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justine grace Jun 2018
love is when you've gotten your heart broken
love is when you've cried yourself to sleep many times
love is when you can feel your chest hurting miserably
love is pain

love is also beautiful
love is kind
love is a fortune
and is a bigger fortune when you love the right person

love is going through hardships together
love is figuring things out together
love is saying sorry first because you don't want your other half hurting

love is more than what you knew and what you thought
love is beyond the cliche endings in a Nicholas Sparks novel or film

love is meant to be for infinity
love is only meant for that one person
for the longest time of your life
love is when you thought you found love before but was wrong
and when you are in a healthier and happier relationship

you now know love better
that regardless how life treats you
love comes along
the right love
and with that
you're free
falling more in love with him
every night
love is love
Love is about patience; trust; compassion. As the days go by, I am lucky that I have met a wonderful man that I can call mine. Everyday, I look forward to just seeing him even when we are only apart for a couple of hours. I fall for him more and more each day and I can't express how lucky I am to even feel this kind of contentment. Long before him, I was in a toxic relationship and thought that, that was love. And now that I am being treated with love and compassion everyday, it feels surreal. In the beginning, I was so anxious because I always expected him to do something wrong, always thought "anytime now he'll show his colours" but little did I know he was already showing me his colours and they were genuine feelings. And it warms my heart to know that I am capable to be loved instead of being someone to run their mouth at. My love, if yre reading this - I thank God everyday for you and you're a dream I never want to stop dreaming about. I love you.
justine grace Jun 2018
Have you ever wondered what if one day everything you ever dreamed for crumbles?

The friends you call friends aren't really your friends anymore.

The family you once thought that is forever isn't much family to you, anymore.

The love of your life that promised you the world, just can't accept you for who you are anymore - despite of all the promises made.

Life isn't like how things were described in a Jane Austen novel.

Life is beautiful yet its' misery taunts us and breaks us down, minute by minute each day.

What is life without meaning? What is life without people caring?
What is life if promises are meant to be broken?

Really though. What the heck is life if it's all suffering and neverending.

If this is what you call living, then I suppose it is time to figure an easy way out.
It's 4.20am from where I am, and just thoughts I have lingering through my mind. I don't have the perfect relationship with my family as a matter of fact, my friends are slowly turning their backs against me at the time I need help and support the most, and the only thing I have now is my boyfriend. The love of my life, and he is the only person in my life that I wouldn't want to lose. He is amazing, he supports and loves me in everything I do but sometimes I can be a handful and although I know I can get under his skin, I love him for the patience he has in him and for tolerating me. I am never perfect but if you're with me, you're my ride or die for life. So thank you, mi amor. But besides that, life is just slowing me down and as much as I want to laugh and shake the thought of sadness and be all okay about it, I just can't. The past couple of days I have been losing it. My insecurities are sky high, my tolerance for other people's **** (hypocrite I know) are above and beyond, and I am getting so witty and angry at the littlest of things and I can feel my anxiety getting worse. I am becoming someone I was years ago, I am becoming this whole toxic being that even I can't accept and I don't know what to do. I just want love from the people I love.
justine grace Jun 2018
she walked and wailed for miles, she screamed for help, but no one seems to be around.

what did she do wrong, she is always nice, always wanted to make them happy but it seems like nothing's being reciprocated.

the clouds above her head circles around,and the crows gawk at her.

what is wrong, no, what did she do wrong.
This was the time where all hell broke loose and I was slowly hitting rock bottom. Sweet 16? More like **** 16. There were the days where I accepted that not everyone you meet are genuine human beings and sometimes you just have to live with it. However, with that being said, it hurts and breaks you in everyway possible when your bestfriends starts to turn their back against you and life is ******. High school is **** I tell you - not everyday, but days like this when I find out stuff that weren't meant to be. If heartbreak is sad, imagine losing your bestfriend of lies. That **** broke me. For real. And then they question why do I don't trust people easily. Hmm, cute.
justine grace May 2018
When I'm broken, you fix me
When I'm sick, you heal me
When I'm down, you bring smile to my face
When I'm in hell, you make all the bad go away

What did I do to deserve you
To begin with, do I even deserve you
You're so kind, full of heart
And you always see the good in me
Even when I feel that I'm such a bitter person

You help me in many ways you can
Even when it's not your job to do so
You make things seem alright
And that I don't have to worry about anything
Because I have you

I don't know
I really don't know
I don't deserve any of this
Neither going though hell in this place called home
Or you

But one thing for sure is
I am certainly blessed for you
Not just today, but everyday
I thank God for bringing you to my life
For bringing someone who cares about me more than I do for myself
For loving when I'm down
For believing me when I'm lost
Sorry for being mia. Just been through and still going through some **** but oh well, I guess life throws you a curveball and you just got to try your best to dodge it. This poem is dedicated for that one person who has always been by my side through the good and the bad, and has always supported me in everything I do. Thank you, my love. You are my all.
justine grace Apr 2018
The lights on the ceilings keeps blinking
changing it's colour
following the beat of the rhythm
my perspective widens
as i slow gravitate myself
towards the many of individuals
that i share the same space with

In this big room
i observe my surroundings
the insecurity these people have
they hold on to
watching their doings
wondering what thoughts could possibly linger through

As they sway their bodies side to side
as i sit here in one corner
wth a glass of whiskey in my hand
i wonder

Are they happy?
are we happy?
am i happy?

We spend our nights
dancing in a crowded room
with people we barely know
we grind on people
as if we got no care in the world

Really, though?

Do we?

Are we ignorant?

Or obnoxious?

What are we doing really?
i, for one
have no clue
so tell me
what are we doing?
justine grace Apr 2018
You believe in what people say
In the lies they feed you
In the stories they exaggerate
You assume my people are bad people
And will do me wrong
But the only person that might be doing me wrong all this while
Could have been you
All along
I trust you
I look up to you
But your constant demands
Your perfect executions
Are completely ridiculous
I won't give in
I will be me
Whether you like it or not
justine grace Apr 2018
It was beautiful getting to know you
I never saw any of this coming
You prove me wrong so many times
I lost count
You kept promises
That nobody would have
You supported me everyday
Through every decision I make
Even if it was bad
You opened my eyes
And showed me a different new world
Where not everything is rainbow and butterflies
But with the right people
I will be alright
You made it feel like home
Even when times were rough
Thank you just wouldn't cut it
Because you deserve so much
And I am absolutely blessed
To call you mine
Here and forevermore
Time flew by so fast, and I still remember the first day we met. The first date we went. You are the first of many things. All my crazy cafe addiction, our love for Kaison, and on the way of getting a pet fish (start small first, we - technically him, he killed our first plant) thank you for doing things with me. For bringing me out on adventures, and everything beyond that. I love you, I love the people you bring to my life and forever blessed for you. I love you from here to infinity. Happy anniversary, my love
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