.

I am telling you something that you  have 
already known your whole life.
Love  feels  before it sees, beautiful girl.

I see you.

and this:
the road in, to you..
M Vogel Jan 2021
Selmhem Naise

I was so much older than you, but not enough to where
we couldn't be in the same school at the same time.
I watched you grow up throughout the years,  
and you attracted my attention in a way
that I have yet to find words to describe.

The first time I saw you, you were with your friends
stopping in the park on the way to school-
swinging on the swings,  even though you had
long outgrown that stage. It didn't matter to you
because at home you still had Barbie dolls that
you played with. You didn't care what people thought,

you just did what you did because it made sense to you.

As you got older, so did I and I grew in stature, yet
would still look towards you where you were at,  four
grades younger than me. I was tall, muscular, tanned,
long blonde surfer hair. You were a freshman and always
hung around with that messy looking nerdy-type kid
who had tape on the edge of his goofy looking horn rim
glasses. An upper class **** started ridiculing him,
and you jumped up off the bench  and literally climbed
up on his back and started punching him in the head
as he was spinning to try to grab you off of him.

I was close enough to run to the commotion, and told him
that if he laid a hand on you I was going to knock him cold.

Do you remember me grabbing hold of you
and lifting you off his back  and setting your feet
back on the ground?

   I looked you right in the eyes..
   and it was at that moment that you saw
   what I had carried of you for so long.

   You were still just a little girl at heart  and in body.

The end of that year I graduated and moved away.
I went on to marriage and family, work stuff..  everyday things.
When much of that crumbled, I found myself here;

   and there you were again..

I have loved you for nearly all your life, little scrapper
it has been well worth the wait.

.. and now my Valerie's a woman.

all of these years and years  xo
Prachi Sep 2020
Life is all about change;
We grow by the process
Of problem exchange.

Overcoming a phase,
Brings us to the next;
Excellence is what we chase.
The Faithful one Sep 2019
Enveloped by dumb babies
Who cannot read a word
I'd rather be a-flyin'
Till then I'll just be dead.
(Bled 'n' bleedin', dyin', nothin' new, goo-goo.)
Prefer a cradle to a sty
But babies love to waddle
No wonder people play with knives
And babies love the bottle.
(I Love the Sky.)
"On my temple in Delphi there are two words written:
Know Thyself.

It's good advice,
Know yourself. You are worth knowing.
Examine your life. The unexamined life is not worth living.

Be aware that people have equal significance.
Give them the space to make their own choices, and let their choices count as you want them to let your choices count.

Remember that excellence has no stopping point and keep on pursuing it. Make art that can last and that says something nobody else can say. Live the best life you can, and become the best self you can.

You cannot know which of your actions is the lever that will move worlds. Not even Necessity knows all ends. Know yourself."
from p.364 of The Just City by Jo Walton
mal frost Mar 2019
i try my best
(to try my best)

crumpled papers litter
my trash can

long lost post-it's
with forgotten goals

distant dreams
left in the dust

i'll do it!
Alexander T Oct 2018
you are the kind of unnoticed excellence
that carries around people,
every day
accidentally overlooked
my buried jewel
you may not be flawless
but you're still so perfect
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