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Skater girl ride, skater girl ride away with me
Put your foot on my grip I'll hold you down while you put up your feet
Let the pain drift aside as we ride down this place
tears fall down fall down your face,
let me make it all okay
as you feel the breeze just embrace all  pain,
then let it go away
balance yourself out I'll make sure the pain will  always stay away
let the negativity go this hate isn't you
open up your mind and let me open up your eyes
don't think about the regret or shame
skater girl ride with me don't shift away
Let the wind hit your face
let reality sink in
just make sure it always stays  
I’ll take you to a place where you aren’t forced to stay
Skater girl ride away.
Aleena May 2019
Walking through the doorway
Acting like it’s your birthday  
This how you came into my life,
Prancing in like its nothing
Got me wondering if you’re royal
Even while you’re breathing
You got me unable to take it easy

Hair of an angel
Voiced like a gem
Keep it breezy
Or I’ll get crazy
You’re making be dizzy
With your lavish assets  

Skating on a board
Into my mind you soared
Like wind you can’t ignore
The desires, they take over

Striding in like a mere bagatelle
Making me look for a wishing well
So don’t be flexing on me
You got me behaving flakey
Because you’re so tasty
Amy Perry Jun 2018
I've found myself on the razor's edge,
Like a figure skater.
I skate through life,
Avoiding hazards with grace,
Holding my head up high,
And spinning out of control
Once in a while,
Only to collect myself
In poised determination
And a flick of the wrist,
Brushing the worries away.
Hey there
Skater girl
You got me all twirled up inside
When you made those turns
I get goosebumps
When you swerve right by me
I'm pretty sure it was you
And not the evening chill

And yes it was late
The lampposts were on
And the traffic lights
Out of sight
Why should anyone
Tell you when to stop or go
You were an unchained thing
You had the road all for yourself
And I had that night
To see you scribble in your strides

You did ballet, not on thin ice,
But on rough pavements
For life was not always
A smooth and clear ground
It can be a lonely
Concrete street
It can be you right now
Free and astound
With me in the distance

At first glance
It'll seem like
You're free-rolling
But I know
It's really art
In its abstract form
The solid, rigid sound of wheels
Scraping ground
Is tranquilizing
To our left is a quiet parking lot
And at the right, a multipurpose home
While I'm sitting on grass
In a suit

Please don't mind me
And keep on skating
Skater girl
Doodle me a way
Map me a dance
With the tracks of your skates
In this fast-rolling world
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
Paint with skates,
Gliding fashion,
Crystalline dull mirror,

"CAUTION" The sign said, "Danger of Slipping."

Hearing the notes from a somber tune.,
Gift to the world, “Arirang."

Her spin cycle gyrating like a porcelain doll's dream.
As she drifts abroad to other shores,
They shiver oh, how they shiver.
Goosebumps she brings!

The Ice Queen!

© 2013 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
(Yu-na Kim) montage : Arirang from "D-war" OST)

Who is Kim Yuna?

— The End —