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  Oct 2020 Creux
Beulin S S
They told me, "don't worry."

They told me "don't cry..."

They told me, "it's a piece of cake..."

They told me, "you can overcome."

They told me  "there will be a solution."

Yet, they cry for their own pain;

They trembled in fear;

The world pretends to be "OK,"

While we are in pain.

If they suffer...

We console them "As we are fine."

"The world pretends."
Everyone in this world wears a mask for others.
  Oct 2020 Creux
Beckie Davies
I get scared of death

So I decided to write it down

So maybe I could move on

Bold and brave and strong

I can't comprehend death

It's too hard to understand

The unknown is like the dark

A primal fear to man

So here I mention death

Put it in front of the mirror

Hold it up to the light

So we can see it a little clearer

Maybe death is just like life

Perhaps just another version

Maybe it's a circle instead of a line

Maybe it doesn't even matter

I get scared of death

So I decided to write it down

And now I'm moving on

Bold and brave and strong
the relationship between life and death
Creux Oct 2020
This existent world is nowhere near I
For I'm just a tenant in this body
This vessel's just blown by wind so breezy
To follow the path that fate will decide

No matter where you look there is an eye
And escaping your mind won't be easy
It matters how strong the linen's knot be
As one like me might fail to see this tie

This existent world is nowhere near I
I'm here again, the jail where i reside
With these two windows that i call my eyes
Alone with my head buzzing, roaring loud
This brain of mine's a cell, so dull, so dry
And there's no escape, there's no getting out
This is heavily, heavily inspired by a favorite song of mine: "Mind Is A Prison" by Alec Benjamin.
Creux Oct 2020
Things were made in a way, for a way
With a purpose behind
But not everything could stay in such way
Even though, it tried

Think of how people would react if the sun cries
They'd say, "Oh, no! That should be rain.
You must shine."

Life is exactly like that
It can always go too far
Show them who you're not
And they won't care who you are

When you try to be perfect,
they tell you you're just trying
And when you try to be yourself,
they put your actions into questioning

Things are made in a way, for a way
with purpose behind
but what if in such way,
it gets swallowed by it's mind?

— The End —